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Sometimes clicking a link means much more than just getting to another website. When my students click on certain links, it means income for the owner of the webpage – without costing them any extra. I want them to understand, that they should reflect on who earns it to click his or her link and to use that principle maybe one day in their advantage.


Affiliate Marketing is again a new version of an old principle. A salesman sells a product or a service without getting a fixed wage for it. Instead whenever he completes a sale he is awarded with a certain percentage of the price as a commission. But the customer does not have to pay anything of it, from his view it is the same price as at any other shop. The commission is fully payed by the affiliate-partner.


The digital salesman does not go from door to door, he sets up a website which is easy to find by a search engine like google or finds other places where he can post the links, his affiliate partners gave him. Each of this link can be traced back to him and puts a small piece of information, a cookie, into the customers browser to deliver that information. If the customer buys anything before the cookie expires, the salesman is awarded the commission.


The Amazon affiliate-program is the most known one. Commissions depend on the category of products and range from 1% to 10% but are changed from time to time by Amazon.

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