InspirationChallenge - Don't forget the deadline, 31 December!

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My Dear Creative Steemy-meemies! Time is running fast, you only have 6 days to post your artworks inspired by my #souldoodle drawing:

Please read the following instructions carefully!

You can use this picture in any way:

  • you can digitally modify it
  • you can print and use it in a collage/montage
  • you can print and paint/write on it
  • you can use it as a picture with your own music/own poetry
  • etc-etc :))))


  • no limit of entries :)))
  • only original works! Your children's/family's creations are also allowed :)))
  • don't forget to use these tags: #inspirationchallenge, #souldoodle, #art
  • link your posts bellow as a comment
  • spread this challenge by resteeming and upvote if you like it (it's not obligatory but recommended)
  • best artworks will be chosen and presented in a post in January
  • best creators will be upvoted between 50-100%, with maximum Steem power (90-100%), plus @treeplanter upvotes (not necessarily your artistic post, but later posts, if the payment period is over)
  • your comments with the link of your artworks will also be rewarded! Please do not spam!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

See my recent post of this challenge for more details!

An example how to modify this picture:

@aaquib11b's beautiful poem inspired my #souldoodle:

Through the painting of love
The soul inspired the blaze....
Hovering over the sky -my eyes.....
Turned suddenly to the maze.....

The light with the chasm....
All what was needed for a peaceful death.....
Covered in the haze of beauty....
The eel of shadows casted a wrath....

The chandeliers of paper soothing the eye....
From the wasp of time'the soul wanted to cry....

A soul within me was all that's left.....
A soul within you is all that's left .....

AHH the dear....
Let's go out for a dinner .....
And the usual romance of moon and candle light....
AHH my love.....
A difference is I could made........
Instead of candle let it burn....

AHH heart burns....
My soul....m
Love me for a reason....
And let the reason be love

Let's work together!

Happy, Succesfull and Creative New Year!


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Amiga kalemandra, mi colaboración a inpiracionchallenge es la siguiente: ()

Dear @kalemandra here I leave my contribution with your slightly modified drawing in paint, which inspired me to make a poem to the trees of our beautiful nature.

Kellemes ünnepeket!


Köszi, neked is!

thanks for share dear

Is it bad that I can unsee a way to erroneously use this soul sketch? lol.


wow! interesting challenge!

Hi! Here's my contribution: Leaf Parchment


Thanks for the chance to do this, I find these things very fun to do.

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Hello @kalemandra and thanks for this challenge. Here is my artwork, i hope you like "The eye of the Universe".

eye of the universe.jpg

Very inspiring!

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  ·  last year (edited)