IOTA Fractals: Fall of 2017 vs Present Day...Check this out!

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Here is IOTA's chart during the Fall of 2017. The downward wedge is quite noticable while the MACD is also contained within the blue contracting lines. What happened next?

Once the breakout occurred, there was an EXPLOSION of 1,593% in price! MACD also went bezerk bullish!

Present day. Note the downward price wedge pattern. Also note the MACD well contained within the blue contracting lines.

A price EXPLOSION of 1,593% would equate to $13.87. Would you be a buyer or a seller at these levels?

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very inspiring! thanks for sharing! I would buy at this point....


I will buy, but a bit lower :)

Note: 0,70$ is not my buy entry as it could drop and lower! It's just primary prediction


Hmm really good point

you'd better ask Richard Heart, he has a better prediction for IOTA :D




Richard Heart is big fat poor crybaby that needs to shill affiliate links to live from newbs

I wanted to invest in a iota last year but it does not look so promising. Good that I did not risk. This is another below average cryptocurrency.


your comment is also below average.. .. stick that in your pipe and smoke it :)


phew... use their app and then let me know about your feelings.
Also take a look closer to these articles. There is really much more interesting and cool cryptos to invest rather than iota.

Market is always uncertain !!!

it would be a great opportunity for buyers hahahaha
@haejin you are the best

Thanks for sharing! We all learn when we listen to others!

Almost every chart right now looks like last fall before the boom.


I see that too - I do hope you are correct. HODLing is fun, but let's get some real fireworks back already

Thanks for sharing this information. Im interested in that point.

Loving the good news, You always make me feel confident to make a choice to either buy or sell. You are amazing!

Prediction is almost impossible right now

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