"So did I really lose over a hundred grand on Steemit?

No. That did make for a catchy headline though, didn't it?"

You got me to click it, with mouth agape and eyes wide "Wow, what did he do?" I thought.

I feel your lost. I did Power up a couple of days late and I also invested some BTC a bit late. I should have gone all in a lot faster when becoming a super hero cost $6000! I really love your post @rok-sivante

Honestly never thought I'd be into this stuff...came here to blog and maybe make a couple cents now I'm powering up like a maniac.

I've been a freelance writer for years. And my friends have been telling me to start a blog and make money. Well I stumbled upon Steemit and wrote my first blog post ]. Already loving it and powering up like a maniac as well

I guess many of us feel that way, I sure do on so many levels... Namaste :)

I'm kicking myself cause I created this account 2 months ago, tried for a week to remember my password. Then left it be and came back a week ago to remember it and kick myself in the face for having missed out on all the steem.

You at least are one of the major holders so you should be thankful for that.

massive gratitude for sure. and, taking on the responsibility seriously - for the more one invests into contributing the platform's success, the farther the investment will go...

Lol... you beat me to it. I had a post lined up on exactly the same theme!

great minds think alike...? ;-)

Sure do, I'll let your one have its shine & maybe post mine in a couple of days.

Yes, i have also made that same mistake. But now im gaining back the lost time of not powering up. By working hard and give advice by posting and writting. You'll get it sll back 😀

Same here, different situation. I've been watching steem price jumping 10x and never make the move until today. Now I'm in with small portion and let see where this community bring us to.

Same for me. Let's see what could happen... :-)

Great title, but even greater article... you rok (rok=rock in Croatian language) @rok-sivante

ha ha, thanks mate.

glad to discover the Croatian translation. I was aware the name is common in Romania - wonder if it's also the same there... :-)

One never can be 100% sure about the future and thus diversification is needed. So "going all in" can sound great now in theory, but it can come crashing down in your face worse than the scenario that you already gave. If you sold and bought some Bitcoin then you are in fine shape. I say do not cash out into fiat but keep it in the cyryptocurrency ecosystem. Bitcoin is the world reserve cryptocurrency so it is a beacon of relative stability in the wild wild west of the cyrpto-world. My latest article can be found here:

yep. well-stated. and exactly the reason I DIDN'T go all in.

All of my Steem is marked to power up! All aboard the next train to the moon :)

Definitely catchy on the title. False advertising a bit but at least the info helps shed some light on Steemit for newbies like myself. Thanks!

I disagree. The price of steem happened to go up at that time (by a lot) but that doesn't mean that you made a poor decision. In hindsight you can always find "investments" you could have made that had incredible returns but there's no way to know that in advance. That's why there's risk associated with these decisions. I'm sure I could have made millions if I bought some combination out of the money options on Facebook and twitter yesterday but if I had, in the real world there's also a chance I would have lost it all.

I'm new to steem and I'm a skeptic by heart so take that with a grain of salt but the way I look at it, it's like you're on a game show, you won $5000 and now the host asks you if you want to gamble it all on the next question or put half aside and gamble with only half . I know that I'm not going to win the $1M without gambling it all but I'd put half away every time. I think it's the smart thing to do...

Thank you for this post! Info with value.

Nice headline Grasshoppa :)

he he. I may be plugged into your master marketing neural network, afterall, no...? ;-)

what did you make majority of your steem from. Posting content or up voting? sorry new to this so just trying to understanding

producing quality content. i don't know how much my voting has been worth as just been focused on writing...

This platform looks fascinating, I wish I had heard of it earlier. Sorry for your almost loss.

You did the right thing by cashing out, parabolic market, it will collapse soon.

what do you figure the timeline would be if it did happen?

Love the title! Grabbed my attention and didn't disappoint. For a newbie like myself. This info is golden. thanks for posting.

Great post. I think a lot us did something similar and got caught out. If not with Steem then with some other crypto.

That's why I don't like day trading.

I would be more heart broken at selling something before it reached a million dollars than if I kept it too long and it went to pennies. It would be too much to be the mythical guy who sold the pizza for 10K BTC (I know it is a not a true story but it illustrates the point).

I think the real day traders need to be very unemotional and just forget about things like this.

That's why most of us are better off being HODLing:)

Surfs up bra

I just saw this post ! Good to know !

While reading I pictured Michael Douglas saying ..."Greed is Good". For someone absolute new to steem, "me", this post shares its potential. Thanks for sharing.

We are still in the beginning, aren't we? Surely there is more money to be made. Hundreds of new steemers are joining each day.


and the opportunity for profit doesn't lie JUST in content creation & curation. there are MANY potential applications to be built on the Steem blockchain - Steemit is just one. This is only the tip of the iceberg, for there are so many ways to leverage the tech infrastructure and ecosystem that haven't even yet begun being dreamed up...

Congrats ...
I don't care at all about this rushing feeling of every one posting and making lot of FIAT? ... for that i use trading and my real work.
Hope this project keeps on going and people manage to understand there's lot much more to learn than becoming more greedy every day.

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