How I Earned $100 000 With Steemit

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For the last 2 months I have been posting on Steemit and learned a lot about what it takes to be successful. In this essay I explain some of the lessons I have learned from the hundreds of hours I have spent on this platform and in the Steem community.

But first let me say, most of my earnings have come from capital appreciation, i.e. the Steem Power I have earned has gone up in value. In the long run investing in the future is the only way to make big money. Steemit not only facilitates our transition from mere consumers to active producers, but also allows us to transition from being workers to being investors, giving us a stake in the project we are working for and helping to make successful.

I still cringe when I remember the fundraising of Oculus, where they crowdfunded 2 million dollars from everyday people, and then Oculus was bought up by Facebook for 2 billion dollars, and the crowd was left with their perks, t-shirts and an alpha product, instead of getting a stake in the success of the company. Steemit changes this. If Steemit is someday worth billions of dollars like Facebook is now, we will all have a stake in its success, just by working and earning Steem Power.

With that being said, here are the five most important things I have learned so far:

1. Write About What You Know

There is a lot of content passing through Steem now, and it’s hard to know whether to cater to the topics that get upvoted or to stay on your own path. I recommend writing about what you know. For each post that succeeds with a generic topic there are hundreds that never get upvoted, so whereas most successful posts are in that category, the most unsuccessful ones are as well.

Personally I write a lot about crypto, since that is a hobby of mine and I am involved in a company called BitSpace. But my education is in philosophy, and much of my interests are in spirituality, so I have also been writing a lot about that. By writing about issues that you know and are passionate about you create actual value instead of trying to copy someone else.

2. Be Open and Honest

It is important to be open and honest. It is often easy to hide things from oneself and be dishonest, but in one way or another it will shine through, and people can sense it. It is therefore best to be completely transparent and write in the light of your inner truth.

In my introduction post I tried to sum up my life story as it relates to how I reached the point of joining Steemit. Just by being honest about your journey people will learn a lot and realize how it is to have an entirely different perspective, and how it is to take what is maybe a completely different path in life.

3. Be Creative and Original

To get noticed it is important to break with the trend, not fitting into the pattern of all the other posts. If you can produce something of value that is still creative and original, you have a chance to make it big. Most people follow the template set by other successful posts, and dare not take a chance on a new concept. I would urge you to find your inner creativity, and think completely from scratch with how you can provide value in a post.

In the beginning I tried to be creative and original with the format and type of content I posted. To some extent, Steemit was like a new game, and everyone was learning the rules and how to do new things. For instance, I posted a post on How to do gambling, Prediction Markets, and Charity on Steemit. I also created a post called Top Wanted Features for Steem. Both of these use the self-referential nature of Steemit to create value by the interplay of post and comments.

Also think about how your interests may combine into original content suited for Steemit. For instance, while cryptocurrency related content tends to do well on Steemit, my education is in philosophy and my interests are in spirituality, so I created a post that combined all three elements in Decentralize Your Self! that sees links between decentralization in crypto and ego-death in spirituality.

4. Experiment and Iterate

Try out new things and figure out what works. On Steemit, you get instant feedback from votes and comments, so you need to learn and adapt according to how the audience responds to you content. For instance, most of the time, posting a link with little or no text gets no upvotes, and you may notice the more time you spend on a post and the more original content it contains, the easier it is to get upvoted.

For each of my successful posts I have five that have failed. It is not easy to predict in advance what will get really popular, so just keep posting, keep trying, and adjust your strategy underway. Persistence and passion is the key to be successful at anything.

5. Start Right Now!

Finally, I would advice anyone trying to make it big on Steem to start right now. As I said in the introduction, Steem Power is an investment in the future, and the earlier you get in, and the more successful the platform is, the more you get for your investment. In addition, as the competition heats up it will be more difficult to get noticed and establish a presence.

This means that you shouldn’t save your best content for last. It also means don’t let perfectionism be the enemy of your productivity. The post-payouts are still topping from last weeks increase in Steem price, so get to it, this is still a golden opportunity!

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Thank you for what you are doing for Steemit and for everything you've done for Bitshares

I so agrees. Your story could influence a lot of young individual to bring great impact in society.

Steemit, the only platform that pays you when you say "Thank you"
Thanks mates ❤

I have not seen it anywhere either

Awesome ◕‿◕

not bad kid!, but follow this and you'll be on the truth path to success.

Awesome ◕‿◕

could not say it better!

I think he only got this popular because of his girlish looks ...girls cant resist his face...

I have learned that you must upvote already popular content like this and add comments..

and i also have learned to not get mad when I see six thousand dollars on a single post that at irst doesnt seem so special.....doesnt even have original images...but it doesnt have to! And this guy is obviously an early adopter and is now a fucking millioanaire! Basically there were oly a few slots open for the first group of steemit millioanires, and then he ended up being one of the 100,000 aire but now hes worth over (well i checked hes only got 80,000 but its cuz im sure he already spent or moved alot of his steem to other crypto im sure hes still amillionaire ;) and hes bound to turn his almost 100,000 now into another million as steem goes to 10 doollars!

I realize now this post is 10 months old and has almost 1000 upvotes and he is an EARLy adopter! he got all the followers from being here early and accumulating lots of steempower!

I feel he deserves MORE! I want @clains to become so wealthy he can ffund all SORTS of steemit u[grades and deve;opment of NEW steemit features! and i KNOW he will give back!

I will be sharing is content on my facebook like I do with @craig-grant now because its important people see the steemit leaders who prove how possible it is to make thouands of dolars off a SINGLE post with te ppwer of social media numbers and crypto currency!!!!

all of us who ahve joined this year so far and late last year are ALL basicaly going to be lie teh whales here NOW but in ew months we wil be the experienced steemitw hales and we will be helping new minnows, seeing promise innew users, sorting the trash users from the talent!

i CANT WAIT to be a steemit whale and will try to invest mony i earn with rideshare into steemit! I already try to keep as much steempoer as i can and have beengoing all in steempower recently!

Steemit logos now on my car and i printed up steemit logo flyers atelling peole "wana amke money online with bitcoin and other crypto currency singup for steemit get PAID to blog!"

here is the thng i made i taped inside my car windows and ima post these all around my neighbroood in legal areas to post fliers!!

im putting these all up around my house all over telephone poles, at the cofee shops, omg i have ALREADY brought in OVER 30 people into steemit so far! some of which are still waiting for registration application waiting list or havent singed up yet but will (i ahve told at LEAST 30 local san diegans to singup for steemit and i know theres around 10 gere so far whove singed up because of my craigslist add asking people to call me or text or email for free help getting started with bitcoin, altcoins, steemit etc

Thank you very much for your post, this will be very helpful for everyone who started in the world of steemit.

You are right Bro we should always be our self ,we should don't copy or follow some other person.

Hello there fellow steemer. I was watching your presentation video titled "Introduction to steemit" on youtube. Something you said stuck out to one of the main differences from facebook and steemit is the content of the posts....posts on f.b "surface stuff"

Its true....I had wondered about it but didn't really meditate on it until you mentioned it. Then I asked myself..."But why?" Why is it that when on f.b I....and many others avoid posting how they truly feel? Why do we only post "surface stuff".....when the majority of people on facebook are people that we know intimately or socially? Shouldn't it be easier to tell people whom we know how we feel?
Then it hit me like a steem train: It isn't. You see....we are afraid that those same people that we know will judge us for how we truly feel. So we write things depending on how we want others to view us.
So why is the opposite true for steemit?
Think of a psychiatrist.....a complete stranger yet people pour out how their feelings and thoughts to him or her...Why? Well because they are a stranger. Despite Steemits transperancy....most of us don't really know eachother and so we have removed that FEAR of what others may think of us and this has allowed us to express ourselves freely.
I am going to write a post on this soon which really drives my point home and how this lack of fear will affect not just steemers but the entire world....but I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this matter. Thank you all for your time

Excellent point! I hadn't thought about that :D

Yes, this is such a good point, @danny71st! You should do that post!

Facebook seems to be about constructing and feeding a false image of your "self," which of course is total bullshit, and not about real communication. I agree that fear is the main reason for this.

Personally, I have family members who simply won't consider some of my more unorthodox ideas and get extremely upset whenever I mention them. I don't think I'm going to change their minds, and I don't want to hurt them by bringing things up over and over, to no avail.

If it weren't for these few people, I'd blog about important stuff on Facebook too and just let the 'friends' list adjust itself.

Makes sense to me!

I thought so too

In addition, as the competition heats up it will be more difficult to get noticed and establish a presence.

This is so true. craig-grant was talking about how he likes to continually power down. I warned him about doing that, and I think you agree!

I'm glad it wasn't just me that recommended against powering down often.

See my comment:

Good advice! It's nice to read success stories!

Спасибо большое! Буду пользоваться вашими советами. Thanks a lot! I will take your advices.


great, i followed you im also interessted in spirituality, psycedelics, bitcoin development and i believe in steem, so you suggest investing in steem power and hold for the long run??

Don't invest what you cannot afford to lose. I wouldn't invest in Steem Power with cash now, I would invest by creating content!

Agreed! Write your own and find your voice. I joined to get feedback and begin some conversations. This is my most recent response to the Steemit community's trends

Honesty and quality content are essential to succeed in this network. But beyond that, what primoridal in life it is to do things that we like, be good and professional, and work. The content we love, well worked, is a success here or elsewhere. The interesting thing about Steemit is that some paradigms are broken, and there is a lot of experiment. Be creative and experience things, writing quality, it is the way.

Thanks for the guidelines. Will make sure to follow them! :)

You deserve success for your great contribution. very interestnye posts from you. I follow you!

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