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Three Main Points To Be Remembered While Creating Contents !

• Proof of Brain💲

• Say No to Plagiarism ! 🚫

• Do Proper Citation 🔗


1. Proof Of Brain

According to Steemit steemians (steem users) can post contents, that satisfy the below line , from steemit.

"Steem is an open platform meant to host and welcome any legal content that complies with our terms of service. Users can post anything they want, whether it be phrases, quotes, blogs, anecdotes, photos, videos, memes, songs, and more. Be creative!." Source

"Steem provides a scalable blockchain protocol for publicly accessible and immutable content, along with a fast and fee-less digital token (called STEEM) which enables people to earn the currency by using their brain (what can be called “Proof-of-Brain”)."

Just like the above paragraphs imply , we can earn for the contents which we will be posting to steemit blog. As our contents can earn us money we should create original and quality contents to post into the blog. If we use any parts or quotes from other posts on steemit or even outside steem environment , it is advised to give proper citation or source. 😊

As in simple words , we can earn money using our brain . This is 'Proof of Brain' . 😄

Say No to Plagiarism 🚫


What is Plagiarism?

We should always post original posts which originated in our own head! Copy Pasted contents from any sources without giving any credit to real owner is always a plagiarised post . Using a text section from a post without proper citation , rewriting contents from another post , using images from others without citation are examples of plagiarism!

There are 3 widely accepted methods to avoid plagiarism. They are ;

  • Summarizing the original text
  • Quoting the original text as it is on the parent post
  • Explaining a section from another post on our own words

But on all these methods it is mandatory that we must reference the source we used. This can be done mainly and efficiently using Citation method .

Do Proper Citation 🔗

The proper Citation of quoted contents should be , given as a text "Source" immediately after used content , with a hyperlink pointing directly to source post/page. The source cannot be explained as neither "from google" nor "from wikipedia" . The direct post/page should me mentioned and it is important for the post to be a plagiarism free one .

The citation can be done easily using some templates.
"You can use this markup template to source the webpage links into your articles
Markdown for citation"

As you can see , I have also included citations in this post itself. Hope everyone got the idea of Plagiarism and citation! If you are reading my blog/post for the first time , make sure you read the previous achievement tasks which includes my introductory post and post on steemit security .

For detailed Content Etiquette Click Here. Do read!!☺️

Thank you all for reading!

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Thank you.

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