House Flip Update: A New Facelift!

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Our project is just about ready to wrap up and we have some new pics to show the outside of the house which was outdated, discolored and had many cracks in the stucco.

We also cleared up the yard by removing trees and debris - it makes a huge difference being able to see the house from the street and it looks really nice with it's new stucco and painted trim.


This is what it looked like before we got here:



I wanted to save the tree and just trim it up some , but three different arborists informed me that the tree was dead - I didn't want to believe any of them, but when it came down - the center of the tree was rotted out and hollow. In the background of the top picture you can see another large tree on the right side of the house and we wanted to remove this because of it's proximity to the house - we were concerned about roots damaging the foundation - also there was roof work that needed to be done and the tree was in the way of it.




After we cut the trees down - we had a mess on our hands




And with the bulk of the trees and demo debris removed, we can get a better picture of what the house looks like:


Since this picture , we have replaced the windows, added a new , taller roof, replaced the wall AC units with a full HVAC units and new ducting and registers, redashed the house, painted the trim, built a new fence and removed ALL the wood from the trees.

And here is what it looks like now:


They did a great job on the redash - here is a close up:



The back of the house was very neglected and worn, so it needed a new look. Here in this pic you can see how bad it was - most of the siding has dry rot:



Getting it prepped



Covered with new siding - no more dry rot!




We finished the corner, removed the debris and painted the trim

What do you think?


You noticed the unfinished trim too? So did I - no worries - we'll get that with the rest of the final touch ups. We're still not done so be sure to check back to see the finished house with all the pics of the upgrades with the before and afters and even some videos updates - see you next time!




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Nice work! That is not a minor rehab!

thanks!! It was a lot of work - but it is so nice now.... you should see the inside..I'll post final pics soon

looking forward to it!

Awesome!!! Great job!

Great cleanup and reno @jorlauski! I loved how you explained the job in detail with this post. Gave me a clear view on what you did. Keep it up and get it sold top dollar!! :)

thanks! Were excited about finishing this and looking forward to finding the next deal to take down. Like you, I am looking for passive income with rentals - but flipping is a great way to generate some money to buy cash flowing investments with. Especially when the market takes a dump - I'd rather be holding on to rentals than a flip house. I checked out your youtube page - pretty cool man - your really making it happen - I will keep following up with your projects - I hope you'll come by and check mine out too.

Yes you got it! Rentals and especially multi family is the way to real wealth. Thanks for the kind words of support, I really appreciate and will follow your journey as well. How long have you been investing in RE ....just saw your name and realized your in Fresno.. :D

I've been investing in real estate on and of for about 17 years now - I specialize in multifamily properties. But I'm always open to other opportunities ( like the flip were are finishing up) . I run a meetup group in Fresno to connect with other investors in the area. I recently started blogging on Steemit to track my progress and share my experiences.

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