Doers Don't Hate, Haters Don't Do

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Non-doers love to say "That will never work."

Doers say "Man... I dunno. Let's try it."

People who don't do anything tend to have very strong opinions about what is impossible. Or maybe they don't believe it's impossible... So they say, it's been done before, and therefore it's not worth doing.

Doers are more humble about their knowledge of the world, because they've been humbled so many times in the past. They've tried things that they didn't expect to work, and then seen them work.

If you have an idea and it makes sense to you, please don't listen to naysayers and haters. Listen to the people who either encourage, or give you ideas on how things might be done better.

Nobody knows everything, and the people who think they know everything probably know a lot less than they think they do. And those who think they know little probably know more than they think they do.

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Timothy Leary.


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