[5 Second Image Uploads] Securely Upload Images for Steemit Posts Quicker Easier & DECENTRALIZED! - IPFS.pics - Steemit Tips

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Hello Steemarino's!

So you want to reliably host your images quick, easy and free eh?

Oh and... DECENTRALIZED!?!? and.. Secure!?!? (Gasp!)

Lets get started!

(Total time to complete once familiar with the process is literally 5-15 seconds!)

Step One:

First we need to visit the worlds decentralized image host IPFS!

Visit https://ipfs.pics/

Step Two:

Select "Upload a picture to the permanent web"

Click to Enlarge

Step Three:

"Browse" to the location of the image and double click the image to start the upload.

Click to Enlarge

Step Four:

Once uploaded, right click on the image with your mouse and select "Copy image address" (Important).

Click to Enlarge

Once you copy that link you will have to following saved on your clipboard:


One More Step!

Now we simply paste the link to our steemit post (Ctrl+V) and we are done!



(Alternatively we can also choose to add proper markdown formatting)



And Thats It!

You now have an image reliably hosted that was quick and easy with DECENTRALIZED hosting!


Image not showing up? Make sure the link has /ipfs/ after https://ipfs.pics



Happy Creating!

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Upvoted, of course :)

The only possible step beyond this would be a copy paste directly from your clipboard to the ipfs upload web page.


Side Note:
I think many people are giving ipfs a shot because I just tried to upload an image and it says (lol):

If anyone finds this service down, here is my guide for imgur. Its a bit more involved but really easy also:

How to Reliably Host Images for your Steemit Posts Quick Easy & Free! - Imgur.com - Steemit Tips

It's funny to me all these steps and you're like " and voila that's it!' All this makes me feel old and out of the loop. er ma gawd

This might make you feel a bit better, same here :) That feeling happens to us all at some point on the net, no matter the age.

Upvote deserved! Thank-You for this.

Thanks @steemit.tips

Really help, have been struggling to do photos
Checkout my blog @bullionstackers

I've only been on here 2 weeks but here's some stuff I learned for your pleasure Blessed BE

nice website, it is yours?

Don't know if it's theirs or not, but I kinda doubt it: ipfs.pics is as old as ipfs, which surely is no spring chicken anymore...

Still learning, thank you for tips!

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