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Video Tutorial for joining Curation Trail or Fanbase

Click To See Our Mission

  • We are a fast growing community dedicated to fighting against propaganda, seeking the truth, providing data and analysis. The ultimate purpose of our focus in the #InformationWar is to provide you with the tools to defend liberty within this mode of war.

  • Join the discord: chat with like minded individuals and share your Informationwar type articles to receive additional support :)

You can help support the @Informationwar in 5 different ways!!!.

1. Delegating Steempower!

This is something that we recommend for those who have a lot of extra steempower they are willing to loan out to the @informationwar account. This way will build up the @informationwar account the fastest, as it directly gives steempower to the account which will allow the particular account to earn rewards. When you delegate steempower you are essentially loaning it to us so we can vote on things and earn the rewards, the steempower is still yours and you can take it back at any time(it takes 7 days to get back the way the system is designed).

If you would like to delegate more than 100 steempower simply let me know by getting the attention of @truthforce I will then make you a custom link for how much you would like to delegate and can send to you.

2. The Curation Trail service allows you to follow the @Informationwar account and upvote the items they vote upon automatically!

  • Join The Curation Trail Here

  • If you were not aware already, everyone's Total Voting Power is recharged by each day by 20%. By following the Curation Trail on the @informationwar account we will only ever potentially use 20% of its own Total Voting Power per day, so if you are following on the Curation Trail with 100% vote follow your account would potentially use 20% of its Total Voting Power per day on what we upvote. This really benefits people who don't use Steemit every day because you may be sitting at 100% total voting power and not voting! You are missing out on rewards when you don't vote!!!

  • Want to see what your Total Voting power is at right now? Check here Simply replace the "@truthforce" with your own username!

  • Here is a break down of the percentages. If you follow at 100% you would potentially use 20% of your Total Voting power per day, if you follow at 50% you would potentially use 10%, etc.

100% = 20%
90% = 18%
80% = 16%
70% = 14%
60% = 12%
50% = 10%
40% = 8%
30% = 6%
20% = 4%
10% = 2%
5% = 1%

3. The Fanbase service allows you to become a Fan of another Steemer, automatically upvoting his/her posts.

  • Click Here To Join Fanbase

  • Upvoting all of our Blog Posts will help our posts show up in the trending tab/hot tab. The more upvotes a post has in terms of USD value the higher the post will go into the trending/hot tab on steemit. This helps spread our message better and some others might see our posts!

4. Upvote Comments by @informationwar automatically.

  • Click Here To Automatically Upvote @informationwar Comments

  • You will need to type in Informationwar in the search once you are on the above page, and set your upvote settings to what you would like and click submit.

  • Upvoted comments on steemit help raise the awareness of a comment. When you upvote a comment it makes it rise to the top on a blog post. We always leave a comment when we curate someone else's post, by upvoting all of our comments you will be highlighting our work and raising it to the top of their blog post so more people can see comments.

5. Manually browse through #informationwar or #memewar tag and upvote posts the you like + resteem + comment on them!

  • By going through the #informationwar or #memewar tag you can find like minded people who you may want to follow or interact with! We really encourage everyone to work together on our goal of spreading the message far and wide, if you can manually upvote them or resteem their posts or leave them some good comments that will help build our efforts!

Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)
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Just joined the informationwar curation trail, 50% scaled voting. @ironshield

Appreciate it!! :)

It's my pleasure... I had to pause it for a while to recover some VP. I'm still tweaking, i'll resume once I recover. Happy to support information war curation trail! @ironshield

I plan to get involved more, but I'm UberNoob - I just joined and still haven't figured out what's what. I've got a ton of catching up to do, and quite a bit of other stuff on my plate. At the moment I'm reposting the occasional piece and learning as I go. What I really want to do is get back to my own writing (I'm actually in the midst of a couple of pieces as we speak), but life has a way of taking precedence, whether we like it or not.
I like what I see here, and I will dive in when things ease up for me.

Sure thing :)

Feel free to join our discord and ask us any questions.

I just joined the healing Trail and the fanbase

This is a great way to help the Informationwar if you don't have much Steem Power to delegate.

I know we have way more active users than this in the Discord so lets try and double the amount of followers here.



1 @truthforce Auto
2 @metalmag25 Auto
3 @jdc Auto
4 @wakeupnd Auto
5 @thoughts-in-time Auto
6 @johnvibes Auto
7 @tftproject Auto

Which link do I follow?

@informationwar is the account to follow if you want to support the war effort :)


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I'd like to delegate 100 SP. Tried a couple different times, but it won't work for me. Wants me to give my owner key, and I'm not doing that. HELP!

I believe it should only ask for the Active Private Key.

At any rate, you can also delegate SP through here as well. It should just ask you for the Active Private Key

Appreciate your support good sir :)

At the end of the SteemWorld delegation process, it asks me to "login to show" my REAL active key, and when I do that on, it doesn't show me my real active key to finalize the delegation, but continues saying "login to show" and only displays a public active key.


You have to get your Active Private key from your steemit profile page. That would be here Next to the Active Key it says "login to show". You log in like you normally would, then click "Show Private Key" and the key will be shown.

This process can be pretty obnoxious to learn the first time :)

...Except that IT DOESN'T WORK. I log in, and it just keeps on saying "login to show," and never changes to "Show Private Key."

And you are doing that on ?

You may need to disable your adblocker or something. That is odd.

Here is what it looks like on my screen before I log in.


After I log in. And when I click Show Private Key it changes the key shown(the key is to the left side of the screen, that is the key that changes).


Yes. I am doing this on Steemit, and I see the same thing you see at the top of your message, but even AFTER it (apparently) logs in successfully, it NEVER CHANGES to what it looks like at the bottom of you message, but rather it continues to ask me to "login to show".

By chance do you have cookies and or something else turned off in your settings on your browser? Sounds like your temporary internet storage files in the cache aren't remembering you are logged in.

Very odd. I am able to do this on firefox or google chrome's latest versions.

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