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RE: Allow Me to Introduce Myself! | Husband / Father / Humanitarian / Traveler / Expat Abroad

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Very nice to 'officially' meet you and your family! It is awesome to meet people globally; I believe this is the best part of steemit. Content is equally important, but meeting and getting to know people from around the world, seeing their lives, and viewing the fabulous scenery is another component of Steemit that makes this platform worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing your world with us! You have a lovely family. :)

p.s., I get an error when I try to give a 100% at times; so you got my 99% upvote instead.


haha, THANK YOU! No worries, I'm glad I get any votes at all, I'm not checking the % :)

I agree. It's crazy, I joined Steemit on a lark, mainly to support my little crypto (now neglected) youtube channel I set up at the beginning of the year. I had no idea what to expect really. I was very pleasantly surprised! I wasn't suspecting the kindness, support, community feel - it sometimes feels very big, other times I feel like I'm bumping into the same people all the time. That's been my favorite part and has kept me here. I guess the next step is to meet people in real life!

So when are you coming out to Thailand to visit @suitcasemama and I? :)

The people is definitely the brightest factor of Steemit. I probably would have left early on if not for the friendship I’ve made on here. It is definitely not writing that keeps me here; was never a blogger or social media type and I don’t think that aspect of myself has changed.

I would love to visit your family in Thailand one day!! Perhaps when we all can earn comfortably on here, an adventure there would definitely be in the cards. 🙂

Same here! I'm fairly private/shy plus I'm a slow writer - horrible characteristics for a blogger!

We'd love to host you someday! And remember, flights can be cheap (my sister recently got a $600 round trip to Bangkok out of LA), lodging is free once you're here (just have to sign our guestbook!), and food is super cheap and super yummy :)