Why the Steemwhales are upvoting Crap instead of Your Masterpiece - And why you should be Happy About it

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So you spent six hours carefully writing and re-writing your deep analysis of something important.  

You scoured the internet for the most eye catching, royalty-free stock photos. Agonized over each word in the title. Meticulously analyzed and ordered your tags. You sent your pride and joy into the world and then refreshed manically for the next hour, responding diligently to each and every comment. You have done everything right and your post is Steemit perfection. 

One day later, you have 48 votes, 11 comments and a $0.33 payout pending.  

Your Steemit wage is $0.04/hr.


Yeah. That's a banana. 

Tired, irritated and fighting an inexplicable urge to start crying, you scroll through the trending posts with jealous eyes and growing anger. Anger bubbles into rage at the sheer injustice of it all. $1000 for a baked coconut shrimp recipe. $3000 for a picture of a mountain. $5000 for going hiking in Tahiti. 

$10,794.56 for "Hi, I'm Kyle" and 646 words writing about writing about Bitcoin.


Who is upvoting this crap? You curse the Gods of social media and open vote list after vote list. The same names keep jumping out at you. @ned @dan @dantheman @berniesanders @smooth @kushed.  

It's like opening your school yearbook and seeing every page filled with pictures of the kids that stole your lunch money. 


That sucks. 

Who are these clowns? And why are they using their Steemit super powers to bestow wealth and fame on breasts instead of brains? 

I'm sure you're a nice person. Smart, articulate and full of amazing ideas about how to make the world a better place.  

But if you spent 10 hours writing an 18,000 word Steemit post you didn't spend 10 hours doing something fun and interesting. You are probably not the life of the party and your circle of friends is small and tight. Like a sphincter.  

Yeah, that's you. I'm the water. Sorry. 

Social media lives and dies with herd. If you're with the herd, you live. If you're not, you die. 

The herd wears a bikini and goes hiking in the Tahitian jungle. 

The Steemwhales know this. They know this because they are smarter than you, which is why they are Steemwhales and you are not. 


Probably a Steemwhale. 

Out of the 30,000 people using Steemit right now, there are exactly 48 that are interested enough in an analysis to click your button and 480 people that are interested enough in bikinis to click her button.  

See what I did there? The bikinis generate 10 times more engagement, probably have 10 times more friends than you do, probably spend 10 times more time on social media and will probably tell 100 times more people about Steemit. Truth. 

The Steemwhales are doing you a favor. 

Your deep analysis of something important is not going to bring the herd stampeding to Steemit. Steemit needs bodies. Lots of them. Right now the universe it telling you that out of 30,000 people, 48 think you're cool enough to hang out with. That's like 0.16% and means the community values your contributions at about $0.04/hr. 

If you haven't caught on yet, let's wrap this up: the bikini's tell their friends who tell their friends who tell their friends and suddenly there's 300,000,000 people here.  

Now you're cool enough to hang out with 480,000 articulate intellectuals that get all hot and bothered over your deep analysis of something important. Your wage is $400/hr. You're welcome. 


You at $400/hr. 

Stop whining about what the Steemwhales are doing and focus on creating awesome content while being awesome to everyone else creating content. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the stats say more beholders like bikinis, hockey players, surfing, pot and packing lists. Realize that ultimately Steemit will recognize and reward brains and breasts alike, but right now it needs to scale as rapidly as possible to survive. 

No go write something that makes you smile! 

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The Steemwhales know this. They know this because they are smarter than you, which is why they are Steemwhales and you are not.

@dan is a whale because he is the creator of Steem software. He's a great programmer and a blockchain architect, but I don't think he's a social media growth guru.

If you look at other whales, many of them are just miners (mining doesn't make one a social media guru, FYI), or just bought Steem with BitShares.

So I think your post is an unnecessary rationalization.

Things are probably much simpler in reality: Steemwhales upvote pretty much the same stuff normal people would have upvoted (because they are people, not marine mammals), so it works more-or-less well.

Dan is smarter than me. Much, much smarter. There is no universe in which I could create things like Bitshares or Steemit. Not going to happen. The miners are also much smarter than me. Set up a miner? Yeah, also not going to happen. So they are all rich and I'm not because they are smarter than me. I'm can cope because I'm probably better looking. If I squint.

If you read Dan's work on social justice and non-violence you might be surprised at just how astute he is when it comes to how society ticks. I think the entire architecture of Steemit is absolute social media genius.

Now all that said, the majority of whales are dudes that are computer programmers that just made a shitload of money and are now Gods of the newest and hottest social media platform and everyone wants to be their best friend. So you're right, so very, very right.

holly shit, so true :O

I know, right?

Talk about beaching a whale lol @johnsmith keep the truth alive #word

Added #word. Because it's awesome. And so are you.

That ass crack.... like the San Andreas.

Thank you Sir, will definitely follow and comment going forward - appreciate the feedback @johnsmith


Are they trying to drown him!?! I don't think he will stay a flout.. Can you drown a steemit whale?

That is an excellent question. I don't think so, but it would be interesting if somebody tried. I'd watch.

Though I have to admit the steemwhales can all learn a bit from the community as the community can learn from them, you do have some damn good points. At least I can say that although I do little things like "fuzzbombs" where I upvote lists of people who are participating in conversation, I definitely upvote a cute girl doing makeup and other things for precisely the reason you say---they get eyeballs which means they bring eyeballs here. And yep, that does mean everyone who thinks they are getting the short end of the stick actually does benefit from the people she brings.

However I will take it one step further and say that we need to help people realize that all the people in their networks (irl or on the inet) have great value and if they all join because of you and upvote your content (that you wouldn't get paid for at all by other social media btw), you all will get paid.

At first it is not much, but one thing I will assure you is that in the 2+ years that most steemwhales have spent (not even talking about out of pocket expenses) making the tech available, each person who joins steemit today could at the very least become a formidable great white (not to mention an army of great whites by their sides).

The power is in your network as much as it is in your content. Steemit actually enables you to empower yourself by empowering others who trust and value you. Name another social network that can do that!

@johnsmith, you will likely do very well here and I don't say that because some might think you are ass kissing. I am saying it because you seem intent on stubbornly producing good content. (By which I mean I laughed a good bit and ended up realizing that one point you made was salient--keep trying and as more users come we will build more strength together).

I cannot speak for all whales, because I am kind of a baby whale I suppose, but I will say that I am very interested at this stage in helping upvote projects that help steem. So if anyone who is upset thinks they have solutions lets talk! If not--go back to facebook people, where you will never get paid anything but will be censored and seen as a useless idiot for Zuck to suck on.

There are so many great people from Bitshares here! For those not in the know, Fuzzy is a legendary contributor to the Bitshares project that helped develop the tech we are all enjoying right now. Respect. Thank you for your kind words. It is an honor!

And then there's "Zuck to suck". I don't know what to do with that.

lol thanks @johnsmith. I am indeed a bit crazy in my interest in the idealism (and brilliance) behind bitshares. This is actually the main reason I stuck with BitShares--because the founding fathers would cry if they saw a blockchain with actual separations of power built in.

That is why I stubbornly hold on. I'm so glad for steem and steemit though man. It is going to be great to watch this new graphene chain show the world what the tech we all sacrificed so much for can do ;)

wow @berniesanders you have officially hooked me up on that upvote.
I still think you are better (and more effective) than the real Bernie Sanders though :P

Well now, let's not get carried away. I had better pics. ;)

Upvoted. The pectoral fin is unusually well developed.

The herd wears a bikini and goes hiking in the Tahitian jungle.

More to the point, the herd wants to see someone in a bikini hiking in a jungle - not a guarantee that any of said herd would ever leave their desks to do that themselves.
I think you're right, that those of us who aren't possessors of Vast Social Networks and relentless marketing skills (targeted content, promotion of said content) (and good looks don't hurt) aren't going to make a living here.
I'm not hot, I don't smoke weed, and my capacity for writing about stuff with limitless hyperbolic enthusiasm is, um, limited.
At this point, I think I'm going to "park and ride." I have Steem and I have Steem Power and I'm watching the value rise. Great! You guys go for it! I'll sit and profit.
But... No, I'm not going to spend 18 hours creating content for $0.00. As you say, you could almost start extracting a psychological profile of the whales by this point, and I'm sure that savvy marketers are coming in and doing just that.

Good comment, thank you! I think I'm right too, but I'm slightly more optimistic about the long game.

In the meantime, what if you could spend 18 hours curating content for $400? I think there's a place for everybody here, and curating is probably the thing that will make or break Steemit. So go forth and vote!

so you say, its better to comment and upvote, than to post content that needs 10 hour preparation because by upvoting and commenting is a better chance -right now- to earn?

Willy banks is doing pretty well for himself right now.... ^^^

Basically if you're not so impassioned by your work that you don't care about the payday the best thing to do is curate and comment. Eventually you will start writing. Guaranteed. Or your money back.

holy shit
this one is so hilarious
that makes us stop thinking and put us out of the world for a short period of time.

Well. Are you happy now?

I'm six redbull deep and have developed an inexplicable and extremely inconvenient twitch in my left brachioradialis. My right brachioradialis seems happy, though.

Where did you find that photo of me in a superman stringer?

You have very white teeth. All I see is your teeth.

Dammit man, did you have to pull that card? I can't stop making eye contact with the kid. And the guy's teeth are still white.

Let me comment with some crap and get a lot of upvotes so I can skip my #introduceyourself post and make a big load of Steem Dollars. What about a picture of a weird man with a watermelon helmet I just found on google

And maybe this is the way to do it! Be weird and funny. Since this is the first image when you search "weird pictures", a lot of Steemians would like it.

Let's congratulate me!

Congratulations! Upvote!

Is it as good as you thought it would be?

Nope. Damn it. Only 2 people laughed at my post. But it's cool, it's just the beggining. I'll prepare a funny post.

That's four more people than if two frowned at your post. Carry on.

You should be a mentor on that! haha!

Math was never my thing. But I can do smiles!

Will you be my whale? haha!

Would you settle for a mackerel?

Welcome to the club!

Thank you! The floor is kinda sticky though.

It will be a while until we get that extra large tank, full of fine water and great assets

I totally agree! Been making some good content articles and the most I've ever had payed out was 0.04 cents. It's all good though NOT going to stop me from doing what I love and that's sharing valuable content with my fellow #Steemers!

Dude, my intro post made $0.06 and the other 10 or 11 have netted a grand total of.... $15.61.

So I'm very much in the $0.04/hr club.

Damn the torpedoes!

Just upvoted as well ;)

Thank you! Thank you!

Have an upvote. Sorry it's not worth much. Lol.

No sir, it's worth everything. Thank you and upvotes for your blog!

Ok I checked and you have a loaded account and you are a whale, but how the heck did you get all those curation rewards. Are you on here like 24/7

Ha, I'm in hyper Steem mode. Can't stop. All day. All night. It's freaking insane. There's going to be a medical condition. Counselling. Repetitive stress injuries. An entire industry to rehabilitate burnt out Steem addicts. It's awesome.

And I'm not a whale until my clicks are $100 and I'm rainin' benjamins. ;)

I was beginning to notice the same, a couple of days ago.

Here's something I wrote about this phenomenon.

In my understanding (been meditating with varying levels and commitment of intensity for years) this is a trap. If something is robbing us of our attention/awareness and making us act compulsively, we should take a step back and re-evaluate where we stand.

More details in the linked post.. let me know what you think of it!

Excellent post, upvoted! Steemit is unleashing the zombie apocalypse. 30,000 are now infected and it's about to go global. There will be hoards of the undead shuffling through their daily routines, only stopping to violently suck the juices from empty Red Bull cans. I don't think there's a vaccine. But you are ahead of the curve and already looking for a cure...

I had managed to attract a lot of votes to one of my posts, but literally only 2 hours before the payout, I stupidly weighed in on some outrageously immature comments from someone who I should have known was the kind of person who was rather into their ability to downvote you and redistribute your rewards elsewhere...

I had long ago learned on facebook not to go anywhere near these kinds of pathetic losers, but having filtered them all out of my feed on facebook, for over a year, I got soft.

Don't be like me. Don't engage with content you find irritating. It will bite you aon the ass when one of your posts is sitting in the waiting room before landing in your hands. Go for a walk under the light of the moon. Drink a beer and play with your dog or cat. Anything, just don't feed the trolls.

This was the most entertaining post I have read in my 6 days being here. I have more subscribers on youtube(13 to be exact) but didn't brag that I'm bringing them to Steemit!

Great to hear! And it's really the comments, and by comments I mean the community, that are making the post fly and showing what Steemit can be. Will be. Soonish. After we get past the packing lists.

The comments, at least the top ones, are like sub-articles, within the article... good stuff.

It's absolutely freaking amazing that the community has voted to reward williambank's contribution with more value than 98% of the content on Steemit. His high-quality, insightful and heartfelt comments in my trashy and flippant post have earned him more than double the total of all his posts combined.

It is a wonderful irony that shows how effectively Steemit is using vapid fluff content to build an economy that can support and nurture smart people writing a deep analysis about something important that otherwise might not get the visibility and attention they deserve.

I am so smug right now it hurts. It hurts!

the world aint fair and it fucking pisses me off to no end. I dont have a chance on here. I dont have boobs. I guess I will prostitute my fine ass girlfriend, but if THAT does not work. I. Wiull. BE. BEYOND. PISSED. And I will come after this site with a vengeance. Im talking a list of 30,000 minnows who upvote my posts. Because in the free market, where I can get 7¢ bitcoin ads, i can sandbag the buildignj of a list for quite some time. Fuck all this bull shit - being smart is a fucking curse - idiots are happier and wealthier. TESLA was forgotten by history.

Get a boob job, it'll pay off handsomely.

ROI on boobs jobs is insane. Honestly one of the best financial investments going. Unless you're not female. Which I am. Not female, that is.

I'm sure it pays off for guys also. If you have boobs, no one even notices your face or other body parts.

You know... you're probably right.

If i had boobs i'd never leave the house! to quote beavis and or butthead!

I wonder if you'd get bored. Seriously. Would the novelty ever wear off? Or would every morning be like Christmas?

LOL yes it will!

Don't ruin this for us. I like Christmas. And boobs.

Nope, world is not fair . Nope, you don't have boobs. I will upvote your fine ass girlfriend. Ignorance is generally bliss. Assholes are generally wealthier and happier, some of which are idiots but most of whom are just intelligent enough to eat your lunch. Telsa was the shit. And kind of an asshole. But not wealthy. I've enjoyed our conversation.

I agree. All the posts say create good content. What it should say in plain English is if you are already famous come get some more money because we wanna be super cool asshats clinging to your dingleberries. O and If you want some wallet be a bulletin board for steemit. That makes sense and keeps it real.

Except what you're saying isn't what's happening. It's mostly STEEM related articles getting upvoted, like yours. Not hiking in the jungle in a bikini...

Details, details. No one is whining about about the good stuff that is getting upvoted. We are human and want to focus on the unfairness of it all so we feel good about eating ice cream in our pajamas and watching Netflix instead of spending 18 hours writing and curating a blog post.

I'm not sure what that is, but it feels fitting. Well done!

Idk why, but it's funny. The more I see it, the funniest. Shit that's enough internet for today.

case in point. @edgeland intro post "dont follow me im lost" is top of the trending page. Its an intro page about her being a math major etc etc and stuff and things. Well, the tag is under anarchism. So that should tell you something, not because of a conspiracy but for the simple fact that the tag doeant even fit the post at all. And in the post she describes skyping with whale from steemit... hmm, seems pretty fishy.

I'll just leave this here:

Yeah. That's the front page. No.1 on the front page. Trending.

Not a single goddamn headshot or intro post on the leaderboard. All quality content that someone put some effort into.

Think you don't matter? Think your minnow power is worthless?

You matter. Your votes matter. Your voice matters. Now you understand the power of Steemit. Congratulations to each and every one of you that read, voted or commented.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

I'm getting all weepy and throwing down quotes from dead people. Let's upvote this to the top so we can all give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.

This post certainly didn't end the way I thought it was going to lol. It was a good laugh for sure. Thanks for the advice and for contributing! :)

Thanks for reading! Great to hear you got a smile or two!

Take that banana and shove it up your ass.

Not my thing, but who knows, could be fun!

You missed spelled one of the whales name - it's @smooth and not @smoothed #justsaying

Well that's embarrassing. Fixed it, and thank you for pointing that out.

Haha, not trying to be a dick but kind of funny that you misspelled 'missed spelled' above.

@msutyler I blame chrome browser for not correcting my spelling error. @johnsmith, no worries bro i just mentioned it so maybe @smooth can upvote me. Guess he has better things to do. lol oh the hustle

Now that is just... awkward. Mo hustle!

The whales voting for bikinis are turning this platform into a more sophisticated softcore camgirl site.

Even though it will be unbalanced with users and genres in the beginning, you have to think of the positives about it. What you write here will be here forever, and the payout can be flowing. You can vote for posts that are 3 months old and the creator will receive a reward for it. It's like youtube ad plays revenue, its ongoing, integreted through google search and in the future hopefully its own search so the more people join, the bigger chances of them stumbling on your old posts too.

Always think of the bright sides of a platform and its future prosperity.

Give this guy a cookie. Well said! And true.

You know how the VHS got started? Porn. How about DVD? Porn. Oh, this internet thing? Porn.

Porn is good for business. Except the stuff with animals. Not good for business.

All of those added some new element to the platform of porn. This isn't some fundamental new way of getting porn content.

There is no spoon. I will leave you to meditate until your frame of reference shifts.

I LOVE THIS POST! This one of the best responses i have read in a while! Thank you , thank you! As i said before , in another comment..it's all about how you decide to feel after your post either makes it to trending or dies. If you decide to rage and rant and whine , you get posts like this one, above, that puts to shame all your whining.

I love you too! And Jager and pizza. Well mostly Jager. So I upvoted you.

You're welcome. You look like a robot with the blue hair. A very fetching robot. But a robot. Is that weird?

Ahahahhahah not it's not ...whatever rocks your boat i guess !!

Why does he have three rows of teeth? Is that possible? Do they go up or down? Sideways? I can't cope. We should have stuck with the blue hair.

Show some love dude. help me get started

You're putting out some solid content, upvoted and following! Hit up steemed and stellabelle with links to your posts, one or both will probably pick you up. Until Steemit gets a lot more whales making any kind of money here is about connecting. Lots of good content but it has to be seen by the right eyes...

Hi, I'm new to the site as well. Could you explain the etiquette of sending your links to a whale like that? Is there a wrong way to do it? I haven't posted much yet but I have a lot lined up.

No go write something that makes you smile!

Better yet, go read and upvote something that makes you smile.

This made me smile. Thank you. :)

I think we're on to something here. It's big. And thank you!

I didn't focus on the title until now. "steemwhales are upvoting crap". That's a little strong. I don't think all steemwhales are guilty of this. :(

Ah but not "all steemwhales are upvoting crap". A little strong goes a long way. A lot strong goes nowhere. It is delicate.

It's a case of "iron fists in velvet gloves".

Sounds kinky. And authoritarian. Like multitasking on Sunday morning.

this is one of the worst post I've ever read. It's full of demotivational content, it's written arrogantly and useless for improve Steem and the community

$1000 for a baked coconut shrimp recipe. $3000 for a picture of a mountain. $5000 for going hiking in Tahiti.

$8k+ for this post

Yeah, that's you. I'm the water. Sorry.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're not much fun in an elevator. But you are entitled to your opinion... so thank you for your opinion!

The voting system is definitely out of whack. Quality should be rewarded and the way the system has been setup, quality is determined by a small minority of users.

The worst thing about steemit right now is that many of the top earning posts I've seen are about people posting about how much money they've made on steemit! How is that a valuable post? Why would people go to steemit instead of reddit when these are the types of posts plastered on steemit's main page?

I could be wrong but if the shitty quality posts continue to be promoted on steemit then within a couple of months, most people will stop posting here.

Whales upvote the lottery winners because the want them gushing from the rooftops about how amazing Steemit is and how it has changed their lives and made their dreams come true and all they had to do to make thousands of dollars was tell the world what neat person they are. You see where this is going? Who wouldn't want to get paid for being neat? It doesn't matter at all if the content on the main page is crap, there's a lot of dollar signs. People want those dollar signs. Badly. And they know they can write a better post than make-up man.

I do not agree about your concern.

It will take some time, but every other day a new dolphin is born.
so these guys will vote wisely, as they know how hard it is to score a good vote from a whale or dolphin.

In the end, i am sure the system will adjust. i received a vote from dan for my post , it jumped to 5500USD, but he was only the catalyst( https://steemit.com/steemit/@knozaki2015/steemit-has-insane-numbers-check-this-out ) for a post, i put in everything i learned through different tutorials.

after that i put together this post, so others can have a Goldpost too:

Once people start to understand how, when and what to post, these tutorial post will fade away, and quality content you are looking for will be created.

Its too early and not enough users yet, imagine what will happen once user numbers double , 3x, 4x, 10x!
You cant read everything, as the content will flow in like crazy!

Yes, it's all about numbers. The steemwhales are jumpstarting an entire economy with their voting power, but it will dilute over time as more and more people find their way here. I can't wait to see the first $100k post with 10,000 votes.

Whales upvote what they want to upvote we cant really control that and they have a right to. Hopefully the wealth will spread and it will move out to various different types of people with different interests and then we will see the completeness of content curation everyone is looking for. Anyway good post john !

That was an entertaining read, and spot on! I will totally follow your stuff from now on :) There's yet too much envy around and the focus on personal profit is still predominant. However through time I'm sure that more and more people realize what a privilege it is to be part of such a beautiful, paradigm-shattering thing. I know we'll get there ;) Again, well written and thanks a lot for sharing

Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for taking the time to read! Oh, the envy and greed and scheming has not even started yet. I am enjoying the grace period of innocence and camaraderie, it's like a young child. Wait six months for puberty to hit...

I complete agree that "bikini" post gets more attention that some science one. But disagree that "bikini" author got more social visibility and virtual friends, in many cases this is not true. =) We sure need to find ways to give better visibility to quality posts, but how to do so - this is big question.

Hot girls... ahem, young attractive females have ginormous, humongous, ridiculously large and complex social networks that span continents, time and space. And eyes on them wherever they go. Or at least that's my experience, but point taken. I think the steemwhales have done their homework and found that the vast majority of heavy social media users are people that do fun/interesting/fluffy things with their days and they are the low hanging fruit on the adoption tree. The more serious content creators are more effort to attract but I'm sure they're on the roadmap.

I realized this just before my last post. Which was purely to satisfy myself and not anyone else.

I really do love this place.

Now is that puppy love, I want to bone love, or my spirit animal is a goose and I mate for life kind of love?

More, "I'm a wolf who forgot he was wearing sheep's clothing" kind of love.

Also, thank you for liking my most recent posts. Legendary. There's an even newer one I know you'll love ;)

Shameless! And... upvoted.

You've gained yourself another avid follower on this day sir!

Much love.

I'll take it, thank you! :D

One whale went out to play
On a spider's web one day
She had such enormous fun
that she called for another elwhake to come. (whale noise)
(continue with 2,3,4)
Four whale went out to play... then say...
But you can't have more than whale elephants
playing on a spider's web, so that's all!


I'm an awful singer. Really, truly, terribly awful.
But I think that would sound nice if Johny Cash sung it.

Not really fair dismissing some articles as crap - one man's junk is another man's treasure. Now if only I looked good in a bikini in the jungle.....

I don't think that explains it. A lot of it is just a basic discoverability problem. Any given post is a raindrop in the ocean, if the thumbnail and title don't effectively grab attention, nobody will see your post.

This will cause a race to the bottom, I think. Maybe literally; pretty soon thumbnails will be predominantly attactive body parts, with as much on display as the Steemit rules allow.

Then again, that probably sounds pretty good to some people.

Take reddit. Remove the subreddits. Now add 30,000 redditors. You have Steemit.

Take Steemit. Add substeemits. Now add 234,000,000 Steemians. You have what you are looking for.

It's not that a drop of water in the ocean is hard to find. You just have to have enough eyes looking for your particular drop of water.

Why couldn't you have used the needle in the haystack? This would have ended so much better.

In my opinion we are living in a bubble if some of the bigs try to convert all his Steem to BTC will be game over

Yep, exactly like every other crypto out there... except unlike every other crypto out there 97% of STEEM is currently locked up in Steem Power and can only trickle out to the markets. No whale dumps are possible cause the sphincter is too small. Whale sphincter. I said it.

You are right in the limit of steem power to steem conversion, they can not dump beyond 1% weekly but, what about the people earning thousands of Steem dollars, they can convert to steem instantly and dump massively at market, what do you think about it?

I think greed and laziness is saving them from themselves. Take note, because greed and laziness make the marble spin.

Most people making bank here don't really understand STEEM/SP/SBD. But they understand that every time they log in the SP balance is a little bigger. That is good. In order to make good into more good, 98% of do-gooders are converting earned STEEM into SP. That's probably going to end up being the smartest financial decision of their lives. So greed is good.

To dump STEEM they have to create an account at an exchange, which invariably will have an unintelligible and vaguely shady sounding name, transfer the STEEM using addresses and memos and other strange things that make no sense, place a market order with a stop limit and sell it for BTC. Then they have to sell BTC for USD in a different market. Then they have to do some KYC/AML bullshit to get their money sent to them somehow. And they have to do all of this without screwing up or they loose their money.

Now, how many of your average Steemers are going to take the time and effort to learn how to do all that? Fewer than most of them, I think. So the bulk of the value stays in the Steemit economy. Hell, I've been doing that crap for years and it doesn't phase me one bit. I already have accounts and highroller withdrawal limits. You know what I'm doing? Powering up. Why? Cause it's so damn easy and I'm kind of lazy. Except with comments, apparently not so lazy with the comments.

I've read so many words and understood that author is a whale while i'm not. Maybe there is some another information, I haven't found it.

I think we need a whale measuring stick around here. I keep getting all worked up about being called a whale, then I upvote someone and they get like five cents. I feel like a minnow. But people call me a whale. It's an existential crisis that is tearing me apart. I'm not an ether fan but I gave you an upvote because you can put GIFs in your posts and I can't.

I don't find this useful at all, but I'm not downvoting.

Anyways, please I don't know if you already have this information, please try to inform others, thanks.


Your comment sucks, but I'm not downvoting.

Your posts, however, are quite good and I upvoted Part 1 and Part 2 because everyone should watch Inside Job.


Don't pretend this is a pure meritocracy. It's absolutely not. The "most successful writers" on this site--you know, the ones that write a lot about how to be successful writers--are guaranteed to make boatloads of money on every post they make... before anybody even reads it.

Apologia is a good racket as well...

I've read your post six times and I still can't figure out if you're saying what I'm saying or I'm saying what you're saying or none of the above.

Is a strip club a meritocracy?



Take these two currently trending posts, for example... They're both from well paid authors. Both authors are claiming to have some unique knowledge to bestow. Both imply that their knowledge is the difference between earning pennies and earning thousands.

Both are followed by megawhale voting bots that guarantee any post they make is going to hit $1k...

So Steemit is evolving from human whales upvoting cute girls to a robot whale prediction market. You are Frodo. I am Gimli. I'll cut your toenails if you clean my beard. Let's do this!

No, the fix was in before the vast majority of us joined...

Yep. So what do we do about it? Whale's gonna whale, cause they're smart and can game the system in ways I couldn't understand if they wrote it out with cheese and crackers.

Curation, not content creation, is the key. Which you already know. What I don't know is how to scale benevolent minnow curation. Maybe you know. You seem to know things. Important things.

@bacchist You just DE-motivated me ( a little bit ) ! But nobody will stop me telling my stories . (upvote or not )
I love and admire Rok's posts and many other good skilled writers but you basically just said that only GREAT writers have a chance . I don't think so ! There are many wonderful stories being told from real people like this young Indonesian man , one with very bad english skills . It touched me more than one paragrap[h of Heidis travels , There is a certain kind of human magic sometimes coming through , better than those "super drupa " awesome ones . https://steemit.com/life-story/@moch-yusuf/my-story-my-life-like-a-coffee-coffee-teach-me-about-how-to-enjoy-life#@moch-yusuf/re-mammasitta-re-moch-yusuf-my-story-my-life-like-a-coffee-coffee-teach-me-about-how-to-enjoy-life-20160722t101311737z

Thank you for sharing.

"The herd wears a bikini and goes hiking in the Tahitian jungle."

Great coaching keep up the posts

@johnsmith this may be the number one post I have yet to read. maybe even ever.

You made me blush. It felt good. So I upvoted you. Thank you!

Hey, great post and very passionate! I upvoted with my minnow power. You are right, of course, but it is a chicken and the egg problem. Bottom line is that Steemit needs hype, and a $10k male makeup tutorial is going to get a lot more attention than a $10k dissertation on the effectiveness of osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis... because people are going to say, "Hey! Look at this idiot smearing lipstick all over his face! If he got $10k my analysis of something very important is going to be worth millions! Steemit, awaaaay!". And they will tweet/facebook/text their friends, cause who doesn't want to see what $10k of male lipstick looks like.

Lol awesome writing and fact thats happend on steemit, i see a lot of female blogger earn a lot of money compared with male blogger, i do not know why ?
I also do not know why steem whales voting crap content, maybe its because they want us to know thats making money in steem is easy, we does not need to have high intelegent and smart brain, just post original and easy to read blog, as we can see on other social media like facebook etc they does not post a really complicated topic but those social media itself become more popular and people having fun.