Thank you.. it is all fun

pretty fun, cleaning up on steem I'm sure

that was only fun

Happy birthday!



Happy birthday!

I installed a tool that you can see your exact "birthday" and also what percentage of steemers signed up after you. Among other things. Next I'll add a list of followers you share :)

qed, writing "@michaellamden68", you summoned the info service of @qed:
99.208% of steemers have lower reputation than michaellamden68.
97.075% of steemers signed up later than michaellamden68 (2016.07.05 at 17:10:45).
Hope that helps. Take care!

Excellent, thank you

So, is this service accessible to everybody and how can I use it?

Yes, except I need to run it from my laptop and I had it at work. Moreover, there is the stupid bandwith problem with steemit right now, which makes it extremely constly to have the bot on.
At a point where more than 3 people per day are interested in it, I'll set up another machine to do it at home - always connected to the internet. You'd only write @username to call the bot, as I explain here.
The steemit userbase is literally growing exponentially at the moment, so the percentages are of short lived validity.
In any case, I can tell you your current reputation, for example. It's

I like your username, btw.

Thanks! I feel you are man of the numbers! :) As for the name, I chose it after thinking about 3 minutes.

happy birth day ☺☺☺☺👍

Nice Happy birth day...

girl ? wait what ? :P ohh

birthday birthday happy birthday


Happy birthday to all who will celebrate too in the future.

Ah, ah, that @minnowbooster goat needs someone to scratch her back..

I like that, it's a beautiful momentum for having been on Steemit for a year, I can't wait to get mine on.......March 2018 :D

There's plenty of time to deserve a tasty Steemit cake by March 2018 :)


Hey thank you! 😊 I hope you have a SPECTACULAR day as well 🙋

yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Happy birthday guys

Happy birthday to you all

Great birthday message and thanks to @Steemitboard for building a sense of family and community to the Steemit Blockchain network. I don't know how Steemit would have been without you.

Happy Birthday.... Thanks for being there to make us aware of how we are progressing and giving new targets to achieve :)

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