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Spiritual Experiences are not something that I knew anything about 21 years ago. I have never been a religious person, and wasn't really looking to have any religious experiences. I was always quite content with philosophising the nights away and figuring out the meaning of life over many twilight ending nights and very large amounts of coffee, tea, and of course the full English breakfast at 3am! I have always believed in God, but not in the Religious sense, and the idea of 'being a spiritual person' was totally alien to me until I was about 20 years old.

My first spiritual experiences coincided with my first trip to India with two of my best friends back in 1997. I had quite a few, and they were all very profound to me at the time. I did not understand much of what happened to me for quite some time, but sometimes that is OK. We don't need to understand everything, sometimes the experience is enough to trigger deep changes within us.

Since my spiritual experiences are quite varied, and because I cannot pick a single experience out, I would like to share a few of them with you. Most of these experiences are short stories, except for the final one which is quite an Epic tale of cosmic proportions!

A Spiritual Birth

This was the first spiritual experience that I ever had. It happened during my fist visit to India in a place called Kodaikanal, a beautiful hill-station in the mountains of South India. I was on a high, in every sense of the word, and had already experienced such incredible things that would take me years to assimilate and understand. This experience was very simple, and quite intense and profound. I was having a nap in the afternoon time and was nearing the end of my sleep when something happened that woke me up. I suddenly had the feeling of being in the fetal position, and feeling like I was separate from my body. I was awake but still half asleep with my eyes closed. Then a very bright white light came to me, and at the same time a very loud piercing tone filled my mind. It went on for about 2 minutes until it passed on leaving me feeling very blessed and reborn. It was like a spiritual birth that happened spontaneously.

Meeting My Murderer!

I lived in Sydney Australia for 6 months in 2001 on a web development contract with an old friend. During that stay I discovered a lovely small town in the Blue Mountains. It was an alternative community of people, and I was visiting for the day on my day off work. I noticed a sign advertising a Merkaba Meditation Workshop, and was quite drawn to it. I already knew the Merkaba Meditation and had been doing it for a couple of years, but I had never learned it from an official source. I had just copied instructions from a book without really knowing if I was doing it right. I signed up via email and was at the workshop before i knew it. We were a small group of 4 people and two facilitators called Tom and Alex. We learned a lot over that weekend and also engaged in a fair bit of chit chat on other topics. Alex told us that he was very empathic, and also a bit clairvoyant. He said he could remember past lives, and felt that we had met each other in a previous life. As he said that, his smile suddenly faded and turned into a sad frown, and then he started crying for no apparent reason. He looked quite upset, and so I asked him what was the matter. He told me that he had remembered what had happened and that he felt really bad about it. He described himself a coward and and a bad man in that life, and after some prodding finally revealed that he was a Nazi Soldier in the World War and that he had personally killed me in a mass grave.

It took a few seconds for that to sink in, and whilst I did feel a bit strange, my main emotion was one of forgiveness. I even told him so, and we ended up laughing about it together, as clearly I was not dead! It was a beautiful moment when we hugged each other after talking about it, and I really liked him a lot.. whoever he used to be, this man had obviously learned his lessons and moved on. The spiritual lesson here was so wonderfully obvious. We can never die, and have lived for countless lives.

Move That Cloud!

This rather intriguing miracle happened whilst I was at a Workshop in Sedona Arizona with Drunvalo Melchezidek. The workshop had ended and I was sat in a new age funky rustic cafe that overlooked the desert views and open skies. It was hot, and there were many fluffy clouds scattered about and the air was quite still. Whilst I sat there taking in everything that had just happened to me with Drunvalo, the idea of visiting India came to my mind. I hadn't been for a long time, not since I got married which was about 4 years or more. India had previously been a place that I could take great refuge, recharge, and wipe my eyes and heart clean. I would usually visit the same place, the ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba near Bangalore in a small village called Puttaparthy. I have seen many miracles there! Sai Baba is my Guru and inner guide. He is often associated with miracles, both near and far from him. As I sat there thinking about returning to India, I felt a little unsure about the idea, and was also a bit scared to make such a big move whilst feeling pretty vulnerable and unsure of what was the best thing for me to do. It did feel really exciting though and so I looked up at the sky and pondered it a bit more. Then the thought came to my mind to test it! I have often tried to test things, asking for God or an Angel to give me a sign and help to direct me. I have often never received any sign when i have asked, and have felt it is probably for the best as its better to learn how to be self confident and know for myself what to do. Nevertheless, I was really confused, and I felt like asking for a sign! SO, I looked up at the sky, and I said to the UNiverse,

"OK, if i am supposed to go to India then move THAT cloud!"

I fixed my gaze on a single cloud that was quite small, but big enough to be a nice little fluffy cloud surrounded by several other clouds. They were all pretty still, and i just kept my eyes focused totally on this cloud. After about 15 seconds I was about ready to give up and realise that I would have to make my own decision on this, and anyways I really wanted to go. I kept looking at it though, and after about 30 seconds SOMETHING seems to be happening. It wasn't moving, nothing was moving, but instead it looked as though it was becoming less dense than before. I wasn't really sure, so I kept staring at it with all my attention. What happened next occurred within 120 seconds. As i watched this cloud, it got thinner, and thinner. After about 60 seconds it was clear that it was definitely thinner and i could even see some blue sky through it. I stared in disbelief, laughing to myself.. WHATS GOING ON.! Something is happening. This cloud was dematerialising before my very eyes, and before i knew it it had literally totally 100% vanished into thin air right in front of my eyes. The other clouds were just the same, and had not moved much at all, or vanished.. ONLY the cloud i had chosen to move had disappeared.. WoW! What a response, what a miracle.. Needless to say i had my ticket booked to India within a few weeks!

Divine Opportunity

Whilst on a 6 month web development job in Sydney I was offered the chance to take a 2 week holiday. I was working for a friend of my brother in his apartment, and had been working for months without a break or weekend off. This was normal for web development, especially with my boss Simon, who would push me as hard as he could because he was so driven to make money. I took him up on this holiday opportunity and booked my flights to Puttaparthy, India which is home to the Ashram of Sai Baba. It is hard to describe the atmosphere of that place, but it is fair to say that there is a LOT of love in that space! Sai Baba would give his Darshan (blessings) twice a day every day as he walked around a large marble covered Mandir area. This was the highlight of the day for most devotees, and was a chance for people to not only see Sai Baba but maybe give him a personal letter, or if you were very lucky you may get an personal interview. For most it is just a time to soak up the energies and let them do their inner work!

One day whilst sitting and waiting for Darshan I started to feel the emptiness and sadness of working so hard just for money. The work that I did had no real benefit to anyone, and was very soul destroying due to the long hours and high pressures of managing servers and security etc. I decided that this was a feeling that needed exploring, and so I went home and wrote a letter about it. I was going to try to give this letter to Sai Baba during Darshan the next day. He often ignores peoples letters, and you have to be lucky enough to be close to the front to even stand a chance of him taking it. If he does take it, then that is a good sign, as most Sai Baba devotees have come to learn, that he knows what is written in the letter and something will happen!

I poured my heart out into this letter, and really asked very clearly for a new direction in life. I wanted to do good work, and I wanted to make a difference in the world. I was tired of just working for money, and really needed a new direction, but I didn't really know what to do. I put the letter into an envelope and kept it safe until the next morning. I woke up at 04:30am and got myself ready for morning Darshan. I put on my white pants and shirt, and made my way to the Mandir with letter in hand. I was hoping that I would get a front or second row seat, as anything less meant that I wouldn't get to give Sai Baba my letter. I took my place in one of the queues and waited for about an hour before we were allowed into the Mandir to take our seat on the marble floor. The system for who goes first is not first come first served. There were around 12 lines in total, and the first person in each line had to pick a numbered token from a bag. Whoever picked number one would have the whole line go in first. It was like a game, and one that most people really wanted to win. We learned a lot about detachment and surrender in those queues. It was also very clear to me that I always got number 1 when I needed it, and that morning was no different.

My line was the first, and I happily stood up and we made our way in to the Mandir. Everyone was seated and and space was filled with around 10,000 people, all waiting expectantly for Sai Baba to appear and give his Darshan. I was sat on the front row, toward the end of Sai Baba's route around the Mandir, and i had my letter sitting on my lap waiting for him to come. Music started playing on the speakers, and Darshan started as Sai Baba appeared about 500 meters away on the ladies side of the Mandir. Sai Baba approached very slowly.. step by step, walking so gracefully whilst speaking a few words to a person here and there. People are not allowed to stand up or interfere with things, unless they are directed to, and it is always good to see that people are generally able to restrain them selves. As he came within about 30 steps of me I took my letter and held it between my palms just above my lap. I didn't want to be reaching out and stretching to give him the letter. I wanted to feel like he was really taking it, and so i kept this letter low profile!

When Sai Baba got quite close, around 15 steps away.. he was facing the crowd and then turned to move toward the other side. As he turned, with me in his view, he suddenly stopped turning. It was almost like his body jerked, as if to say that something had caught his attention. His eyes were looking directly at me, and to be precise, my letter! I wasn't 100% sure at that distance, but then he started walking toward me. He didn't turn his head, and he didn't take his eyes of my letter! This is very unusual for Sai Baba as he normally looks and moves past everyone very slowly. But not today! He made a B line for me, and didn't look at anything else. As he drew closer to that last couple of steps he reached his arm out to me and i reached out and he plucked the letter from my hands. wOw! What a great acknowledgment! These small things can mean a lot to a devotee, because we know it means this has been acknowledged, and most likely something is going to happen.

What happened the next day was just pure magic! I went to a small Internet Cafe to check my email. I got two emails that day. The first email was from my boss in Australia. He wrote me a short email explaining that he been thinking about everything, and had decided that he wanted to terminate our arrangement, immediately! He promised to pay me until the end of the holiday, and apologised. The second email was from Daren Howarth. He knew a friend of mine and got in touch to see if I would be interested in partnering with him on a new business venture. He was starting a totally new concept called "Carbon Footprinting" and wanted me to join him to help the cause of Global Warming. He needed technical assistance and marketing help and had heard about me! WhaaaaaT!? I had no idea what Carbon Footprint was in those days, as we were the first people to start doing it, but I was IN! There was no decision to be made, it was just such divine providence. What were the chances of that. Literally the day after Sai Baba took my letter i get these two emails that give me exactly what I was asking for. When Sai Baba turned and walked to me like that, he was telling me how big a change this was going to be for me. He was not wrong!

I returned to Australia very briefly, and then made my way to Brighton, UK to start a new life. I worked with CLEVEL ( for about a year, at which point we all discovered Earthships, and then the company took a WHOLE new turn. This job led to the discovery or Earthships, and my personal journey to self build and live self sufficiently one day. Now, 20 years later I have fulfilled that dream ( and cannot even imagine how life would have been had I not written that letter!

I could write a hundred posts on the miracles I have personally seen and experienced with Sai Baba. Perhaps one day I will!



There is a man called Drunvalo Melchizedek who has written many books that document many fascinating theories about the origins of our planet and of us. Drunvalo also shares many of his personal stories and spiritual experiences both in his books and during his workshops. If you were to read his stories you would probably guess that he is quite deluded, or at least has a wild imagination! I have met Drunvalo during one workshop where he was teaching a compassionate approach to healing and removing entities and energy blocks. If you know anything about the Christian or Catholic methods of healing people who are possessed by dark or daemonic forces you will know that priests take a very un-compassionate toward the entity, and will tear it out by force if necessary. Drunvalo's approach works with the Angelic realms, and the protective forces of the Merkaba Field that surrounds every one of us. During this workshop Drunvalo shared stories with us about his arrival to planet earth from far away star systems. He told us how he existed in a none physical form and spent time on Venus as preparation for coming to Earth. He took on the body of a man who was to die, and continued living. Drunvalo explained that he had permission to do so from the departing soul, and he had important work to do.

Aside from very incredible stories we also performed ceremonies of rebirth and the release of entities from each other. During these ceremonies, Drunvalo was walking around and choosing people to work on and help. He came to me, and decided that I needed some help. He was right, I was a bit of an emotional wreck after just having divorced my wife and living in the USA, which was a bit of a foreign country to me. Drunvalo asked for permission to work on me, and he said it was OK to proceed. I agreed and he started his work. Drunvalo does several things at once whilst we extract entities, hexes, or other energies. First he initiates his Merkaba Field according to the MERKABA MEDITATIION technique. After you have been doing this for some time that is a very fast step. Then he communicated from his heart to the entity, and told it that he knows it is stuck here in this world, and that all he wants is to get back to where he came from. He promised it that he is able to really help it home, and it just needs to follow the angel that is there waiting for him. Then he proceeded to move his hands around, and basically looked like he was extracting something.. Then whilst that was happening I could feel my body suddenly start to jerk about a bit, and rather than try to stop it i just let it happen. For about 5 minutes i was really flipping about a lot, but it felt OK, and I felt very safe! At the end I really did feel a kind of rebirth had happened. Drunvalo told me afterwards that he had removed what he could only describe as 3 Jelly Fish like entities and something else that he could not describe at all. It was a powerful experience because I did really feel a big difference afterwards, and had had a lot of weight lifted from me.

Cosmic Moon

The story I am about to share with you is one that I have never told to anyone but I have shared it on Steemit before ( ) ;-) It is a story with many incredible twists and turns, and ended up being one of the most profound, (third)eye opening, spiritual, and enlightening experiences that I have had. I chose to share this story because it was so profound and was an experience that lasted around 12 hours. Within that space of time, things happened that changed me and my perception of the world. I had my 'eye(s)' opened to the myriad of different worlds that exist and play out around us.

This is quite an intense and wild story, but everything I am about to share with you is absolutely exactly as I experienced and remember it. This story happened back in 1997 whilst I was on my 5 month journey in India after finally graduating from University. My entire journey in India from start to finish was pretty much one spiritual moment after another! Anyone who has been to India can probably testify to seeing and experiencing things that are basically beyond anything we can really explain or comprehend! I had discovered a very special beach on my journey, called OM Beach. This beach is located next to a small but potent Village called Gokarna. Gokarna is a sacred village and also the destination of long pilgrimages by devotees of Shiva and other divine entities that are worshiped by the Hindu culture. The energy in Gokarna and Om Beach is palpable and I know of many people who have their own very amazing stories from that place!

Om Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever been to. It is quite isolated and nestled in a bay of warm seas and palm trees stretching out as far as the eye could see. The entire beach is surrounded by hills and mountains, and the sand was golden soft. There were several small shacks that served food and offered small banana hut style accommodation. When I was there, there was always a good 100 people staying, from all parts of the world. We would hang out there together all day long, in the shaded perfection of a mud shack facing breath taking sea views. It was a great time for me, as I learned one of the great secrets of life. I was never happier in those moments when I had Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Go and was surrounded by amazing people who became close friends. Life was as simple as it gets, and without a care in the world I was truly in the moment.

One day as we were all sitting around hanging out and listening to some music from the tape recorder I spotted a very unusual looking man! I have just managed to find a picture of him on Google which is very lucky! This is him below, except when I saw him he was adorned with a vast array of necklaces, strange jewelry and other trinkets hanging of his bags and umbrella.

Jai Ganesha Baba, Gokarna

I was swinging on my hammock at the front of the shack and there stood Mr Ganesha Baba just looking at us all and checking everything out. He stood there for a minute or two and seemed to want to come inside. Then something weird happened! He had a long stick in his right hand, and he suddenly banged it on the ground three times and proclaimed Boom, Boom, BOOM! On that third boom, and at EXACTLY the same moment the music suddenly started playing backwards! What!!! I was very surprised, and went back into the kitchen to see what had happened as it was my tape. I opened up the machine and 'somehow' the tape had twisted and was therefore playing backwards. Boom indeed! He had my attention! What proceeded was a joyous serenade of him singing, laughing, and tapping his wooden spoons together in a clickity clack way for at least an hour. He was smoking large amounts of hashish from a large Chillum, fed never-endingly by appreciative travelers! wOw! Ganesha Baba continued to come and visit us at least once a week for many weeks. When he came we just turned the music off ourselves!

I have shared this part of the story as a very gentle lead up to the real events that happened not long after this. My experiences with Ganesha Baba were a part of many openings and initiations I received whilst on Om Beach.

One fine and beautiful sunny day, a group of us were there together enjoying the simplicities of life. We had really bonded and were all a big part of each others experiences in India. That afternoon I was offered something from a friend. He was telling me about this liquid speed that he had bought from the chemist. He said it was basically amphetamine based and whilst it wasn't speed it was similar to it. In those days I was game for pretty much anything, and was pretty open to trying out new experiences. Amphetamines usually perk you up quite a bit, and are definitely mind altering. They don't tend to cause hallucinations like LSD or something. I gave it a bit of thought and said I wanted to try it. A few of my friends also said they wanted to try it and so around 4 of us took it. It was around 4pm and we were starting to prepare for the evening by gathering wood and making a fire.

About an hour later we were nearing sunset, and I was feeling great! I don't normally spend much time in the Sea, but suddenly I felt a big desire to go and swim. I went with a girl I had recently met, who was a close friend of a dear friend Simone. We both went and waded in the sea as we watched the sun start to set and a full moon rising! The sea was So warm and the views so beautiful that we both stayed there for a very long time! I think I was about 9pm before we got out which was around 4 hours in total! Looking back on this now, I believe this time to have been a great energy cleansing moment that contributed to the experiences that followed!

We went back to our shack where everyone else was hanging out. Suddenly Simone had the idea of doing a group Rieki circle where we would all put our hands on top of each other and rest them on someone who would receive it. Around 6 of us did this and it lasted around 5 minutes. I was familiar with Rieki and knew how that energy felt. What was really surprising to me is how open I felt. I could feel intense energy coming from my hands. It was hard to explain but my hands felt like magnets! It was one of those lovely things that we can do together and I could really feel how strong this was from the combined effort. After this happened, Simone came up to me and said that she could feel my energy was really strong in that circle. I agreed with her and even afterwards was still feeling this full power energy coming from my hands. I put them up to hers and again I could straight away feel this surge of magnetic like energy flowing between our hands.. She seemed surprised and could also really feel it. Then I stood back a few feet and continued doing this with her .. and still we could both feel the energy. It was a lovely feeling and not one I have had with so much intensity before. My whole body also felt like it was a magnet and as I held my hands out at a distance with Simone I could feel my whole body leaning back and forward from what felt like some kind of magnetic force.

I was all charged up like a little power cell and decided to take a walk on the beach. I walked out of the shack and down the beach a bit with a very bright moon shining down on us. I always loved the moon, and so as I was walking I looked up at it. Oh My God! Oh My God!! What was I seeing!!!!??? I looked up at the moon and what I saw took my breath away! Just to be clear, I was not hallucinating at all when I looked around, but when I looked at the moon what I saw were two Huge white crystal wings on either side of it. The moon had wings, and she looked absolutely divine. I also noticed that there were three small dots on the moon that I had never seen before. I rubbed my eyes a few times, looked away and back again at least 10 times but everything looked just the same. One of the dots was bright orange, and the other two were white. How very strange! They were just small dots that didn't move. The only thing I could imagine is that there were two angels and perhaps Sai Baba was on the moon! Sai Baba is an Indian Guru and special being who always wears orange! I really felt like I was being invited to the moon! I know it sounds strange but that is how it felt! I really wanted to go to the moon suddenly and see what was going on there! What where those dots!?

Whilst my mind was still trying to understand what was going on, and I was trying to determine if I was totally hallucinating or something I glanced at the stars. They looked brighter than normal, even with a full moon, and then I began to look at just one star. As I looked at this star I began to see what I can only describe as fractal spirals of helical light coming from them toward me. It took a few seconds for these spirals to show, and when they did they looked very real and very cosmic! I did this with a few stars and the same thing happened. I was suddenly aware of the cosmic influences coming from light years away and could even feel them when I put my hands out and connected with it. Every now and then I would keep checking back on the moon to see if it still had wings. Every time I looked at it the wings were there, looking exactly the same, a shining Goddess in the sky was there revealed in all her glory! And those three dots were also still there, in the same spot just there on the moon.

What the spirals looked like to me

The girl I had spent those many hours with in the sea approached me on this moonlight beach and we started chatting whilst standing there on the soft warm sand. I can't remember what we were talking about, but suddenly whilst in mid conversation her appearance shifted. It was a bit like it started morphing in front of my eyes, and a couple of seconds later she looked exactly like a Witch! Her whole appearance had changed and suddenly I felt like I was looking at a different person. She was much older and had the kind of features and characteristics you would associate with a witch. I looked away, a little bit unnerved, and looked back. She looked normal again and we talked a bit more. Then, it happened again! This was really strange for me, and when I looked away everything else looked normal.. except the sky of course! Then we walked toward the sea a bit and sat down together.

I didn't have much to say any more as I was pretty much blown away and a bit scared of her.. not really sure of who she was or what was going on. Then in the middle of a silence she looked at me and totally out of the blue said to me:

"Witch Movie Did You See?"

Oh my god! What a question! What! She knew! She didn't mean Which movie did I see, she meant Witch movie did I see! And she said the word Witch with a strange emphasis as if to drive the point home! I turned my head away and tried to process this. She obviously knew, and even though I was feeling fearful I decided to be brave and acknowledge it. I turned to her and said one word, "Witch". She held eye contact and winked at me. I have goosebumps and tingles all over as I write this!

Then she started to explain some things to me, about herself, her guides and that she often left her body to visit places. She carried with her this special blanket that she used to cover herself to protect her body when she left and had it right there with her! Then came the invitation of a lifetime! She said she could take me out of my body and we could go to the moon together, she would take me! OK, now things were beyond any levels of strange that I was comfortable with. I was now feeling really scared! I wanted to go to the moon so much, and yet I felt basically petrified about leaving my body and leaving the planet with this virtual stranger who was some kind of amazing Witch and was ready to take my on a journey past my wildest dreams!

She told me I could think about it and she would lay there and wait a bit for me. I sat there and thought about it. All I had to do was to lay down, and I guess fall asleep or something and the magical carpet ride would happen! Guess what...? I couldn't do it! I was just too scared to lye down and had no idea what was going to happen. I spent about 5-10 minutes deliberating this, more or less paralyzed with fear when suddenly she gave a little jolt with her body and she was gone. I just knew she had left and I had missed my opportunity.

I spent a good hour pacing up and down the beach after that.. trying to undo my decision and see if I could somehow still go to the moon! It never happened, I just had to sit out the night feeling quite disillusioned and also blessed. The moon continued to shine with wings the whole night long, and after that night I never saw those wings again!

As you can see, this was a very profound story that left a lasting impression on me. Suffice is to say the moon has never looked quite the same again! I hope this story has shown you that there are worlds and dimensions that are beyond our everyday consciousness. I have been lucky to have seen a few of these, and hold them as great markers to remind me of my Spiritual Nature. I am not the body, I am Spirit. The chance to leave my body brought up my mortal fears to their greatest fear of all, that we are not our body. When we leave our body we have to acknowledge what we really are, beings of light living in a physical world.

I hope you can let the light of this story shine through, and not be caught up in any fear. My Witch friend was a lovely girl with a great heart and I can only thank her for the lessons she taught me. The moon is home to a great divine goddess that revealed herself to me, for a very long moment, and for that I am blessed and very humbled. We live in a Universe that is so magnificent, that we can never truly know or understand it all. We are all a part of the whole, and one day we will all return to that place from which we came!


We live as spiritual beings in a physical world. We are not our bodies, and we are not our thoughts or emotions. We are SPIRIT, a part of the one whole that some people call God. When we start to seek, and ask the question, Who Am I?, we then embark on a spiritual path. When we are on that path, we will receive the experiences we need to ascend and become divine human beings. I treasure my spiritual experiences, and whilst they are personal, i am happy to share them with you. For many years i had no idea what was going on, and had no resources to find out more. Now perhaps some of these experiences can help you to understand your own.

Thank you to @jerrybanfield for proposing this question and competition. Steemit is full of people with such an open mind, and diverse backgrounds, and I cant imagine what stories I will read from you all!

If you would like to understand more about Spirituality and Enlightenment, I am nearing the end of a very interesting series called "The Path To Enlightenment". Please do check it out and see if you can attain enlightenment from Steemit ;-)

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Initiation 7: The Path To Enlightenment, 13 Ways To Live A Balanced Life - must read!



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Alex I just read this and loved every minute of it! I almost unconscously clicked out and went to do something else which often happens when what I need is right in front of me! Thank God I listened to my heart and dove back in. Sometimes it scares me (my ego and attachment to this body idea) to move out of the comfort zone into experiences like this and yet I love it so much! I cannot wait to take a look at the moon tonight! I appreciate you sharing this story with us and I hope more readers on my blog enjoy it!


Im so happy you read it Jerry! I Knew if you did you would appreciate these stories! Yes our ego attachment to our body was put right in front of my face.. i was paralysed in fear that night, mostly fear of the unknown,.. and the fear of not being able to come back..

Ive been dealing with Death fears for many years now, and i think ive come a long way.. i wonder if tomorrow i had the chance to go to the moon again if i would take it!

Im still trying to move a cloud again, unsuccessfully.. I think miracles come by God's Grace~!

enjoy the moon!


I concur with @jerrybanfield...really it was good.
I say a big kudos to you


Thank you @eco-alex for writing these 6 experiences in this post and participating in the SWC. I am sending a bid to the bot shortly for your upvote.


Many thanks Michel ! Looks like you guys are a great team!!

Alex, thank you for sharing your spiritual experiences. I tell you that in this world we are not alone, we are always in the company of the divinity, if we do the right thing he will give us his help so that we can solve the difficulties. In my case I have been subjected to extreme situations such as having fallen down a staircase three meters high and leaving unharmed (not much seems) but at that time I ran a high risk. So I can tell other situations with which I have counted on the help of God. An affectionate hug


thanks you for sharing this Felix.. Yes with surrender and Grace you are basically invincible! ;-)

Good story man.

A long one but a good one! I am especially impressed with how you share your 'failure' to surrender your body and travel to the moon; I have to say I think I would hesitate as well!

This is a fantastic entry for the supernatural writing contest. Meeting your own murderer! Incredible!

You motivate me! Love and Light!


thank you @ecoinstant ! glad u read it.. not your average Steemit post ;-)
was a journey writing it!


I'm very curious about India. You make it sound like there are gurus wandering around the countryside, is this the case?


well, yes that is the case! i mean not at every corner, but they are dispersed and integrated also.. there are Many kinds of Guru!


'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!'


GURU = GEE YOU ARE YOU !!! - )))
ha ha - ))

AnY ROOM .. for a mathematical .. G-(in)-i ?? - )))
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wow! amazing spiritual experience @eco-alex . Nature interacts with us on a high spiritual level, hence, high concentration level is needed to travel to the moon and back!!!

I can't wait to spend 1 month with Monks in China!

You have managed to write your entire life history. Pretty gud to see the i.pression u have for india the spritual hub....wish to meet u in next trip.

interesting story, I am very impressed with your outstanding history, a very valuable life experience, good luck always, thank you for sharing stories that can inspire many people


thanks, i am impressed at the speed with which you can read!

Such a well articulated write up, this is so wonderful

ah i loved this @eco-alex! i want to visit Ashram of Sai Baba one day! i have always been attracted to India for the exact experiences you describe, and what an opportunity to go to the moon! I wonder if you had more of a longstanding relationship with her, would you have been more apt to go?

I loved reading each of these, very special and magical testaments. I love it when we get a peek and remember that there is so much more going on here than what meets the eyes :) ~~~<3

Good post and I love it all the story..

Its so large article to read, if it divided in parts it would be great....but at last thank you for sharing.

That was a blast Alex. I would be scared as a younger man if I met a witch who offered the moon. Now, maybe..ha! My family is influenced by Paramahansa Yogananda. We haven't been to India yet. Please post more stories of your adventures in India and thanks again for a unique experience. Here's a witch jam: