How to get free Delegated Steem Power and rise quickly on Steemit

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Well, We all came to Steemit for mostly the same reason right? To make some money.. But what you didn't know is that it takes time to boost that Steem Power of yours. There is a way that I know to help you progress faster on Steemit..

This is my current Dashboard and I've recently bought a 90 days Steem Power delegation. You can check my wallet and transactions to confirm that I am not wasting your time. Go ahead and check my wallet before proceeding.


The first step is to have an account on Coinpot. Click on the above link and register.. Use the same Email address on the other steps..


The second step is to have a Coinbase account to store your Cryptocurrencies. Click on the above link to register if you don't have a Coinbase account..


Now that you have both account, You'll have to start earning Cryptos. This is an easy process..

You have to claim from different faucets and everything you earn will be credited to you Coinpot Wallet. Enter your Coinpot email on each Faucet..

Here are the different faucets. Don't forget to bookmark this post..

Moon Bit

Moon Doge

Moon Lite

Moon Dash

Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin

Moon Cash

You can convert the currencies into one specific currency.

First of all, I'll recommend you to convert them into Coinpot Tokens. Then on the dashboard, go to Multiplier.

Try to increase your tokens and convert it back to Bitcoin..

Once you reach 0.001 BTC, Transfer it from Coinpot to Coinbase..

Now you can do like me and get 17 Steem Power delegated to you for 3 months.

I don't recommend playing the Lottery though but that's mainly up to you..

Note that you won't earn a lot in just a day(unless you get lucky with the Multiplier). Give it a week or 2..


Once you have 0.001 BTC on your Coinbase account, head to Steemit, Go to your wallet and click 'Buy' from the arrow next to your Steem Power. You can buy Steem Power or Delegated Steem Power (That's your choice obviously). Get the address below and go to Coinbase and transfer your BTC to that address. Wait for some 5 minutes and BOOM!

Contact me on Facebook concerning any issue -> Surfraz M Umar Kayyam

I hope you enjoyed reading

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Great post bro😆 i will give a try😊

@drekkelly Did you give it a try?
I have 17 Steem Power delegated to my Steemit Account right now thanks to Coinpot.

Ya still trying but will like to chat you up

I know it's a bit late on this, but you can avoid the coinbase wallet and fees, by sending from coinpot to a blocktrades buy address.
If you want one that grows faster I just dropped a twitter post about cointiply.(I've noticed they sometimes frown on referral links here.)
Have fun, I think it's funny we had the same thought.