Effective Leadership #7 - Building Personal Strengths

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Hello Steemians! Hope you are all wonderful. Welcome to yet another article in Effective Leadership series. In the previous article, we saw about developing strengths in general. In this article, we will see in detail on how we can build personal strengths. A self-evaluation is always necessary to understand your strengths and weakness. If you identify strengths, you can work on building them. If you identify weakness, you have to first accept them and then you can work on finding ways to live above them because eliminating all the weakness can be a big challenge for everyone. Effective leadership is also about building personal strengths by identifying them. Building them can be done either by themselves or with the help of mentors. Assessing your potential to be a good leader and evaluating them frequently can help you understand more about your strengths.


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Building Personal Strengths

StrengthsDescriptionHow to develop them
Drive and EnergyThe ability to put maximum mental and physical effort behind reaching objectives and to keep going until the goals are achieved.
  • Maintain fitness by joining a gym or by doing a competitive sport every day.
  • Constantly work through lists of tasks and ensure their completion.
  • A small distraction during work can also help in rejuvenating the lost energy.
  • Self-ConfidenceA belief in your abilities to carry out self-appointed and other tasks to your satisfaction and that of colleagues.
  • Learn to calculate and accept moderate risks
  • Review your work at frequent intervals, comparing plans with outcomes.
  • Set goals for yourself and analyze it at frequent intervals to check how your progress with it.
  • Money ManagementKnowing how to read balance sheets, draw up budgets and management accounts, and track paths to higher profits.
  • Acquire a financial training based on your requirement. Attend a course if required.
  • Make notes of financial consequences of plans and decisions and work out the possibilities.
  • Contact experts to learn concepts from them or get tips on money management
  • Managing PeopleUnderstanding how to get the best from your subordinates or staff members by encouraging them to use their skills and to help them take initiatives to achieve better results.
  • Ask for feedback from your subordinates, peers and your superiors to evaluate yourself.
  • Learn to look at situations through other people's eyes.
  • Before assigning a task to someone, put yourself in their shoes and understand their pain areas and provide a solution or help to them beforehand.
  • Goal-SettingKnowing how to set targets that are high enough to stimulate exceptional effort, but are still within achievement range.
  • 'Benchmark' organizations in your own and other industries to see where and what improvements can be made.
  • List your goals and keep reassessing them.
  • Additions and deletions to the goals can happen frequently to align yourself with the project requirements.
  • Self-DeterminationThe belief that your destiny and that of the business are in your hands, not subject to others or outside forces.
  • Form long-range aims for yourself and the organization.
  • Put your aims down on paper, complete what plans for implementation.
  • Only if you are with determination, you will be able to channel down the energy to your team members.
  • Self-EvaluationThe ability to recognize and learn from mistakes and failures, while also analyzing the lessons of success.
  • Conduct regular, honest examinations of recent decisions and actions.
  • If you discover any weakness, draw up plans for rectifying them.
  • If you identify a positive thing or a strength in yourself, you can work on doing some enhancements in that aspect to be even better
  • CompetitivenessThe will to win, and to take defeat as a challenge, not a disaster, coupled with the pursuit of high personal standards.
  • Take every opportunity to study winners, corporate and individuals.
  • Adopt, adapt, and apply the techniques or qualities that make winners successful.
  • A healthy competition is good by comparing the way your colleagues work and learning from that to do a task better than them.
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    Advantage of building personal strengths

    A leader is a person who is going to be an example for the team members. In order to be a role model for the subordinates and other colleagues, it is important that a leader should have personal strengths and uniqueness in the tasks that they do. With personal strengths and experiences, a leader will be able to mentor other team members. The best strength that you have is something that comes easily for you without any additional effort. The advantage of having such personal strengths is to be confident and not so dependent on your employer. Even if your employer is changing, you will be able to survive in the industry in a different role with all your strengths.

    Share your views on the managerial skills and leadership skills in the comments section. Meet you again in another article in this series.

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    Stay tuned for future articles on effective leadership.

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