KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 03 (Community)

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The Knitrias Project Community

In recent days the @SteemitBlog launched an initiative calling for community leaders to present applications to receive support for their communities. This initiative takes part in a structural plan known as PoD (Proof of Dedication), in which have been set certain roles in the community of Steem to perform different tasks in order to help on the development of the users and projects working on the platform. These roles include community curators, country curators, steem greeters, social promoters and community leaders. In this post the program is explained in more detail: Introducing the STEEM POD Project.

The Knitrias Project has presented its application to receive this support and fulfil an important part of the Roadmap which give birth to this project, the creation of a community as a place to share the work of the Members and all the activities created for them and by them. The application has been accepted to receive support. The @Knitrias account will receive a first delegation of 1000 SP which could reach up to 5000 SP depending on the development of the Project and its Members. The next step for the Project will be create in the next days the Knitrias Project Community in Steem.

Application to participate in the initiative "Delegations for Community Leaders" by the Steemit Team

This represents one big step in the progress of the Roadmap and it's thanks to the great work the Members of this Project have been doing in these weeks on their content creation, interactions and communication between Members and administrator. This a great satisfaction and at the same time an incentive to keep with the good work on the group. It will be important to continue the efforts to participate on the activities and strategies of the project and reach its goals.

Congratulations to all the Members

Wallet procedures

As some members of the group are new users it's very important to learn the functions of the wallet in order to participate in the growing strategies of the Project. As you will see in the weekly statistics, some Members have not claimed rewards in these two weeks. The following information is fundamental for each one.

Different keys

Steem has a set of keys, each one with different levels of authority to perform transactions. There are five keys implied:

Master key: This is the key every user receive for the first time when an account is created. Its function is to derive all the other keys. It must be kept in a secure place.

Active key: This key is used to sign in to the wallet to authorize the transactions with the funds of the wallet. Transfers of Steem/SBD, Power Up, Delegations, Placing orders to the Market or convert SBD to Steem.

Posting key: This key is the most commonly used, it's strongly recommended to use only this key to sign in to the Steemit blog. It authorizes posts, comments, follows, votes and claim rewards.

Memo key: Every transfer of Steem or SBD is able to include a memo, these are very important when sending funds to exchanges. When signing in to your wallet with the memo key you are able to send and read private memos.

Owner key: This is the key with the highest authority. It can change all the other keys and also set a recovery account, which is useful in case of an account being compromised, it can recover the account and set a new group of keys. It must be kept in a secure place.

How to get all my keys?

In order to see all your keys, sign in to your wallet with your Master key. You will be able to see these tabs:

Go to Keys and Permissions, and you will be able to see your revealed keys:

Maybe you will be asked again to sign in with your Master key to reveal some of your keys. Copy all your keys and keep them in a safe place. Logout from your wallet.

Now you have all your keys. Remember that the most commonly used are the Posting key to use your blog, and the Active key to use your wallet. Keep your other keys in a safe place and use them only when necessary.

Powering Up

Sign in to your wallet with your Active key and claim your rewards if any. You will be able to make transfers. Power Up is a transfer to your own wallet which converts Steem to Steem Power. Here's the procedure:

Look at your Steem balance and click the drop down menu, then select Power up:

A dialogue appears to set the amount of Steem to convert. Type your amount or click balance to set your entire Steem.

Click Power up and a confirmation dialogue will appear, click OK if everything is correct:

And now you've Powered Up your account.

Converting SBD to Steem

Because of the price of Steem, sometimes you will be receiving SBD in your author rewards, this SBD can be sold on the Market to buy Steem. Our dear friend @CryptoKannon have made a great video tutorial on how to use the Market and get Steem for your SBD.

All the members are urged to review these procedures and begin using their wallets at their full capacity.

Weekly Information

The Members of the Project

A new Member has joined to the Project, please welcome @KaySmile44. The user @Racarjoal was contacted three times with no answer, resulting in the cancel of the delegation.









This week @Knitrias will resume campaigning to search for cantidates for the two remainig slots. All Members are invited to make suggestions on possible candidates.

Contributions of the week

The last week the Members produced 30 posts, 7 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Branches of Longevity
The beautiful life’s dr. Mariyana Knitrias by @MyFreeLive
Greed for Power, Statute of Longevity by @AdelJose
I know that one day you will play this | Knitrias Project Week 02 by @Jacorv
Challenges of the week. "The Daughter" by @Rashia

Open Source
How I began learning the wonderful world of SteemWorld by @MyFreeLive
SteemWorld, una obra de arte | Knitrias Project Week 02 by @Jacorv
Getting to know SteemWorld. Challenge Knitrias-Project by @AdelJose

The pool for the last week was 20 SP and was divided between 7 contributions:

@AdelJose: 2 contributions = 5.8 SP
@MyFreeLive: 2 contributions = 5.8 SP
@Jacorv: 2 contributions = 5.8 SP
@Rashia: 1 contribution = 2.9 SP

@Knitrias has sent the rewards as Steem Power for these authors:

Challenges for the week

This week each challenge will have a secured pool of 10 SP that will be divided equally between the participants of each challenge. Each Member can participate with one post on each challenge.

Branches of Longevity (10 SP)

Short stories, developments and re-elaborations of literature, art, design, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges.

Chapters of The Longevity Statute

The longevity Statute (Part I)
The longevity Statute (Part II)
The longevity Statute (Part III)
The longevity Statute (Part IV)

Open Source (10 SP)

Theme: The Steem Whitepaper

Every organization and project has a Whitepaper that contains all the important concepts and definitions of the processes involved, this is for the readers have a clear view of the operation or function of that project and eventualy get involved. Steem has a whitepaper also which contains all the important aspects of the Economy, Blockchain Governance, Voting Procedures, Scalability, etc. For every user is important to know this Steem Whitepaper to a better use, interaction and development of the platform.

For these week's challenge, the Members are invited to review the Steem Whitepaper and create a personal description of the most interesting contents on this document. Which are the main areas of Steem? How the different tokens work? What is expected from the user? How is the governance stablished? How difficult or easy is to comprehend this document for you? Questions, suggestions and information sharing can be made in the comments section of this post.

All the Members are invited to post their Open Source challenge content in the Project Hope Community directed by @Crypto.Piotr. Members are also invited to participate in the initiative:

LEARN AND EARN - our project.hope new awesome initiative


Steem Power information

Upvote and post count information

Voting count


Post Count: 229 posts|268 comments|274 replies
Voting Count: (17.02 % self, 24 upvotes, 12 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: XI IDEAL en cuarentena
Post Count: 296 posts|215 comments|545 replies
Voting Count: (7.14 % self, 71 upvotes, 43 accounts, last 7d)
Post Count: 15 posts|29 comments|30 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 32 upvotes, 21 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Comiendo saludable!!!
Post Count: 10 posts|75 comments|84 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 53 upvotes, 12 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Challenges of the week. "The Daughter"
Post Count: 85 posts|146 comments|287 replies
Voting Count: (3.28 % self, 61 upvotes, 27 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 39 - Monday Challenge - Desafío del lunes - Mi equipo deportivo local favorito/VENEZUELA
Post Count: 27 posts|117 comments|107 replies
Voting Count: (9.09 % self, 77 upvotes, 18 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Beautiful knitrias-project
Post Count: 320 posts|1,360 comments|1,200 replies
Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 115 upvotes, 46 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: My Weekly Selection, 6th Week. Community World Of Pilar
Post Count: 12 posts|35 comments|35 replies
Voting CSI: (0.00 % self, 180 upvotes, 134 accounts, last 7d)
Last Post: Neon logo design #knitrias-project, #steemcurators


The Knitrias Project is much grateful with the following users, communities and projects:

This week the Knitrias Project is much grateful with the donation by the Witnesss @SteemChiller, setting @Knitrias as beneficiary of his last post. Thank you very much!!!

Delegators: @Xpilar, @Roleerob
Support: @SteemChiller, @SteemCurator01, @R2Cornell
Trail: @Drax, @Tribevibes
Friends of the project: @Bullionstackers, @Club12, @RadaQuest, @Marcosdk, @Whatsup, @Ciska, @CryptoKannon, @Jayplayco

Daily challenges and up to date information on the activities on

Follow @SteemitBlog

Resources and Support for Newcomers

Follow @SteemingCurators


World of Xpilar


Project Hope

Tools and information

Visit SteemWorld



@knitrias, thank you so much for your excellent post. You gave a lot of useful and very necessary information.
We have a lot to learn this week. I am thankful for your work and wish to create our project the most prosperous on Steemit.
You make a lot for the progress and approval of the @knitrias-project.

Thanks for the encouragement, @MyFreeLive!! I hope all these materials will be helpful for our Members. This week the Open Sorce, is fascinating. Even @LeVeuf is going to read that document to learn more about this awesome blockchain!

Thank you very much, @MyFreeLive, for your great energy and constant support!!

The best wishes for your day!!

@knitrias, Oh, Yes, I think the new task is very interesting and difficult. I will read very carefully to understand these white papers!!


Esta semana nos toca estudiar y aprender mucho más jeje... Espero ansiosamente tus post! Saludos! 💛

¿Cómo va la cosa esa del estudio? ;)

Abrazote, @Jacorv!!

Va genial, si supieras las tareas que me han mandado de la universidad JAJA! Tranquilo amigo mío que el Proyecto se publica los ViernesPowerUp!


I am always looking forward to the "reports" each week.

I am sorry I did not partake in the steemworld challege, I got discouraged after reading the other 3 posts by my teammates. I had never used tools before and it was hard for me to comprehend...But I will do my best to partake in both challenges this week.

Thank you so much for all the info and support @knitrias and @Leveuf, this project would not be possible without you. Also thank you to all my teammates: @jarcov @f21steem @adeljose @natalimarisa2019 @futven12 @myfreelive as well as our new teammate @kaysmile44.

Thank you also to all the supporters mentioned by knitrias.

I am glad to be a part of this project and wish to see it thrive.

Let's all do our best to achieve our goals. 😊😁

Don't worry, sometimes things get complicated (Deadmau5's song). To me was difficult as well but i read a coupple of works and investigated to make the post possible. So, i wait you publication this week ... you know what comming next: Chóchala ✋ 😂

Hahahahaha, thanks forthe encouraging words. It's nice to know, I wasn't the only one feeling a but overwhelmed.

I will do my bet, I got my regular post on depression tomorrow and the 2 challnges this week.

By the way @knitrias, remember me saying I will only do as many as I am comfortable with? Your challenges are giving me the enegy to do 2-3 posts a week. Hahaha, thanks for expanding my capability. 😁👍

I am looking forward to all publications from my teammates this week.

Have a lovely day everyone 😊❤

(Oh had to edit for this, sorry almost forgot: Chóchala @jacorv ✋)

Dear @Rashia, sorry for the late response!!
As you may know, some changes have taken place on the platform!
The project continues but it's important to stay informed.
Thanks for your words, the reason for creating this project is exactly what you are saying.

Big hug, and always the best for you!

I am so sorry @Knitrias, but the Whitepaper is too complex for me. I am still getting used to steemit and only have little knowledge about blockchains and cryptocurrency.... I will read it again to understand it more, but I doubt I will be able to complete the challenge in the given time....

The Opensource challenges do seem to be quite the challenge for me.... But I hope you still enjoy my contribution about Coryana :)

Have a lovely day!

WOW! This one page alone is a veritable treasure trove of information, awesome job putting so many invaluable resources in one place! What a beautiful project too, respect to you and all you are trying to accomplish for the betterment of others, truly heartwarming.

I wish only the very best to you and yours from me and mine :)

Thank you very much, @StevenWood!! Your encouragement and kind words for this project are much appreciated!!
I send you the best wishes for you and yours in these special times for our world!!

Thank you all for accepting me to be a member of this great project. And thanks to @CryptoKannon! She was the one that introduce me to this project and connected me with @knitrias. Since have join this project @knitrias and @LeVeuf has been my helper and guidance. Thanks to you both God will bless you. My thanks also goes to @jacorv, @f21steem a @natalimarisa2019, @rashia @futven12, @myfreelive, for their contribution to my post. I'm happy to be part of this project and I will love to take part in this week challenge. Thanks to you all

Greeting my friend,

Thanks to you to join us and been part of this amazing project. Hive Five
I hope you going well this week, if you need anythings just tell us. We're a team!


You are welcome, @Kaysmile44!!
I wish you a great journey here in Steem!!

Buenos dias amigos, veo que el proyecto avanza. Soy un poco lento pero espero esta semana activarme un poco más. ya hice powerup con mis steem. si me hace falta hacer algo me lo pueden hacer saber por aca o por discord. muchas gracias.

Muchas gracias @Futven12!! Seguiremos avanzando en el Proyecto!! Desarrollando esas habilidades que cada uno comparte y también las experiencias.
Hay que estar informados de los cambios recientes en la plataforma.
El Proyecto Knitrias continúa, hay más progresos todavía!! :)

Va un abrazo grande y por acá nos seguimos encontrando.

Bien, gracias, aunque ya comenzamos a trabajar en la empresa tratare de estar activo a estas horas tempranas del dia.

Lo mejor para ese regreso al trabajo, @Futven12!!

Ya nos estarás platicando más aventuras y buenas recetas!!

Lo Mejor!

Thank you very much for your visit and encouragement!!

Yes, we will!!

Thank you @knitrias for this great work done. I'm strongly in support of this great project.

A great pleasure to meet you, @Oppongk!!
Thanks for your constant support!!
Best winds for your projects!!

Is this project into curation trail

Now we need to reconstruct our trail.
Best wishes @KaySmile44!!

Oh by the way @knitrias, I claim my rewards in the notifications

Screenshot_20200519-174827_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200519-174834_Samsung Internet.jpg

Thought the screenshots might help 😊

Yes, @Rashia!!
They recently included the function to claim your rewards directly from the blog, as claiming rewards is authorized by the Posting key.