The Secret To Finding Real Estate Deals In A Hot Market

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Forbes article on where the deals are:


The Secret To Finding Real Estate Deals In A Hot Market


If you’re having difficulties with finding on-market deals at the price points that meet your investment goals, you aren’t alone. In today’s competitive more





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Any real estate market, slow or hot, has foreclosures and sometimes it can be a very good deal. Just need the right tools and the right professional to guide you.

Yes - thats what I try to share with my meetup group - the deals have nothing to do with the market, and everything to do with the individual situation related to the property - for example - even in a hot market - someone may be going through foreclosure, and have a house in poor condition that will not get current market price without thousands of dollars of rehab work - so they choose to sell it at a 40 - 60 % discount. It can be also be a slow market , but if you got the property at a 50% discount - then you can afford to sell it for a 10% discount off the market and capture the 40% difference for yourself.

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