After Years Of Failure Steemit Allowed Me To Build Something Of My Own

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Eating From The Work Of Your Hands 

When you work so hard at something to finally reap some of the rewards you feel like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It's a feeling like no other. This is what I felt the moment I saw the money I earned from Steemit chilling in my account. It has been roughly 4 years of searching, failing, and failing some more. I've been discouraged so many times even by loved ones. Finally after so many detours and falling in the mud I have arrived at the base of the mountain. Now the hard part is actually climbing the mountain. 

When I think about how I approach life, business, or creativity in general I have come to embrace the farmer's mentality. To be honest that approach really meshes with who I am at the core. The farmer's mentality is about putting in the work and having the patience to see your harvest through in spite of the risk that you may fail to eat from the work of your hands. It sounds easy on the surface but here's why this is a difficult mentality to have or develop.  

Why the farmer's mentality is so hard to live by:

  • So many things in life are out of your control
  • It requires tons of diligence 
  • Your harvest (business, job, life, etc.) may bring negative returns
  • You may not see results for a long time so patience is a must

This is what it will take in order to see any endeavor through. I think we can learn so much from Farmers in general. They take nothing or little of something and grow it into something bigger even in the face of uncertainty. But they push on anyway. I have felt the same exact way since being on Steemit and now I can say I have reaped a small portion of a bigger harvest to come. Things are just getting started and I know I will have to continue developing my skills and growing my gifts. 

Nothing is impossible and this is what you need to know as you venture out to take on any new task. Whether it be creating content for Steemit/Dtube, starting a business, or becoming financially free, developing a farmer's mentality will teach you so much along the way. This is a journey of discovery, failure and growth. It is hard but pursuing your purpose is worth more than any amount of discomfort or failure. If you haven't seen the harvest come to past in whatever you are doing, I hope you will be patient and continue pushing forward in the face of uncertainty. Peace to all yall.   

Are you scared of uncertainty?

How do you normally handle discomfort or failure?

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Yes success is not that simple it takes day to day hard work, persevere effort, frustration, pain, hopelessness yet a fully deterministic approach, then only success knocks the door.

Thank you.


There's no overnight formula and it't the reality we face with whatever we are triyng to build.


i love your comment @crypto-wisdom. i really love it, nice one bro.

Thank you for creating this @humanearl!

This morning, I was contemplating writing about the value of patience and perseverance and how we must stay true and continue to take Right Action even when it seems like nothing changes, and nothing comes from our efforts. But in the end - I truly believe this - something will grow from our efforts. And no matter what, if we always do the right thing and cause no harm and uplift others as best we can? We will make the world a better place simply as a result of our having been here.

Steemit is definitely a unique opportunity. We have a small healing and prayer organization that has remained "small" for all its 16+ years, mostly because we have never had the means build a funding base. There have been many supporters, but sadly most have been fairweather friends, quick to get the benefits, but running away when their help could have made a difference. With Steemit, we now have a real chance to build the sort of funding base we need to reach a new level. And so your words that Steemit is allowing you to build something of your own seem especially timely today.

Bright Blessings!


Action is energy and it gets things moving. What yall are doing with that group is amazing. It's stories like that that inspire me. Don't worry about the quantity in this case. Quality and doing the right thing outweighs all of that.

As a gardener, I can totally relate to your post and I love the way you wove the very essence of being a farmer into life in general.

In my garden, I never know which seeds will produce or if they do, what the results will be as there are so many variables. Wind, rain, heat, cold all affect the outcome.

Some years the slugs eat all the goodies and I'm forced to replant. One needs to be persistent and ever vigilant in their efforts.

But at the end of the day, I have results with enough harvest to store nuts (squash, potatoes, carrots etc...) for the slow days ahead.

What a great analogy you put forth with the farmer's mentality.


And you have first hand experience of how that relates. And even when your harvest is good you have to plan and use what you have wisely since you don't know what comes next.

Thanks for sharing your experience. How long have you been gardening?


My wish for you as you remain steadfast in your Farmer’s mindset.

May the sun shine down
on you as you tend your fields.

May a gentle rain fall,
nurturing your crops.

In stormy weather,
Draw comfort from the compassion of others.

After the storm,
may you be blessed with a rainbow,
a sign of hope and
of future abundant harvests.


Oh I love this @emergehealthier. This is life giving.

Wow. You mean you just recently touched your proceeds from steemit? If that's what you mean, then that is incredible and so impressive.

We all have different orientations about steemit earnings. While some see it as a platform for investment, some see it as an opportunity to live large. Obviously, you are one of those that see it as an investment - more like a seed that shouldn't be eaten, until it has produced lots of fruits. This is very impressive and a challenge to some of us.

Then I should say congratulations for finally enjoying the products of your hard work. I wish you greater victories and all round success in all your dealings.



Yea. I haven't powered down at all since I first invested but I am now starting to take some of the extra money that I've made from posts. I havent't done that since getting on Steemit over a year ago.

That's also why I tend to think of finance like a farmer. When it comes to investing I am very long term in that regard. I've had many people tell me to consider powering down some but I know my fruit is not ripe yet. It's way too early i think. I think we could see $100 steem price by the end of the year.

We should take life lessons from "ants" and just have a complete observation to their life style and their hard work in particular.

Even after being so tiny they put their highest possible effort and make it a continuous phenomena in their life.

Thank you @humanearl...steem on and stay blissful...


They can carry much more weight than their body weighs. This is incredible. That's alss a good example.

If you want to accomplish great things, you need to have a relatively high failure rate. Having about a 50% rate of failure is likely good. That means 50% of the things you try end up not being successful (and, with the glass-half-full lens on, you ARE successful at half of the things you try).

If you expect to fail regularly, it is much easier to deal with failure. If you rarely fail, you are certainly not going after big goals.

Even the most successful political leaders (like President Obama) fail to get more than 50% of the things they want accomplished. Most people might think President Obama has been very successful, but he has an extremely high rate of failure.


Good stuff here. I think failure is even harder to deal with now days because of all the convenience and ease of living. At least for some people. But I have learned to embrace failure because it gives me the opportunity to learn, experiment, and grow.

Obama is such a great example. He's a great role model as well.


Hi, @humanearl I came across your post after i was feeling down about a veganburger competition on steemit and they said they would upvote every entry and they just totally forgot about me even tho i commented several time. I always feel im failing even tho i try so hard, im 30 and jobless and penniless, i have a BA ppl say im very talented and clever but im always hitting brick walls. I noticed you spoke german. Im half austrian born there but raised in multi cultural london and have an open mind, im thankful to be raised there for that even tho the lifestyle is not great. i put all my savings into moving to spain because im plant based diet vegan, i cant eat the food in the uk, its poisoned to me! I'm here to testify that changing my diet has helped my mind body and soul. i was feeling very enthusiatic about steemit but then after this i just felt down again, like all my effort n instagram and utube just time wasted. it seems u can only pay to get noticed on these platforms. Im here for the long run, so any advice id appreciate and also if you checked out my recipe your motivation lifts me up, thank u for that


@celestialcow Hey and I'm glad you fund Steemit. I know it can be hard for people when they first get here. It's discouraging I know. What I would say though is to just be patient with it and give your best. Everyone had to start from some place.

Write about how you feel and be totally open about it. Other people can relate to that. Try to envision yourself succeeding and visualize where you want to be. Once you do that just follow that. But know it will take time and patience. But remember this too. Nothing is impossible.


Thanks @humanearl for the advice. It will be useful for a newbie like me.


Thanks @humanearl, your advice means a lot to me, especially last week was a bad week. I've learnd a lot on this platform, I decided to start using bots, i'm using bot tracker. Just curious did you have to d this when you were just starting out, or did you already have a following? or did you do it all from scratch no bots no followers just slowly building it up, how long did it take you. Thanks again for all ur encouragement! :)


I've been on Steemit for over a year now and just recently I have experimented with bots. Other than that I built following from scratch. But bots can be a good tool. If you feel it can help you get traction then why not. I'd say go for it and see how things go.

All individuals feels scared of uncertainty, and i feel that way too. I can handle myself to failure by keeping myself motivated and never be distracted to those people who persecute and judge me, for they can't help me of anything sometimes this attitude comes out because of envy, but i have to stay focus and and always bear in mind that this is my journey, my dream and no one can stop me. This expiriences keeps me strong,for every failure is not the end but a hope because it gives me courage to try again and in every success failure is a part of it.


You said it best. What I would say too is that failure is just delayed success. The key to reaching where you want to go is mainly remembering to not stop and give up. In the face of uncertainty we must have faith and go forward even when we can't see the outcome clearly.


Yes and that is very true, just have faith

The farmer's mentality is about putting in the work and having the patience to see your harvest through in spite of the risk that you may fail to eat from the work of your hands.

The farmer's mentality is inspirationally motivating I must confess.
Patience is the key word. So inspiring Papa!

Finally after so many detours and falling in the mud I have arrived at the base of the mountain. Now the hard part is actually climbing the mountain.

Keep climbing @humanearl.
At my ends here, it not being easy papa, dumped in muds a many time, but still struggling to get on.
And I must say this: I was touched by the video, seeing you live makes you real to me the more, strength filled it was! It feels good, yea, yea....

The point is this: We struggle out of the mud, get to the mountain base and keep climbing.


Thanks for your words. I'm glad you got something out of it.

Am always scared of uncertainties.
When the discomfort/failure sets in, what i do is try not to take it hard on myself, I try to accept it as a challenge and not condemn myself for failing so that i can face the society.
When it is too much on me, I pray and cry.
I get depressed for sometimes, then it's all gone


I can sometimes be hard on myself especially in the past. I have learned to trust God more and not worry about things as much. My biggest struggle can be worry and anxiety so I definitely understand you. We have to learn to trust more which helps us to know that at the end of the day God is orchestrating everything for our good.

@humanearl, Absolutely we don't need to worry about steemit platform coz it gives up more opportunities to build-up our own anything. Sometimes we also very disappointed with steemit and blockchain issues. But all users know how gave chance to us from steemit. Any creativity going to success. You were nicely explain about both topics. Excellent educative one.
Just Upvoted & Re-Steemed.


There's a great sense of freedom that comes with building something of your own. I had been attempting to build something of my own since I got out of college and now the ball is starting to roll for me.

When you work so hard at something to finally reap some of the rewards you feel like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It's a feeling like no other.

That is how I will feel like when I cash out my SBD at a high SBD value.

Goodbye translation business, goodbye customers.

Hello over 10000 Euro that will not lose in value which enable me to live without a job for a whole year!

Aka I can transform all Steem dollars afterwards into steem power (for a whole year).


You're a boss now. You are on the way man. You stacked that dough fast!


Thanks Earl, after 1000 SBD I will convert SBD into SP. I wonder how fast my SP will increase.


It should give you a good little boost. I'm just glad you can fully focus on growing your Steemit stuff.


Thanks again, it is just 2 months ago that I paused my translation business and I have gotten used to not doing translations anymore.

It is like I reached a small goal on the road to the final goal (which is to have 100K Steem Power).

I will practice some gratefulness today.

Congratulations, man. That's a huge accomplishment. Especially if you've waited this long to cash something out. Take a picture of that food or something so you can remember that it was Steemit work that put it there. Super happy for you!

Yeah, there are things about the uncertainty of the future that concern me, but I'm trying to do the best I can to prepare. If things happen outside of my control, that's life. I'll do the best I can to move on in a productive way. That stuff might try to bring me down, but I'm not going to let it.


I say control what you can control and forget about the rest. And that's coming from someone who was a big worrier. I had to learn this myself.


control what you can control and forget about the rest.

YES! Sometimes we can let things we can't control impact decisions about things we can control. We can try to mitigate against those things (like buying insurance), but we can't control if a tornado is going to come through. We should just buy the insurance and go about our day.

Earl, what do you call the "farmer mentality" in my opinion - it is the fundamental of any successful person. This is the basis of any human aspiration.
Every day we have to overcome the obstacle. I will insert a quote from one person: "You must be strong, otherwise why should you be?" . Our whole life consists of difficulties, therefore it is necessary to do this easier. But not at all it turns out.
Previously, failure or discomforts gave me unpleasant sensations. I felt depressed. But becoming more mature I realized a simple truth - all our emotions are in our heads. The main thing is not the situation, but the main thing is how we react to the situation. In any situation, you need to stay cool and react to the situation soberly. The main thing is how we react to the situation.
Emotions are useful but in other matters. For example, it is better to give your emotions to your beloved family.
A good topic to think about


We all face difficulties and I believe that much growth happens depending on how we respond to the bad situations. Our minds can play tricks on us and make thing appear worse than they are.

Are you afraid of uncertainty?
I never fear because the Lord has destined the best make his servant ...

How do you usually handle the discomfort or failure?
Failure is the success delayed, if first I fail I will try even harder to achieve success, armed with the failure of the last ...


Ohh I like that. "Failure is delayed success" You learn so much through failing and having things fall apart. But God uses that to turn you into a spiritual warrior.

"The Farmers' Mentality "...this got me. Of a truth patience pays off. Most times I just feel like giving up but then I remember the reason I started in the first place.

Thanks for the motivation and inspiration @humanearl .
I'll keep pressing and working harder. Though it's seems as if it isn't yielding at the moment. .I sure know that it will pay off someday.


Trust me the work will pay off. The key is to keep moving.


That's the word man...NEVER GIVE UP.
I won't give up...

Thank you for the encouragement

My story is not different from you! I also had a failure history and STEEMIT is the place which change me entirely too!



You can do it. I know it. It does help to have people around to help encourage you too.

Yes buddy they do have patience ,belief and the hard work laid down and then the result comes out in a very good way !
Same goes with life and we shall except the beauty of it !


Yes with time and patience which is the hard part

You go my friend,you got to be approached on many clouds in near best regards to you.
And yes farmers are great to get inspiration from.coming from a country like India I can well understand difficulties,struggle and strive that our farmer friend return sometimes they won't get any rewards.
Well I am the least scared of uncertainity.cause I think uncertainity still has the factor of hope in it.that really helps in building self courage.and who knows that little hope will made you reap big in future.


I have seen some documentaries about farmers and India. I heard things are pretty difficult to be a farmer there. Uncertainty causes much doubt. One way to not listen to the doubt is to keep moving forward when there seems to be no hope in sight or even when you are unsure. Farmers can teach us many life lessons.

Thank you for sharing a great word to us.That is really something that can motivate more steemians to be patience and wait for the great harvest in time.Been struggling here in steemit but when someone appreciated my work it gives me more courage to push more.Not only here in virtual community but to the real world also.I will consider that farmers mentality in my way of living.Thank you @humanearl, i salute you your words are great.


And you can learn alot from your uncle too because he would probably tell you how hard things can be.

when you have fail me in the first place gets hurt. But I know that regrets won't fix what happened. Therefore, the main thing is to accept the situation and try to correct it. The most difficult thing is when there is a series of failures. It may seem like you're a loser and doomed to fail, but you're not. It is important to realize the simple thing, if you do everything possible - you can not lose. Sooner or later you will achieve your goal.


I get you. Sometimes just when it seems like life can't get any crappier it does. I've been there.

Felt the mobey well not really it was in my bank account.....Lol......Love it bro, its just the beginning for you, keep loving, keep giving back and watch God pour out a blessing you cant contain....


It's been years of failure and experimenting of trying to eat from my own hands. I had jobs but none of that gave me the feeling I have now.

I will resteem this. Your words are exactly what I feel right now when it's coming about steemit.


Thanks for stopping by and yes this mentality helps. Especially as you create content for Steemit.

I also noticed your Steemit name is "Somewhere" That's pretty cool.


Right! Somewhere means irgendwo :)

Wow what deep message here. I am new to steemit but I can feel your pain, I have been working on my own creative business for over 2 years now. The only support I have is my belief in astrology and 2 friends. Nice to know that i'm not alone in this journey. keep going brother


Kudos to you on starting a business. It is very difficult so I understand since I started a business years ago. Things just didn't end well but I learned from it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing that.

Great farmer metapher. I also use it often because it is so true. i want to see you on this mountain my friend, go step by step and leave directions for people who want climp the same mountain.

Cheers my friend!


Hopefully you will be there too.

Everyone should see their efforts and hardwork like the Chinese bamboo tree.

The chinese bamboo tree teaches us the need to be patient and consistent.

In the first year after, nuturing the tree seems like a waste of time. Same with the second, third and fourth year. But the magnificient thing about the tree is in its fifth year it grows 80ft in six weeks.

Whatever one reaps he will sow, the hardwork and consistency definitely wont be in vain.


Whoaa! I didn't know that but that a great analogy. I actually want bamboo wood for my floors one day. It's a very strong and flexible material.

@humanreal..yes bro with out effort and hard work we can not achive anything we have to bear the pain of hardwork then only we can achive what we want...i worked hard now for future..i trust only hardwork..thank you for sharing with us..


This is the reality we must face in order to see growth and development in anything we do.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been making some decent money from Steemit in the last few months and it feels great to be earning from the things you create. keep up the good work.


And you are showing others that it is very possible to earn here. It takes work and patience though.

I love your posts. They give me the courage to always move on, to continue to forge ahead. Just like the Words of the Holy Writ, through faith and patience we inherit the promise. Thanks brother @humanearl


I appreciate your words. I'm thankful to be able to help you.

"The farmer's mentality is about putting in the work and having the patience to see your harvest through " i just learnt the farmers mentality ...though we actually did this but we didnt know how to "term" am glad at from success. And i have drawn inspiration from you. Thank you @humanearl


Farmers are some of the greatest example of how life actually plays out. It's true we normally don't term it that way but that's the mentality.

Yup your right bro @humanearl, that is the only key to success , if you want to be the BEST, you better find things/ discover everything so that all your tiredness will get paid coming from your blood and sweat. A blessed morning steemians 😀


it hurts at times but building something of your own is so worth it.

@humanearl - Sir I like the way you explained it... it's a nice example & I got a clear idea... Steemit is letting me to build my dream too Sir... It's a wonderful feeling... I like it & I'm building my dream top of it Sir...



Build on and I wish you all the best. You can make it.

The farmer mentality, the way you see it, is a great metaphor. It applies not only here at steemit but also beyond with any other pursue in the offline world. You should write a book. The comments are also great: they share the same depth of view. Looking forward to read more posts like this.


That's one thing that I try to really focus on is the comments. There so much to learn from what others have to say.

i like your post because its like a story... because i think it is interesting for me.... best of luck....Nothing is impossible and this is what you need to know as you venture out to take on any new task. Whether it be creating content for Steemit/Dtube, starting a business, or becoming financially free,

The farmer,s mentality is a great thing to possess for a farmer not only seeks his own rewards but the very nature of his work is to provide for others. If everyone had this mentality it would greatly change our lives for the better. I really enjoyed this post and have been truly inspired by it. I have upvoted and followed you. :) Peace.


So true. The real power in that mentality is exactly as you said. Provide for others. Ad that goes beyond just the tangible things.

This is a journey of success , growth, failure . Nothing is impossible .
Great blog


Keep repeating that phrase. Nothing is impossible as I always say.

I have to have faith in the process. The process of continual effort, learning from past failures, working smarter not harder, keeping up my enthusiasm, sharing the wealth, helping others in need, and constant self reflection. Having great mentors is also crucial, even if they are in the form of books, streaming videos, or podcasts. I know the path, it's well documented, I just need to do the work, and be authentic.


You know it already. You are on your way. Just stay the course and see it through. I am learning this as well.

steemit is a brilent place naver saw before a community with full of awesome things


A BIG welcome to you then. You'll learn many thing here and thanks for stopping by.

Uncertainty is good because it help you to re think and gives you ability to deal with more situations wisely enough and steemit really helps in between :)


It does. It helps understand how we need to solve a problem and try to take the best approach.

There is something that pinch your heart when you reap the things that you did with whole heartedly and witn God's wisdom! Its an amazing feeling!!


True that. This is only the tip of the iceberg for me. I can feel it.


oh yesss!

Fantastic and very very inspirational writing and personally speaking I am still at the struggled stage and its quite hard for my life now, but at the same time steemit is really a hope and I have a lot of plans to execute here with my effort.

Thank you @humanearl and Have a great day.


Sorry to hear about your what you're going through. I hope I can encourage you to give your best and don't worry about the things you can't control. Hopefully your Steemit plans will go well. You are more than capable of making it happen.

I just started joining steemit and thank you for writing this article. There is so much inspiration and motivation here.

Great journey with Hardwork and Faith!

Great message! I agree so many times our loves one bring their negativity to something we are sowing that we might not be able to reap for many years. We must stay the course like the farmer.


This is tough. It was really tough for me but I had a decision to make. Follow my energy or live with regret. I sure am not going to live with regrets. So I have to do my own thing.

Right buddy....
Steemit is that platform which gave many peoples to grew up and make their own platform....


Yepp. It puts the power in your hands so to speak.

Well said buddy......
It's helping all to make their dreama fullfill.....


Exactly. It's important.

Very good article .
Truly written


Thanks alot.

yes right friend nothing is impossible when we do hard work steem on ☺ friend.


We are much stronger than we often think.

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Happy for all.

Although my eating window was a little bit bigger than yours, you will sell results fairly quickly compared to other diets.

Obviously eating healthier with the program helps but I did find that I was still able to enjoy the foods I liked during IM.

I wish you the best and don’t give up!! :)

i appreciate your work friend!

Now my steem blog could change both your life, world and and how you look at the world in a positive way, please follow me, read my blog and comment if you want me to continue my blog

i like your post because its like a story... because i think it is interesting for me.... best of luck....

amazing read..

great your steem post

Very interesting... thank you for sharing!
Check out my first chapter The Mythical Curse!!

Yes, one thing I know for sure is to never give up trying and dreaming! Wish you all the best buddy ;)

i like your post because its like a story... because i think it is interesting for me.... best of luck....

Very thought provoking post I'm glad you have succeeded this gives me hope(^^)

Patience they say really pays in the long run. If one could overlook the time it may take to achieve sucess, one wont be scared of failure. Good luck to you as you move higher.

I like your relation of steemit work as a work of farmer. you gave an excellent example. I admit impossible is nothing impossible itself say i'm possible. but to get reward/success you have to do a lot of hardwork. Success is a ladder which can't be climbed in a day it require a lot of effort. Glad to know that all of your hard work has paid back you. Thanks for sharing your inspiring post in a beautiful post. I really like your writing skill. Keep sharing @humeraearl


Thanks for the support. It has been a long journey. I want people to understand what it will take to start seeing progress with their goals.

yes my boss @humanearl, i have decided to develop the farmer's mentality.
I am really happy that you have started reaping the fruits of your labor on steemit. I know this is just the beginning because your future on steemit is so very bright. I pray I get there someday too. I wish you the best my man!

Thks so much for the post.



I hope the best for you man. I will do my best to continue to uplift those around me as I move forward.


Thanks man for that reply. More grease to your elbow.

So inspiring for me ,keep it all my friend @humanearl

buenas anectota hermano soy de habla hispana como ves soy nuevo en esta plataforma veo que te ah ido bien, me gustaría tener un poco de tu aprendizaje, para ser pro activo, se que el éxito cuesta es rudo, pero todo en la vida tiene sus trompieso pero no hay que contar la veces que te caes si no la veces que te levantas, y se me levantado muchas veces me contaron sobre steemit y eh ledo muchas personas que a sido exitoso como tu y espero llegar hacer igual para ayudar otro que viene. saludos hermano desde Venezuela