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My Steemit Experience

I reached here in steemit through Dtube. There was a long journey before I reached here . I will save that story for another Blog post 😉 . I would like to share my blog writing experience now in this post .

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When I started to write blogs here on steemit,

I was expecting a normal blog , which we can post only images with caption & tag other users by '@'+'username' method. But when started to read other blog posts I came across lots of stylings on those posts! I didn't know how to do it then 🤔 .

In my first blog post,

I didn't use any stylings. In my Introduction Post (achievement 1 post) also , It is just a 'text along with pic' type of blog with no stylings. Even if I saw blogs with stylings , I didn't know how to create them. Those who have not read it , tap here 😄 .


But, when writing my

achievement 2 post about Basic Steemit Security, I noticed a Markdown Styling Guide button (Click on that to check that page 😉 ). So I checked that page and learn how to add certain stylings like Inline Links , Headings , Bold and Italic characters etc to a blog post . You can find that post here.

After the first two achievements,

I moved on to the third achievement task post about content etiquette , writing that post gave so much knowledge about writing a blog post. I learned to add superscript , blockquotes , lists there (In terms of blog writing). I will add the rest of my experience of 500SP Minnow Support Program in the detailed review blog 😌.
Give it a read 👉 Content Etiquette.

Now when writing this blog post , I have a good knowledge in markdown methods , especially on

  • Inline links
  • Ruler
  • Center Align
  • Justify text
  • Adding an image along with text
  • Bold and Italic characters
  • Tagging other users
  • Citing the source
  • Line break etc.

Thank you all for reading .
Much love steemians 💙

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Thank you!


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Hello @ansaf, what a good post you did for your achievement 4. Well done

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