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One of my lessons main purpose is preparing my students for the job market of the future. So I want to point to two relatively new phenomena of the organization of work.




Clickworker was original a general term for everybody working with a computer. Nowadays it is mainly about people who work as freelancing assistants for micro-tasks. For example writing texts, translation, drawing graphics, editing videos, web-design and a lot of more jobs can be done by a clickworker. The clickworker shows on platform like Fiverr or Upwork what tasks he is exactly offering and what price he charges for it. A company can choose between the clickworkers offering a certain task which is supported by a rating system. Clickworkers with higher ratings charge usually higher prices. This form of employment is sometimes criticized for its low level of security for the clickworker. No health insurance, no unemployment insurance and no fixed income. On the other hand they have maximal freedom, including to work when and where they want.

Digital Nomads


Being free in the choice of the place of work is what characterizes the digital nomad. Digital Nomads are self employed or freelancing clickworkers without a fixed residency. The original idea is to live where internet is available and life is cheap so even a low wage suffices for a comfortable lifestyle. For example Thailand was one of the first locations, nowadays digital nomad experiment with countries like Georgia. The phenomenon of digital nomads is closely connected to other trends like minimalism and van-living or tiny houses.

I do not want to push anyone into these trends but as I am teaching students with special needs side by side to a colorful mixture of all levels of talent I have to face the fact that some of them will have virtually no chance on the traditional job market. I hope that these new possibilites might help those into a self-determined life.

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    With the advancement of technology, online business is also very popular. 21st Century future skills definitely require our students to expose to different possibilities.

    Absolutely. I know it is hard to predict the future and what will matter really, but let's try our best - our students deserve it.