The Meet the Steemians Contest is over - Results are coming soon ...

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This was definitely a great idea. Of course lots of us would have loved to know the rules initially lol.

I met approximately 40-50 ppl on opening day, 30 of which were new steemians i had never met prior & so i wasn’t willing to reset my collection for the sake of the contest prize....then unfortunately in the end, i lost all of my contacts after a couple of days anyway lol... that part was disappointing.

Is there a way to get access to a back up from day 2ish? There were many ppl that i really wanted to follow up with!

All in all, a really good idea with a lot of value imo.

This has been such a nice challenge!! I think it changed the whole dinamic at steemfest. People got mixed a lot and got to know each other much more!! Thanks for that initiative! It has been a lot of fun. Hopefully I stay in the top 10 ;)

Smooth move scanning me at the

I should have paid closer attention and tried but I was dumb and forgot to scan most of the time.

Hahaha @roxanne challenged me personally so the game was on! :D

Well I’m interested to see how it ends. Those of you at the top...could be switched depending if you guys scanned or didn’t scan the chosen ones. Lol. Good luck my dear!!!

Who are the chosen ones? Lol I dont have to win but I still would like to be in the top 10 ;)

Lol. I wish I knew!!! I’m sure you’ll medal...or wil you?!?!?

I loved that scanning game :)

I had so much fun with this, although I didn't really do it. I mean I did the scanning thing just for the talks (which of course was the point) and it really helped me get to know other Steemians! :D Great initiative, @arcange <3

I wanted to scan(more like 'Listen') people's Mind..
Not just a QR code for scores. :)

But it was a really cool idea & nice concept of friendly-competition!

Steemitboard always bring some cool awards,
and I'm a big fan of it!

Thank you for your great work!

P.S - Maybe I have to utilize stop watch in next SF as well.. haha :D

Fantastic idea for the contest @arcange. I'll definitely hussle a bit more with it next year. Sometimes I mostly forgot as we all were having such interesting conversations that I wasn't thinking of it. I'll make a better go at it next year!!!

One of the best parts of Steemfest³ for sure was meeting people and while the scanning was not a priority, it surely was a great icebreaker. Awesome idea @arcange.

It was also great to meet and "scan you".


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@arcange thanks for creating this wonderful contest, what was actually not a contest but a way to get in touch with your fellow Steemians without feeling awkward that you didn't know them all.

Your contest was a really great idea and very funny, thanks for this creative work @arcange!

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