Effective Leadership #1 - An Introduction

Hello Steemians. I'm starting this new series on Effective leadership just for a change. My love for nature, science, and pollinators will continue after a while. Effective leadership is not something that is essential for just a good leader. Every individual should be a good leader to motivate others and get motivated. When I was sitting in my office and thinking about achieving excellence, the importance of effective leadership came to my mind. I immediately thought of writing about it in steemit.

In order to achieve excellence, a person should be capable of mastering a different set of skills which includes administering activities, motivating others, implementing processes etc. This will become the key to effective leadership. Leading a team and bringing talents out may not be easier in early stages, however by practice and experience a person can easily become a leader with effective leadership skills. This series of articles will provide you details on enhancing the leadership skills by following some proven methods. Effective leadership skill can be obtained by using some of the following things:


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  • Learning to Lead - Effective leaders are either born with the skill or brought up. Essential skills can be learned through formal training courses that are available. Hands-on experience is gained when a person joins a job and understand how things work there.
  • Learning by observing others - Knowledge is not always through books or other training materials. It is important to observe others and understand the methods they use to be a successful leader.
  • Formal Leadership Training - Training can always be helpful in enhancing the skills. A formal leadership training will have a set of procedures to train an individual to make the individual a successful or efficient leader.
  • Careful evaluation of practical experience - Training alone may not be sufficient to be an effective leader. When exposed to practical experience, observing and evaluating will help in learning the minute aspects of effective leadership.

The knowledge from these essential techniques provides a good grounding for effective leadership thus helping you in providing ways to put them into execution plan in a variety of situations. It may not be that simple to just understand the essential techniques. Practical knowledge will be highly essential to convert the knowledge gained to experience. Becoming a confident leader will require the below skills:

  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Using authority
  • Learning to delegate
  • Individual development
  • Team development

Apart from the above, an effective leader will also need self-assessment skills to identify and keep the skill set updated. These self-assessment techniques will be very helpful in improving the leadership skills. Leadership skills are not something that is essential only if you lead a team. This is a skill that will be essential even to manage ourselves.

Stay tuned for future articles on effective leadership.

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Good Post dear we need leader like you keep steeming
live long live healthy

Yup. A leader is not born but made through consistent efforts. There are many styles of leadership and most successful have been the benovelent dictators..

good advice and am sure all should follow it

more bosses should read your post, I suppose :)

Follow @dik i'll vote your post and Follow 👍

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Very good information on becoming an effective leader. Thank you. @swt3df1