Effective Leadership #11 - Staff member recruitment

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Hello Steemians! Welcome to yet another article in Effective leadership series. In this article, we will understand how we can form the right team with the help of staff member recruitment. A good team is a key to success. It is not always the leader who makes the project success but the team that works on the project makes a huge difference. Though major contribution comes from the leader, it is the effort of every single team member to make the project successful. Appointing new team members in the team is an important responsibility of a leader. The team becomes established only with the help of the right team members. Important aspects of the process of forming a team are:

  • Choosing the best candidate for the team.
  • Forming a balanced and dynamic team with the help of right candidates.
  • Facilitating the new candidate with all the necessary welcome kits.
  • Finding the right person either through internal promotion or through external recruitment.
  • Make the new candidates feel part of the team.


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Finding right candidates

Finding the candidates should happen in the ocean of available candidates. The net that we used to fish the right candidate should be huge. The selection process is usually time-consuming. A leader should not mind spending lots of time in the selection process. Before looking for the candidates, the recruitment team should be clear on the list of criteria required and the candidates should be searched based on the required skills and essential characteristics. If the appointee is going to be someone else, it is important to check and be sure if the appointee is having the right skill and characteristics to recruit someone for the team's need.


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During the selection process, it may not be the case that the candidates being interviewed will have all the necessary qualities. Industry experience is something that can be very helpful or a mandatory skill to look for. But it may not be relevant all the time. Candidates can sometimes be a few mixed skill sets. You have to be somewhat flexible while finding the right candidate.

Do not be on the urge to recruit someone

There can sometimes be a dire necessity to finish recruitment process as soon as possible. In such cases, some of the leaders will be in a pressure to close the recruitment. Situations like that can be very difficult for a leader to handle. During such short-staffed condition, the leaders should do the recruitment process with utmost patience. Appointing someone just because we are short in resources can sometimes spoil the quality of the team. The new member who joins the team will also find it very difficult to progress and grow in the team. Even though there is a dire necessity in the team, the recruitment process should happen in a proper manner considering all the aspects.

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Channels for recruiting staff

There are multiple channels available for recruiting staff members into the team. A leader who is recruiting should explore all the options that are available. Personal contacts given by other team members become the most successful recruit for the team and it can even be the best fit for the team. Below are the channels that will need exploration while recruiting the staff member:

  • Recruitment through government training schemes
  • Conducting campus interviews in colleges to get new recruits.
  • Spread the word through the press and other media advertisements.
  • Internal recruitment or Internal job posting where members of other teams within the organization can apply.
  • Ask recommendations or suggestions from existing team members or staff members.
  • Approach consulting agencies and commission them to identify best candidates.


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Promoting insiders

The ideal way to find the right recruit for the team is to promote an insider. Inside promotion is the most comfortable way of recruitment. It has lots of advantages. Of all the other advantages, the main thing is that it will showcase that every individual has the opportunity to rise in the company. Promoting internal staff members gives more comfort zone to the staff members and they feel being rewarded for all the efforts they take to the team. It is the responsibility of a leader to be on constant lookout for right abilities within the team. When there is a good opportunity and if you see a potential candidate, go for it. At the same time consideration should also be made to the morale of other staff members in the team making them feel that they have been passed over while making this decision.


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When recruiting the right candidate, it is the duty of the leader to explain the team why the candidate was selected for promotion. A leader should be able to explain how the person selected will be the best fit for the new role. Emphasizing the team about other opportunities is very important for the team to feel confident. They should not feel like they have been left over. Provide all the directions required for your new promoted candidate to prove your decision right.

Hope you had an interesting read. Share your views on this topic in the comments section. Meet you again in another article.

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Thank you, concerning the ability of a leader to find the right candidate, our now a days leaders only spend little time on it and in most cases the rich candidate is elect but not the qualified ones


Yes, that's a problem we have in all the fields. If we have the right person recruited, things will be far better. Thanks for your comment.

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