How to live from STEEM and Travel the World

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Introducing Myself

om suastiastu STEEMIT ! 

I started my Steem account to share my upcoming travels.  I have a goal:  Can I support my life financially from Steem?  I plan to try and hoping for some help :)

Why do I Travel?

Travelling alone has now become a trend for many soul-searching travellers worldwide, and Bali appears to be one of the most popular destinations for those planning to embark on a vacation without any travel buddies around. The movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ further strengthen this idea. But, unlike Julia Roberts, who was travelling to forget her unsuccessful relationship, many tourists are now going on this one-of-a-kind journey in their lives to reflect and mostly to unwind.

My passion Surfing

Given its amazing waters spanning from left to right and strong winds that create the best waves, Bali is a haven for all types of surfers. The majority of surfers in this water came from abroad, mostly Americans and Australians, but the local surfers from Java or Lombok have also started visiting the island during surfing seasons. Based on a resource about surfing holidays in Bali, there are amazing places to consider I found 

1. Canggu

2. Uluwatu

3. Legian

4. Padang Padang

5. Kuta

6. Serangan

My current home

Keep Rocking and look out for new updates on my travels around the world - and living directly from support from the Steem Community! :) 

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Sounds great - let's see some pics!! Kate

Hello! I am going to follow you, I look forward to hearing about your travels!

Thanks @kaylinart ! Looking forward to posting updates with my journey

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Upvoted. One of the best travel movies is The Beach. Should watch it if you have not!

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Damn, I miss childhood. Happy exploring man, happy exploring.

I think good will get financial assistance from this website

Hi Blockcore I gonna follow you. Take some nice pics!!!

It's great. Great idea. I think you hit the target. By This is the right way. It's only begining.

Keep the adventures coming in :)

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what do you mean, living free?

Hey @livingfree. I notice you have upvoted me in the past.
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Your support is greatly appreciated.

I love that I can share my adventures with the Steemit community! :)

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Thank you for the support! I'd love to read some of your adventures!

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Hi @livingfree
Nice Job of you.

Best wishes for your success with my philosophy

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so how is your travels then?

Nice post! Your goal is cool! Much support!

Much support, very nice article

Would love to hear more from you about your surf travel experiences. I used to live on Hawaii just for windsurfing. It was great time of my life.

a wonderful view :) looks like its relaxing.

Great pic! Looks amazing! Post some surf pics!

I know what you mean. Would´t it be great if you could make a living of steemit an keep your free lifestyle. We are kind of similar. I wish you all the best an good luck. I guess from now on I will check back n your account now and then ;)

It's great. Great idea. I think you hit the target. By This
is the right way.