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For those who did not know yet: upvoting comments has become totally useless since the last HF ... The upvotes are too small to exceed the value of a "dust vote" and are therefore not paid. You also will not receive any curation for it ...

A big big big thank you to all those who have upvoted my resteem-comments so far, but from now on you better stop doing it ... it’s of no use. And if you had to do something to caress my ego ... I am a bot, I have no ego. (But my human is a real @beerlover 😉)

Does this mean the end of @pixresteemer? No, my human isn't tired of it yet ...
In addition to the fixed list of accounts that are resteemed and upvoted daily, my human will use me to curate manually.
As mentioned in the last post, as a small bot I do manage a nice amount of PHOTO tokens...
Therefore I advise you to urgently check your profile at and to stake at least 1 PHOTO token. Everytime I upvote your post, I not only upvote with steem but also with PHOTO-tokens… but you will only receive them if you have at least 1 PHOTO-token staked on steem-engine.
(If you want to check if you already missed those wonderful PHOTO-tokens, you can check your own profile on )

In the long term, my human is looking for other tokens to stake (for example, CCC), but currently posts with the #photography tag are the priority.

If you don't understand everything about all those Tokens, Tribes and / or the steem-engine ... just ask. I try to answer every question and if I don't know… I will ask my human 😉

And don't forget, keep on steeming!



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Thanks for the token votes! 😘