Truth Talk - Sometimes I Want To Quit Too

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As many of you know, I’ve been trying to focus on the good in each situation... choosing positivity over negativity. I am deciding to see the beauty in everyday moments, step out of my comfort zone, and start living life the way it was intended.. while choosing happiness. I think that has been reflected in my posts pretty well so far.

But I am also trying to be real, and the truth of the matter is that I don’t walk around all rainbows and unicorns all the time... I have bad days, I get irritated, I am human after all. So, for the sake of being real.. I realized I needed to talk about those times too, when I fail at the whole staying positive thing.

In Fact, Sometimes I Want To Quit

Yep, I’m sure you all can relate right? When outside forces start piling up the negativity so high that it’s hard for me to see past it. When nothing is going as planned, I have too many things that I need to deal with, I feel overwhelmed and just can’t do it anymore.. I wanna quit. I wanna give the world (and many specific individuals) the finger and just be done.

It’s human nature right? I am not perfect... In fact, I’m not sure I could be any further from it. Just because I am trying to focus on the good, doesn’t mean I’m not going to fail horribly sometimes.

The difference is that I now refuse to allow that negativity to take over. I will not let it cripple me into a person I do not want to be... and each and every day I will choose happiness, because I have the ability within me. I have the strength to power through the bullshit and choose how I am going to handle a situation, therefore deciding the outcome.


Well, what I have come to realize a pattern; Those times when I actually reach the point of just being done and am metaphorically flipping the bird to the world, I’m disconnected with myself and completely unfocused.

I have not been taking that time to allow myself to meditate if you will. I have not given myself those daily moments to escape from the world, really breathe, reconnect with my soul and allow my brain to clear.. being able to focus on the real goals.

I think these moments are extremely important, and I have noticed a significant change in my ability to handle stress without them. While specifically where these moments can happen is different for each person, for me that has always been in the form of escaping into nature.


I have always had a spot though... a place Where I would go daily for a minute or two and just sort of refocus. But, with the recent move I haven’t quite found my spot yet. Which means I haven’t allowed myself to have those moments ... and therefore want to give the world the finger more often than normal 😄

So, I’m giving myself the challenge this week to not only find a new spot.. but to visit it daily. I am challenging myself to do a daily break, to relax, refocus and reconnect. And since you all are part of this crazy journey...

I am challenging you to do the same.

Find a place; whether that be in your favorite room, outside somewhere or just hiding in a closet or bathroom because it’s the only place that you can somehow get a minute to yourself.. Yeah Moms, I’m talking to you.

Take a minute to let your mind wander, think about what makes you truly happy, the goals you want to achieve and some ways to make them happen. Or don’t think about anything at all.. just listen to your favorite music and let the lyrics take you to another place entirely. You could even make a journal or inspiration board based on the goals you come up with if that’s your thing.

The point is to allow yourself that time to reconnect with yourself. After all, we can’t take care of all of those around us without first taking care of ourselves.


So where is your spot? What do you do to reconnect and refocus? And who is joining me in the challenge this week??

Thank you for going on this journey with me.

Much Love,


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We all get frustrated .. I've been on an ''unfortunate roll'' for a while , putting everything together (when it comes to all aspects of life) , getting anxiety over the whole political and economical crap going down here and getting overwhelmed with work literally 7 days a week .. It's 6:30 am now.. if I don't wake up at around these times I don't get to finish all the things I need to do.. so yes.. sometimes (and lately more often) I want to throw everything away but... I always try to focus on what could I be doing in order to ''get my heart back in track''. I'd rather give it my best try all the way and get an epic fail than to quit midways , I've always been that way and it has taken me to so many experiences.. some were great .. some were wrecking and very personality changing.. we all learn.

I tended to bottle everything up and that led me to disaster every single time , avoiding discussions and ''try to keep the rest happy'' have led me to some obscure moments.. So I stopped doing it , even if some think I'm a bit of an asshole now.. Eff it , speak up ,it's time to focus on what we want , there is not enough time to follow someone else's happiness , focus on your path , enjoy the walk, the rest will follow.

I do have a particular place that I feel disconnects me and I can just get my mind in blank and recharge and that would be a particular beach spot in Manglaralto , Ecuador... I was raised near the sea.. and being near the sea immediately returns me to that ''starting place'' in my soul. It's crazy .. too bad I'm 4000km away now ... hahahah

Also , we make our surroundings , I thought many times moving would erase all the things I was avoiding , only to find them again .. It took me more than 12 big moves across 4 countries to realize the change is done from the inside.. talk about being stubborn.. but hey.. we all can learn at some point :P

My ''healing place'' lately has been in writing.. more than music ... since music is also my profession it does add to my stress and it is hard to draw the line on where is the fun and what is just work .. I LOVE music but it can also we a little of a burden to me... so.. writing has been my escape pod lately .. something about putting words into paper just makes me feel better about everything and I can tackle the next thing with a lot better energy , crazy but true :). Also , humor... a good laugh is one of the best medicines out there!

We are forever changing , evolving and our dreams and goals change , we just adapt , continue and try to make the best out of it .. in the end , we all just try to do the best we can :) . Sorry for the long text.

Much Love



I love this, and can relate.. you have to put yourself first sometimes.. as hard as that is. We have to be strong enough to support those around us that need it.

Music is such a godsend but I can see how seeing that it is your work as well.. that it probably comes with some stress too. Writing though? Ohhh I hope you share a bit.. ❤️

Humor is the cure to everything and I agree, we can only do our best on this journey that we are on.. learning and growing as we go.

Never apologize about a long text, I love it friend. 🤗

More love,

Your first discord girlfriend 😜


hahahahaah ❤️❤️❤️

"Find a place; whether that be in your favorite room, outside somewhere or just hiding in a closet or bathroom" Yeah, about that...I hid in the closet for way too long... :-)
But that's not what this is about...I tend to go out and visit my greenhouse to get a little break from reality. It usually works pretty well for me...except for those damned whiteflies...LOL


😂 yes, please stay out of the closet!!LOL

Greenhouse makes perfect sense.. something about plants that make us feel connected... ❤️

thank you for these words felt!!!! my spot is under the apple trees in the food forest. just sitting there...FEELING....the ground under my bare feet and body....reconnects me. i'm IN...for the challenge! so awesome!!! re steemed with JOY and GRATITUDE! -Jake


Thank you so much Jake ❤️

Gosh I love that.. I think the garden is such a beautiful place to get lost in your thoughts. I always feel grounded (literally and figuratively) and just able to breathe. Yay! So glad you are doing the challenge this week, I’m excited to see how it goes for you 🤗

I like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for the issues of the world and people and I tend to bottle it all inside. Eventually, all those times I was triggered before begins to build up and something innocuous will set me off like "Che how long does it take for Amazon to deliver?" LOOK ON THE PRODUCT PAGE ITS LITERALLY RIGHT THERE ARE YOU BLIND?

That's when I know I need a time out. Just because we're not kids anymore doesn't mean we shouldn't have timeouts in the corner, we all need them, even more so as we get older. My spot would have to be the soccer field nearby, i'll have a run or maybe find people who are playing there, have a kick about for an hour or so and after that all is right with the world, i swear by it, best therapy ever!


I do this exact some thing, bottle it all up. Then you are in that moment where the smallest thing is irritating you and you are thinking.. what the heck is wrong with me? Normally at that point it is very clear I need a break/timeout.

But what I have found is if I give myself those timeouts regularly, I never get to that boil over point.. because I don’t have everything so bottled up.

Oh I agree! Adults need timeouts too!!

Love the soccer thing, I could see that being such great therapy. Honestly if I’ve allowed myself to reach the bubble over/throw the table/explode point.. a run and some metal music is the only thing that can set me straight again.

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Thanks guys!

It is absolutely necessary to have a reset moments when you just stop thinking and just concetrate on something like nature, in my case, to listen to North Sea waves and walk along the beach try to find nice shell or interesting stones. I usually touch the water and as usually it is freezing cold that is like electricity runs throughout your body and you shiver for a moment but then that makes me smile, I always think may be one day I even take off my shoes and walk into icy water to see what it brings, may be a lot of scream but scream from adrenaline and unknown feeling.

That was nice to hear your thoughts, really appreciate for sharing :)

PS: today me and @randomwanderings have had a little chat over discord, i was free today so wanted to share some of hte posts and learn what is hte measurements to use to assees people. It was nice, I must say he is really calm and his explanation really comprehensive, I was really pleased :)


I completely agree! Oh the ocean is a perfect place to let all your troubles wash away. But brrrrr I just had a visual of you putting your feet in the water and screaming 😱.. it made me cold all over haha.

Thank you ❤️

Yes Randomwanderings is an amazing mentor and can explain things in such a great way, I learned a lot from him. He is much more calm than me as well 😂. I’m so glad you guys got to chat!

Yes, we are humans and we aren't perfect. It's okay to feel bad and it's okay to be alone sometimes. It's a lot better to be real than to pretend everything is okay but in fact it isn't. I'd always choose someone who is straightforward as hell than someone wearing a mask. Truth hurts, yes. But lies hurt more. Stay real. :D

And my spot? Hmm. I don't have a physical place for that. Whether I'm out surrounded by people or alone in my room, my escape would always be music. It takes my soul to a different world. It takes me where I want to be. You see, I deal with my imagination and not in reality. It is my strength, yes. But sometimes it is my weakness too. Okay, I talk too much.

And this one reminds me of @svemirac's inspiring green post. Here I am again being a dramatic artist, seeing meaning even if it means nothing. For me, this is a lovely shot and perfect for what you are feeling right now. Whenever you feel that you are surrounded with chaos, unsaturated things, mess, always think of your foundation. The inner you. Stay on the ground. Stay calm, stay positive, stay green. Commit mistakes and allow yourself to grow. :)


There is meaning in everything...

And I completely agree, we all have those days.. we all fall down and we all fall apart, the important part is how we put ourselves back together.

Music is mine as well ❤️.. combining it with nature though just takes it somewhere else entirely. Some days just the allowing yourself to go some where the music takes you is absolutely priceless.

This was my spot before! Complete perfection for wanting to get yourself grounded.. I’ll find another.. until then I’ll let music do what it does. 😘

I don't have a physical place. My spot is the work I do, even writing, playing music, making an arrangement... I love doing this in such a way that I forget everything that could hurt or cause me pain.

Sometimes there are so many troubles that it's really difficult to stay in focus (just like at this moment for me...!), but there is no other way I think.

Once I watched a photo collection of children playing in a bombed field and I understood that being happy is a decision (it doesn't mean it's easy...). And, of course, there are times to​ laugh, times to cry, but there should never be times to give up.

Nice writing!


Hey thank you ❤️

Yes I think that spot or place is sometimes just a mental thing as well. I find I can get lost in music or a favorite book and get the same feeling as being in a physical place. Everything just sort of washes away..

Around here for the last 20 years, there have been a LOT of times things got really rough. But I have never wanted to quit, mostly because:

  1. Your troubles follow you wherever you go
  2. I would NEVER find a place as good as what I have now.

So I just soldier on, and after 20 years, I did reach close to the end of the rainbow. :)) Right now things are better than they've been in decades, in some aspects, and a bit worst also.

As to where I go, I don't need to go. I'm already there. If I need a bit of down time, I find a good book and drift away into another world for a while.

I never seem to lose focus on what I want or where I want to be. I am living it now.


Totally agree, I meant more of a metaphorical quit.. just the feeling of being discouraged and losing motivation. I’ve never actually wanted to walk away from something or quit life exactly. But definitely have those moments where I just want to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and wish all my troubles away. What I’ve realized though is that is my fault, because I’m not dealing with things properly etc.

I love to hear that you have already mastered the dealing with those things though! Means it’s totally possible haha.

I agree, sometimes the place is no where at all.. just a mental escape through an activity you enjoy. Gardening was actually always a huge one for me.. you can work out many problems with your hands in the dirt.

Happy to hear you are doing well ❤️

My healing place has been Nature too... just feeling the damp moss on my feet, the cold waters of the pond in my body... I've been dealing a lot of anxiety... and even some days, being there where I love the post, I couldn't let go of it... of all the tension... I felt sometimes like some strings were breaking... yet I insisted to keep myself a whole
I chose not to get bitter

Also like Pechi I find comfort in writing, composing music, and painting...
the simple pleasures of a slower pace

No... you can't catch the wind
as you can't hold the tide

sometimes things happen and there is nothing we can do but to cope, endure and get through them...
Priscilla Hernandez grow forest - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Big hugs....
always loving to stop by your blog

I have a led candle for you on to win the steemfest ticket... I know it's symbolic and my scientific brain knows it doesn't work that way... but good wishes sometimes displace the universe, I'm sure... so my led candle is on for you Justine :) just to let you know, wink!

Sorry posted a partial duplicate of previous message by mistake... edited :)

My place is in the oven. I leave it all there.