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Just Another Day

The day was a mixture of sunny & rainy one . I woke up at almost 10.30am as usual 😅. Got freshen up and started off to my brother's office.

My brother went for on-site services and I was alone at the office . Those who read my first dairy game post know the routine.

IMG_20201021_184702.jpgBored @ Office

But this time , surprisingly a call came from an unknown number and I answered. It was from the company where I was awaiting my job and they said , as the office is closed due to Covid-19 and all the staffs are now in Work From Home , I should wait until the office is reopened so as to give training for new recruits. He also added that date of reopening was not decided yet.

I was satisfied that my job application is still relevant but disappointed at the same time , because of the not-so-soon ending boring days. Instagram showed "Posts Over" message just as usual 😐.


I also took some photos , while at the office to post along with my diary post. And also edited it a bit to make it look cool 😁. May be it will give me good editing skills tomorrow. Who knows what await us in future.

IMG_20201021_000444.jpgA Panoramic Shot

My brother came back at evening. We ordered some snacks and ate it together.I stayed till it's dark .


Then I went to my uncle's home as I am teaching science to one of my cousins who is appearing for SSLC exam this year. After teaching him I reached back home around 9pm .

Then I played Among Us with my college friends till midnight.

Among Us Image Source : Eurogamer

That was my 20th of October
The 20-10-2020

Thank you all for reading .
Much love steemians 💙

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Hi @ansaf,

Try to make it at least 300 words diary post, that is one of the guidelines of the diary game.

Thank you.

Sorry @sapwood, Didn't know there was such rule.
I will surely rectify it in my next Diary game post.
And Thanks for the curation ! 💙

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Hi @ansaf
Your post expresses your writing style very nice.
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