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There is one awesome thing that I've learned while managing project.hope community within these past few months. Many people out there have amazing ideas on "how to stimulate engagement" and all they need to proceed with are proper tools and little bit of support. Just enough to give those ideas a kick head-start.

And today I would like to introduce you to one hell of a great initiative. So stay tuned and don't you dare close this publication yet :)



One such an idea was born during a few recent conversations I had with someone I've known for very long - user named @hardaeborla, which many of us surely recognize by now.

We've imagined this new initiative, which could potentially bring more traffic to our community, allow people to expand their knowledge and share experiences with one another. And to be rewarded for their valuable participation.

We had a vision, that every week or two we could publish new topics and we would ask readers to do some research about the subcject and expand their current knowledge. Later each user would write a comment explaining what they have learned. And all most valuable comments would receive min 100k SP upvote.

What those topics would be about?

  • It could be questions related to blockchain: what is smart contract, what is bitcoin halving, how do you understand Proof of Work (PoW)
  • or perhaps something closer to economy and business: "what is quantitive easing, what is deflation and inflation, etc"

And finally, we came up with an idea to launch a new series: "LEARN AND EARN".

We both figured that this name would reflect our goals very well.



Our "LEARN AND EARN" series will be focused on several closely related topics:

  • technology,

  • blockchain,

  • artificial intelligence

  • machine learning

  • economy,

  • business,

  • marketing ,

  • psychology



Together with @hardaeborla we've managed to discuss this idea and post our first challenge. Check it out right away: LEARN AND EARN challenge - what is bitcoin halving.

It will be fair to say, that it's only up to all of you guys if there will be more similar challenges in the future. I hope to be able to read many valuable and engaging comments.



If you didn't do it yet (and you've found the topics mentioned above interesting) then subscribe to our project.hope community right away: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-175254
You can also join our discord server: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW

Become part of our community. Become part of something GREAT.



Please share your feedback with us. I read all comments and I would like to learn from all of you. Visit the mentioned above post (you can also find direct link below)

Yours, Piotr
Project.hope community founder.


Link to "LEARN AND EARN" first challenge:

Don't forget to visit this our first challenge.
obraz.pngLEARN AND EARN Challenge - "What is Bitcoin Halving ?"
by @hardaeborla


I wish to point out, comment upvoting could waste a lots of vest in exchange with the amount of $ value sending to the targeted account. There's a reward curve we needed to observed, but I couldn't remember where to find that. In order to topped that reward curve, post reward are suggested to be at 20steem and above, or else the reward curve will be reduced down. Meaning to said, if your account can vote $1.00 at 100% voting weight, voting it on a post with already $3.00 existing, the post will become $4. However, if you vote on a post with $0.00, your $1.00 may turned up like $0.70 or even lower.

I know, it's not about the money. But just to let you know there's so many crappy rules being impose to the HF22.

Some readings from Quara answer:

Some complaints:

The most convenient way to steal is, steal from the thieves. This non-linear reward curve were introduced to fight dust vote farming, in order to "save" small payout from going out of the reward pool(so the whales can pocket more clean chunks of bigger payout as long they get pay more), and left us who bank less then $4 wonder why have our income suddenly dropped by half.

So, voting on comment literally giving discount to the post reward and wasting more voting power for less effective curation reward.

I wish to point out, comment upvoting could waste a lots of vest in exchange with the amount of $ value sending to the targeted account.

Thanks, but I personally just don't care. :)

I have certain reasons to upvote comments rather often.

I'm pleased to see my comment getting so much of upvote and support. Next best thing I wished for, is a hard fork to do away the reward curve, so to restore to HF21, even better HF20.

So, voting on comment literally giving discount to the post reward and wasting more voting power for less effective curation reward.

Good thing some people don't care! :)

Just kidding. My logic, I'm willing to take a small curation loss for amazing comments like this ;)
Not everyone is willing to sacrifice profit, and it's not my place to say that is right or wrong. I just curate how I choose to.

Thanks Jake. The respect are mutual!


I swear, when I hit that button for you it was 0.057👿

It's weird. Mine does the same thing.

Thanks to the proposal of HF22. Is there anyway to roll back? Top witness @justyy?

Some people actually only vote comments to sort the comments from most interesting to least interesting... This is how even accounts with high reputation can crash to negative reputation.

Thank you for your comment. It seems assumption based, in that I must not already know this information.

Some people actually only vote comments to sort the comments from most interesting to least interesting...

And what is wrong with that? Some people also like to reward comments on the basis of effort too.
It is far more likely that I will reward comments on the basis of effort, which is my right, because it is my steem power, and now to address:

This is how even accounts with high reputation can crash to negative reputation.

Highly lacking in crucial information. The information you are lacking in, is that this will only happen if someone disagrees with your voting practices, and has the power to crash your reputation.

I see you upvote your own comments, and you didn't care to upvote me, so you'll get no vote from me.

I do appreciate the insight you provided me under assumption based thinking though. Thank you.

There is nothing wrong in "sorting" comments... I was just saying people care more about order of the comments than actual rewards. After the reward structure was changed, it became really hard to get rewards from comments.

What comes to downvoting, it doesn't directly give any rewards, but people do it just for the sake of comment quality. Eventually upvoting better quality comments will give more rewards.

Well stated. I appreciate the clarification.

I have always felt downvoting is very negative, but I cannot deny the merit of its use with this system. It's difficult to define abuse however with vastly different ideas of what is right and wrong. Morality is difficult to assign, as it is more of a perceptual knowing feeling than an ideology.

Have a nice day :)

Downvoting is quite negative if it is done out of malice... When you downvote just because someone else downvoted you first...

I mostly downvote low quality comments made by bots, or people who write low quality posts just because they know enough people will upvote all comments and posts made by high reputation people to get more rewards for themselves, so eventually they also get high reputation faster.

I see why posts dont get engagements

Depends. Post don't get engagements has nothing to do with comment upvotes. Most if not all the time, the author is the root cause of "lacking" in exposure.

I like the idea my friend! You always come with great ideas. Love to hear it.

What a perfect timing to be back!!

I just came back to the community and immediately I see why I had to come back... :D

This time, I'm a learner and I'll definitely go read more into this and learn to help others and help this initiative grow and gain traction. It has all the ingredients to success and this first theme is already a winner!!

Cheers, @crypto.piotr and entire team behind Project HOPE.

 4 years ago 

Dear @diogosantos

What a perfect timing to be back!!

Have you been away? Glad to have you back buddy. Many things had changed on steemit within past months.

We would like to invite you to join our project.hope community. We're supporting quality content related to topics like: blockchain, technology, AI as well as economy, marketing, business.

Join our discord sever: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW and subscribe to your community here.

Have a great sunday ahead,
Yours, Piotr

I'm slowly trying to put the pieces together... :D

Those are all topics that I like and am interested in. I´ve always been here to support you and your projects and nothing will change.

Dear Piotr, i would like to learn more about DYCO tokens, because this is what i would like to do for my new born tokens, do you think such way is possible in Steem engine or not?

 4 years ago 

hi @intellihandling

I personally do not believe that there is much interests in Steem-engine tokens any more. This train already left the station long time ago.

Right now very few people will probably care about any of those new tokens launched on SE. Most people moved to hive anyway :/

Hello @Crypto.Piotr!! I think this initiative is very important and need to be expanded with more other topics of discussion. I often think that many of the traffic in the blockchain is put instead in servers like discord, with this the incentive to make meaningful and valuable comment increases. The initiative could be multiplied!!

I'll invite the members of the Knitrias Project to participate! Also inviting you to take a look into our work!!

Best wishes for the Project Hope Community!!


 4 years ago 

Thank you for your encouraging comment @leveuf

Could you tell me few words about Knitrias Project ?

Thanks for your visit and encouragement also!! I think we can have great collaborations between members. Open Source, one of the weekly challenges to create content have to do with this blockchain and its operation and we'll be talking about other blockchain projects, technology and science in the future! I´ll recommend the members also to post this articles in the Project Hope Community, this week the subject will be: The Steem Whitepaper.

Best wishes for you and yours and for all the projects, Piotr!!

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great initiative! I am in !

Wait until the activation of "Sound Money" is "Announced"...

May 14, 2020... 11.0 Hollywood Time...

 4 years ago 

hi @pocket-change

What is sound money?

I am award winning author of publishOx and tradingview, just joinned steemit few months back, I'll be pleased to join here and to post here as this community matches my interests.

 4 years ago 

Dear @moon333

It's indeed a pleasure to meet you.

Perhaps you could consider joining our community discord: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW

I surely would like to get to know you better and explore opportunities of collaborating together (and you joining our community).


Great, sounds really nice initiative :)

Let me see and study first?

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