The content of my IT-Basics Class for my next 8th-graders (#itb8)

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The content of my IT-Basics Class for my next 8th-graders (#itb8)


Finally I finished my planing for my next Information Technology Basics Class for 8th-graders. By the way, that is one of the reasons why I have not posted for a longer time.

Ever teacher should ask him or herself from time to time weather he or she is still up to date. So I would like to present to you what I consider important under
the topic of “Digitization of Our Society” and I would appreciate your opinion very much. Especially if you think that I am missing out on something or misunderstood
something it would be very nice of you to let me know in the comments.


As I grew more and more fond of frequent short post instead of few long ones, I am going to limit myself to 200 words and two pictures maximum for each topic.
Also I am going to link to each former article in the series and add the tag #itb. Please give me a comment if you like this way of structuring my postings.

I have planned four major parts for this series:

  • Economy and Trading
  • Communication, News and Social Interaction
  • Law and Ethics
  • Future Technology
At the end of every part I am going to give a brief summery.

Today I would like to explain, why I am planning so much around “Digitization of Our Society”

School is usually a place which is closer to tradition than to innovation. I want to use my chance to balance that out a bit.
I want to prepare my students for a job-market that will differentiate a lot between digital literates and digital illiterates.
Even more useful shall be the information about a lot of concepts the students have already been faced with but have only understood rudimentary,
like social media plattforms e.g. facebook.

To sum it up, I want my students to be as well prepared for the digital world as for the real world. I know, that it will be hard to keept it, as
I have 45 minutes a week. But I hope to inspire as many as possible to search for more information than I can deliver on their own.

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