Effective Leadership #19 - Military Leadership Model

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Hello Steemians! Hope you are doing good. Welcome to yet another article in Effective Leadership series. It's been a week since my previous article on Effective leadership. In our previous article we saw about two types of leadership. In this article we will see in detail about Military Leadership Model. This model was in use in most of the companies few decades ago. This structure was very helpful to keep the staff members under control. The management held the sole responsibility to drive the staff members. Though this ideology is changing in the recent years, there are still lots of companies following Millitary Leadership Model. They are able to justify that this has been a great success for them. As the name shows, Millitary leadership model is something that is being followed in the military groups to keep the members of the group in full discipline. They may or may not work in corporate or organizational level.


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Learning from Military Leadership Model

There are lots of things that we can learn from this leadership model. Leaders are not normal people, they are someone with some special skill to lead the team towards the right path. In this journey, they take many special methods to handle the team and guide them towards success. A military leadership model provides lots of learning to the leaders as well as the staff members. Few things that you can learn from this leadership model are listed below:

1. Yesterday is not going to be of value anymore

Some people have the habit of having the previous day's records in mind and keep saying that for ages. In military previous day's records is not going to matter at all. Today again you have to get up early in the morning and run few kilometers to achieve the target for the day. The tasks assigned to the soldiers are for every day and the records made yesterday is not going to matter. This is an important and valid lesson to be taken. Even though we have made lots of achievements in the past, every individual should be ready to start things fresh to achieve new goals.


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2. Set Priorities and stick to it

Setting priorities is an important skill. When you know the list of items to be done, you should also know which one to do first and which one to do after that. For getting a good stability and quality of work, you should be able to set right priorities for the work that you are doing. If you are spending lots of time on low priority items, it will go in vain. After setting priorities another big hurdle is to consistently follow the priorities. Some people will be very good in tasking and task scheduling but they will not be very good in adhiring to the tasks they define. So sticking to the priorities is an important skill for a leader.


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3. You cannot become best but you can always be better

Though it makes us feel that Military is always about perfection, we can never be fully perfect. Even though people know this fact, they should not let things go as it is. In order to achieve great success, learning the art of perfection is important. You will not be able to provide best output all the time. But all you can do is provide a better output every time. You can always compete with yourselves to validate your capabilities and skills. If you find an area where you can do things better than before, you have to work hard to be better. It is not necessary that you have to be the best of all. But there is no excuse for not being better.


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4. Hire someone who will fit the requirement

In Military recruitment process is very straight forward. They hire only people who are completely fit for the position. They will never hire a weak person and train them to become strong. Fitness is an effort that should happen from internal than from an external push. The same strategy can be used while hiring staff members for the team. Define the requirement properly and interview candidates. Select only the candidates who perfectly fit your requirement. There should not be any adjustments during the recruitment process. This will not provide a healthy productivity from the team.


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5. Learning Humility

Military people are the most skilled people you can every see. But you should also note how humble they are when expressing themselves. Even though they are capable of doing so many things, they are always humble. This is quite a skill to be learned by the Leaders. An effective leader should be able to mentor the team towards the right direction but at the same time, they should also be able to convey things in the best possible way. Humility is an art which helps staff members to be more comfortable with their leaders. If you are not showing humility, it may be very difficult to sustain in the long run. People might even start thinking if you could be a person with head-weight.


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Though we initally started the article saying that military leadership model was an outdated model used before several decades, now you will know how much values this model can give us in today's management. It is always advisable to take good things from everywhere.

Hope you had an interesting read. Share your views on this topic in the comments section. Meet you again in another article.

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Set Priorities and stick to it

That is not only for leadership but for sucess because when we make clear our priorities, life become more easy; focusing on what really matters to us we can improve these things

Yes, even though I wrote about setting priorities, it is not easy for me to achieve as well. I realized that even I have to work more on that and make it happen. Today I was talking to my manager regarding tasking and prioritizing my work. My manager replied saying that even CEO of big companies want to organize their tasks well, so there is nothing to worry if we are finding challenges. We will definitely make it one day. It is indeed life-changing. Thanks for the comments @malos10.

This was a great post @bala41288 .. my son was in the military for a brief time before his feet failed him, but he came home and had some great stories abous some of the leaders he met there. And he definitely benefited from them in the short time he was there.

I have also had a golden opportunity to be with a person who was from the military. It is indeed a great experience and learning from them. I really got a different perspective and reasoning to why they need our respect and what type of dedication they are doing for the country. Thanks for sharing your son's experiences @monchhichi23. Maybe if he had continued there he would have also become a great leader there. But I feel with the experiences he gained so far, he might already be a good leader. 😀

Hmmm, I don't think that this leadership model would work in the field of music! Already, leading musicians is like herding children...

I feel it is dependent on the type of music. Also, it could be based on how the lessons are taken by a music teacher. Well, a good thought @bengy. Thanks for the comments.

Great post of how to build yourself as a leader, I feel we must be among the people rather than have control of them to be a successful leader.

Yes, you are right @shaheerbari. A good leader will always drive the team being a part of the team. Thanks for the comments. 😀

"Yesterday is not going to be of value anymore", "Set Priorities and stick to it", "You cannot become best but you can always be better" these are among best tips to someone. As you suggested take good things from everywhere! I enjoyed reading your post @bala41288

I'm very happy that you found my article interesting @clik. Thanks for your wonderful comments.

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Thank-you for isolating those specific factors that makes leadership work in such an articulate manner.

Thanks for your comments @whitelite. There are also other parameters that make leadership work seamlessly.

I think your right, because not all leaders succeed with the same skill set.

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Very thorough and well laid out post, good information in here as well that would be helpful to many.

#thealliance #witness

Thanks for your nice words @c0ff33a. I'm glad that you liked it. 😀