Hello Steemit! I Am A Doctor From Europe - AMA (Ask Me Anything) I am here to help!

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I will try to answer all medical questions from Steemitors who are simply lacking the financial resources to visit a doctor in their country or who are seeking a doctor's help without having to leave the comfort of their houses. No matter the reason, I plan to answer all the questions.

This is my first post here at Steemit and having somehow high hopes that I will be able to help out a couple of you guys.

Long story short, I am here to help as much users as I can, as I know that in most European countries the que for seeing a Dermatologist is around 3 months.

This is me:

Here it goes! AMA!Me 2.jpg


Welcome to family :)

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Welcome! I'm new too. I've had amazing experiences with light therapy. Specifically the REDjuvenator. I believe it should be a tool in every dermatologists kit. Particularly the bacterial buster which relieves contact dermatitis in one 5 minute treatment.

But my question to you is, I've noticed I get red bumps - small, like bright red blood blisters that seem permanent. What are they, how do they simply appear, and how do I get rid of them? image
Image source @mhrose

@mhrose These are called cherry angiomas and most people have them. You can get rid of them with intense pulsed light -IPL, laser therapy, or radiocautherization with a fine needle. They are harmless though if you decide to leave them be. The exact cause why they form is not fully known. They are basically small blood vessels.

Welcome to family :)

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What about spider veins? image

Are these and the cherry anginomas a signal of poor circulation, impending cardiac disease?
I've tried having the veins injected with I can't remember what, but that caused new spiders to erupt.

What do you recommend?

Image source @mhrose

This translates in some degree of vascular fragility.

I recommend laser removal if you find them bothersome.

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Ok why not ... 10 years ago my mom had a melanoma, with spread to the sentinel node. She's cured and alive and very much my mom I love. So at that time, what would you give her as a chance of survival? I'm asking for number here! make that doctor brain work! :)

Hurray that your mom is cured!
I'm a fan of biophotonic light therapy and believe it would've really helped your mom and helped her not only survive, but live full and productively.

What treatment helped her?

@divyne As much as I would like to give you a definitive answer , I cannot. For melanoma that has spread to distant lymph nodes the text book 5 year survival rate si somewhere above 60%. Additional data regarding the staging of the melanoma at the time of excision, would help me get you a more detailed answer. A Pet-CT scan is also important.

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