3 – #itb8 The might of the crowd

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3 – #itb8 The might of the crowd


I probably do not have to tell on a platform like steemit, that a strong comunity can change a lot. I want to teach my students about crowdinvesting, crowdfunding and
crowdsourcing so they can participate in the great projects of the future or maybe even encourage the to start their own. So let us come to the three versions:



Crowdinvesting is actually like general investing: Somebody needs money and offers a certain percentage as interest. The interesting facts here, are that you do not need
a bank and the loan is usually given by a lot of lenders. The absence of a bank means a higher risk but gets access for daring projects which might not pay high interest
but offer a great benefit for the society.
A good example is the platform Companisto



Crowdfunding means that the supporting crowd gives money without expecting an interest or even the return of the given money. It is more about supporting a good idea.
Usually every contributor gets a little perk ranging from a postcard to a personal meet and greet with the project-team.
The most known platforms for crowdfunding a Indiegogo and kickstarter.



Crowdsourcing is a bit like crowdfunding: The donors are not expecting anything special in return. The major difference is that crowdsourcing is not limited to money as
a resource. For example Zooniverse shows picture, audio- and videofiles to its users and asks them to answer simple questions
in order to get scientific results.
Another example is Pixabay, a free platform for stock photography where I usually get my pictures for my steemit-posts.
The term crowdsourcing is very widely used. Cyptomining is also a type of crowdsourcing, as well as platforms for clickworker but both will be own posts in my
itb8-series. Also there are a lot of commercial stock photography platforms, so stock photography will also get its own post.
Last but not least steemit itself is some kind of crowdsourcing.


  1. I know this time I could not make my 200 words limit. But in some way I had three topics instead of one, so I hope you are not going to be angry with me.
  2. This is still a breve description of the principles. There are a lot of risks and chances, so please let me know in the comments,
    if you want to have a detailed article on one of the topics.

Please also take a look at my former post of the #itb8 series

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