Great question..I just submitted my story this morning and I am hoping that I'm not to late. Please advise Jerry. @chrispike

Thansks! @gmichelbkk

There is no end set up to this contest, except if we run out of stories or budget.

I don't see how you can run out of budget since ninety nine percent of the stories being picked are those making money and delegating their earnings to Jerry. I didn't see my story on the list either:

Nor do I see another story I read posted:

Just running down the list of the ones listed as the older post I see that 24 out of 27 didn't delegate their earnings either and the other three the earning delegation was slim compared to the one's in the running. Is everyone running on equal footing here or is there a little bias in play?

Thank you very much for linking these 2 stories because I didn't have them in my list.

I appreciate it that you took the time to respond and acknowledge our contributions, that's the least that that any of us could expect. Thank you.

Thank you @emmyem84 for helping me discover this story.

Thank you @sarahewaring for linking here. We missed it because it was under another tag. I looked at it, but it's less than the 1,000 words required.

I'm very sorry, I didn't read it properly! Many thanks for reading though!

@gmichelbkk I really appreciate all that you and @jerrybanfield are doing with this contest. As I am new here, I'm still learning about the delegations and such, so I just want to make sure I've done the submission properly to qualify. I submitted mine about 4 days ago and I know I am not on that list either. I assumed you had just not gotten through all of them yet. I believe I used the correct # and everything, so if you have gotten through them all then I have messed up my submission somewhere I think. I just want to know mine was at least entered properly. As far as witnesses go, I'm still learning about that and I've voted for people who have been a tremendous help to me, while getting started on the platform and have saved many votes because if I vote for something I want it to be done so with full comprehension of what I am actually voting for. So I will definitely look into this further. :) Thank you for interacting with contestants in such a manner! It is very nice.

@erinn thank you for your message. I do not have a story for your username in my list, would you please help and post your link here?

Thank you @gmichelbkk for letting me know! Sure thing! (If you don't dig it, that's totally fine! I appreciate being able to make sure you got to see it! :) Never Alone SWC blog post here.rockinghorse_haunted_nostalgia.gif

I'll make sure to double check everything and re read the posting requirements for the next one, but think I did it right.?

I put it in the list. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you!

I think I can see why some entries have gotten buried in the feed, and were missed now. I've been trying to learn the platform, thus get my mind around this contest and the workings... You have a LOT of entries!

New people don't get upvotes because they don't get seen by many people so they fall in the feed quickly. That's what I 'get' on the situation at this point, Lol. That's what I thought probably happened.

SO I Thank You for taking the time to collect mine, and the others to add us to the list for consideration! No patience necessary, Lol. You have a tall task!

o my!..., meaning my entry might still have a chance to be seen by @jerrybanfield?...
I am so sad now... I thought its over because it was already 2 days ago so I bid it myself....huhu

pls if you still have time pls include my entry to your visit sir @gmichelbkk

thank you so much

I put your story in my list @fabio2614, it will be read soon.

wow! thank you so much... I hope it can pass....👏