Hello World, My Name is Blank

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That's Not Really My Name

Lol. I actually have no name.

Just Kidding

I have a name. I'm just an individual who's overly concerned about his identity, so I don't feel comfortable sharing it with you at the moment. Sorry.

Here's a Low-Res Picture of My Right Hand with A Silhouette of My Face Through the Thin Paper Behind It

Hopefully you can't pull my fingerprints from that photo or use some complicated software to determine my identity from the outline of my head through the paper :0

Even letting you know that I'm a man makes me nervous, as it cuts out half of the people that I could possibly be, making it twice as likely that you'll find out who I am! Letting you know that I have big hands (am likely a large, adult male), cuts that number down by another eight to ten times!!!

I Think Mostly in Terms of Probability and Statistics

Because I'm slightly autistic and my mind is wired to perceive the world more through mathematical understanding than the average person, I tend to view things in terms of their probabilities. Most people look at the sky and see clouds standing out against a blue backdrop. While I'm aware that those clouds and a blue sky are there, that image is superseded in my mind by thoughts inquiring into the microscopic odds that everything in the universe just happened to arrange in such a way that this image of a sky, witnessed from a "living" observer, is possible.

I think in terms of probabilities, mathematical correlations, means, modes, medians, sample (population) distributions, standard deviations, statistical significances, etc. To me, the world is an abstract combination of an incomprehensible number of mathematical calculations occurring simultaneously, and I want to grasp as much of that math as possible, as that is what I perceive to be "knowledge" or "understanding."

I'm Attracted to Stats and Most Anything that Involves Chance/ Probabilities

I love sports like baseball, basketball, and American Football for the stats that they provide, which make it possible to predict short and long term "performance" with decent accuracy. I love card games like poker and blackjack, in which the probability of getting a certain combination, or permutation, are a known quantity. I love coins, not only because of their monetary value, but also because of the inherent tool of chance that their "flipping utility" provides.

The Concept of "Randomness" Intrigues Me

Which is probably why I'm so attracted to women :)

I Also Like to Think that I Have a Good Sense of Humor

Which is hard for me to know for sure, especially since I do suffer from mild autism, which can make my interactions with people somewhat awkward for me, and, I presume, logarithmically more awkward for the people that I try to interact "naturally" with.

I May Look Like a Human, but I'm Actually a Robot

This feels true to me at times. I look out at the world and I see people blending in with the "naturalness" and "spontaneity" of the blowing winds and the chirping birds, almost as if the people and all of the world around them are really one, harmonious, act of the universe, living and breathing like one giant living organism, and then I look into my own mind and find lines of thought-code, running on a predictable pattern, as if the program were thrown together in a matter of hours by a likely failing university student.

Mirror on the Wall

However, the mirror on my wall has fooled me at times into believing that the reflection I see as myself is also a part of the harmony and naturalness of organic life. Perhaps it is right, but the odds don't seem too good from where I stand :)

Stay Tuned if You're Interested in Statistical Odds

I plan to provide much content here in terms of things relating to probabilities/ statistical odds in the future. Hopefully it will be of some value to one or more of you out there in the cyber-worlds and decentralized block-chain worlds.

I figure the odds are low that any random sample (of n=1) of you cares even the least about checking back in with me in the future, but high that there's at least one other individual out there whom shares my interests. My posts are for that/ those one or two unfortunate individuals :)

I Jest

All you individuals are special. Even I am, whether a robot or not.


Awesome dude! I love stats too.

I also love ratios. Here is the perfect Starter Pack advice I think have ever created.https://steemit.com/funny/@benjiberigan/steemit-starter-packs-vo-01-the-perfect-babe-to-landscape-ratio

You do exist. Awesome!!!

Yes, I love ratios, especially when they involve babes!

Enjoy your stay!

Thank you.

Welcome to Steemit. Good Luck on your posts. Here is my introduction if you want to check it out.

Thanks, marsresident.

I clicked on your link and gave you an upvote as well (with comment).

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Glad to have your comment!

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You look an awful lot like Conan, calva. I do like your hair, though. It screams "I'm a lead singer of a popular Irish Rock-Band."