Effective Leadership #18 - Leadership Types

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Hello Steemians! Welcome to yet another article in Effective leadership series. In this article, we will see the types of leadership. In one of the previous article, we saw the difference between leader and manager. Effective leadership requires a strong bonding with the team members. In order to run a successful project, a leader should be capable of providing perfect ideas to the team. The leader should possess the positive energy that will help the whole team work towards the success of the project.


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Different styles of leadership are followed by different leaders. This can vary from one organization to another and even it can vary from one leader to another in the same organization. Some of the leaders might follow traditional methods and see success. Some managers and leaders explore new methods and look for an opportunity to implement change in the organization to get better productivity. This all varies from person to person and from one organization to another. There are two major types or styles of leadership:

  • Military Model Leadership
  • Collegiate Model Leadership

In the next two articles, we will see about each type in detail. I would like to brief some of the points about both the types in this article.

Military Leadership Model

This type of leadership is diminishing gradually due to the emergence of new leadership methods. This was the most commonly used leadership model used in the past. This is still being followed in the military and few strict organizations. In organizations that expect obedience from the staff members, this military model will work out. Some people find it very comfortable to work and some people find it uncomfortable and continue to work in such organizations just because they don't have any alternative option.


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This type of leadership model can be referred to "Man on horseback". In such companies, the staff members may not even have the opportunity to express what they feel about the work. A task will be assigned to them, they walk in every day, complete the task and go home. This type of military model is still being followed in production or manufacturing companies. This is the place where the voice of the staff member will not be heard at all.

Collegiate Leadership Model

This is an interesting leadership model. Every individual in the company is treated fair and they are given equal importance. This has been a successful leadership model where the staff members find it comfortable to work and are also free to share their views and ideas. Sometimes a situation changing idea can emerge from one of the staff members and not from the leadership or the top level management. In this leadership model, all the staff members are empowered and are given equal opportunities to take the lead when appropriate. Resolving issues and internal conflicts are also very simple and are done easily. There will not be any complications in the way staff members are treated or handled.


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This type of leadership model promotes lots of positivity in the team which in turn helps the organization grow with a sense of unity. The staff members are also motivated to work on any project without any hesitation. The focus is always on how the goals can be achieved. This gives more confidence to the team members. Leaders take opinions from all the staff members and take a genuine decision which will be transparent to all the members. The team members will also be able to easily understand why the decision was made.

Hope you had an interesting read. Share your views on this topic in the comments section. Meet you again in another article.

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Thank you for the description of the roles. In an orchestra, the leadership styles can be very similar. However, often a mix of the two extremes is a better option!

Yes, you are right @bengy. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It should be a balance of both the extremes. Thanks for your comments.

I experienced both. One type in the army, the other as an employee in an event-agency. I believe the first is soon to be replaced (perhaps almost completely), as more and more robots are doing those jobs (?)

Ha ha ha. Well said @sams-world . Robots are emerging. They are scary and we still don't know whether these two types will still be a matter of discussion or there will be a new type exclusively for the Robots.

True, and I can't really say that I'm looking forward. The unknown is always scary....

Yes, you are right @sams-world. Thanks for the comment.

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