Effective Leadership #17 - Dynamizing Groups

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Hello Steemians! Hope you are doing good. Welcome to yet another article in Effective leadership series. In this article, we will see in detail about forming and dynamizing groups. A significant group is important to carry out a particular task. Be it a release or a launch of a brand new product, a perfect group is important to make it successful. Three things are important in order to dynamize a group:

  • Strong Leadership
  • Strong Purpose
  • Strong Membership


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Before starting a group we have to be sure that we have all the three stated above. A strong leadership can only drive the group and its project towards success. An effective leader in the group will help in drafting the execution plan. A strong leadership will only give strength and motivation for the team. Before starting a group the first step is to identify the strong purpose of the group formation. Both the leadership and the members of the group should be convinced about the purpose of the group. Next is the membership. Choosing right members decides the path to success. If the membership is not strong enough the path to success can be little challenging. Let's check this out in detail.

Imparting purpose

It is the responsibility of the leader to keep the group highly motivated. Every individual in the group should be highly motivated in order to get the work done in a smooth manner. There should be excitement along with anticipation among the team members. This will only lead to the path of success. All these things are in the hands of the leader when they take efforts to explain the purpose of the task. The explanation should be made in such a way that all the group members should get a positive feeling about the task. Every individual in the team counts, so it is the duty of the leader to mention clearly that the efforts of each member are important to achieve success. Every individual's contribution is fundamental to the success. This will help the team members be more confident and use their creativity.


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Rousing the troops

A leader should make the team feel that they are also part of the team and their contribution to the project is also very important for success. Conveying the necessary information to the team members is also an art. This will be a nice challenge for your leadership quality. You have to be more confident and energetic to be able to spread positive energy and enthusiasm to the team members. Even though you are just conveying the management decision to the team members, there should be enough space provided to the team members to share their views and ideas.


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The discussion with the group mates can also sometimes end up as a debate and the leader should be able to reinforce the group identify well and handle such situations. Though you are fully focused on the success of the project, the execution part should be in an enjoyable manner for the team member. Enjoyment during the course of work will be a natural motivator for the team member. At the same time conveying your expectation to the team members in the right manner is very important. If you don't set the expectation properly, the project outcome may not be nice.

Significance of frequent meetings

If you are focused on dynamizing groups, it is very important to have frequent meetings with the team members. In the agile methodology, they conduct daily huddles to identify the progress. This meeting is to identify where we start in terms of completion. During the meetings, an update will be provided on what has been achieved so far and how much more effort is required. These meetings will clear the doubts of certain individual and they will feel like they are part of the process. This creates lots of motivation and purpose. The leader will also find it very easy to be on track.


Forming and leading hot groups

Hot groups are usually the teams that have been assembled for some special purpose. They will usually have a group of handpicked staff members who are good performers. This new team formation can be for a launch of new product. In this process of forming hot groups, highly capable people are identified and they are placed under effective leadership. The group will also expand by recruiting people with great talents. Only the right candidates will be part of the team and they will have a powerful vision. Sometimes this group formation will also involve an activity of detaching them from all other operations to fully focus on the tasks of this new group.

Hope you had an interesting read. Share your views on this topic in the comments section. Meet you again in another article.

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At the outset, especially in civilian/corporate environments, a leader must identify what s/he and what each person on the team brings to the table.

This not only builds trust and establishes clear roles, it also helps prevent dysfunctional jockeying for positions (in-group politics).

solid article.

Namaste, Jaichai

A leader should always understand the fact that "Each person counts." Yes, well said. Thanks for your comments.

Laissez-faire management tends to work better than a democratic type. Great article!

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thx for sharing! I'll read it later after my stream :-)

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thx for sharing! I'll read it later after my stream :-)