Thank you @chrisrice. Looks like you're a new father too, how old is your little one?

Yeah, I am @eoj Baby Zac will turn 1 year old on July 16th, 2018. It will be his first birthday 😊

Congrats and happy early birthday to little Zac! @suitcasemama and I's little one just turned two :)

Ah okay @eoj so he is about one year older than baby Zac. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

On another note, I read about your experience as a humanitarian and it sounds like you have done really good work for others. I really liked your introductory post.

I also noticed that @suitcasemama is Filipina.

I am half Filipino and @emaferice is full Filipino. We live here in Davao City, Philippines. I haven't been to Thailand yet and I don't really know what it's like. Maybe @suitcasemama can compare Thailand to the Philippines in terms of cost of living and what it's like living there.

Cool! @suitcasemama is from Mindanao too! She spent a lot of time in Davao, studying and working there.

I'll let her answer for herself - but she loves it here in Thailand. I've asked her if she wants me to find a job in the Philippines, she says "no way!" :) Although in fairness, my job would probably be Manila-based, which is very different than being Bangkok-based...

Ah okay. We have a friend who was born and raised in the Philippines who also likes Thailand a lot. I didn't get to ask her why.

It sounds interesting since there is probably a reason why @suitcasemama likes Thailand and it might be the same reasons our other friend likes Thailand.

P.S. Thank you for being a part of Steemit.. both of you. I like the things you two post!

Thanks @chrisrice, I appreciate the compliment and will pass it on to @suitcasemama!

You're welcome @eoj