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The Rainy Day

I was waiting for a lucky & interesting day for my first 'The Diary Game' Entry Post . Bad luck , I got nothing special . But when I thought of writing something , I got the idea !
'Why don't I write some normal days first ?'
Only then the special day posts can be identified . Haha 😅

The day started normally . I woke up , got freshen up and went to my brother's office.
As I said in my introduction post to steemit in Newcomer's Community ,

" I am awaiting a job at an IT field company which I got through campus placement last year!"

So currently I am helping my elder brother in running his Laptops and PC sales and service office.

Captured at the Office

He is also doing on-site services , so I will be in charge of the office. The office was started on 13th of January this year . The venture is profitable now but not at all to afford staffs. We do sales and services of Laptops , PCs , Security Systems etc. Mainly based on Trivandrum city in Kerala , India.


As the covid pandemic is still spreading in our country , the sales had been drastically affected. So I was also bored there since my brother had gone for an on-site service. I was there just staring at walls and scrolling on my phone .

IMG_20201014_130550.jpg Clicked when I was alone at office

Then a cloudburst happened , and continued to rain for 1 hour. It was a nice rain to watch , indeed. The covid quaratine had made me to feel great pleasure even in the smallest things. I am sure everyone had something change like this on their life too.


My brother reached back office from his work. It was almost evening. He had some accounting things to do. So I set out to home on my Motorbike. Before beginning the journey I took the pic below for my fellow steemians! ☺️


After reaching home , I went to meet my Ummumma(grandmother) with my Umma (Mother). I forgot to take any pictures as I was having fun with my cousins. Got back to home around 9PM.

Even if it wasn't special or memorable day , It was a good day for sure!


Confession 😬 :I am not a diary writing person. But when I started writing this dairy post. It was a good feeling though !🤗 Thank you @steemitblog for organising this beautiful game. 💙


Now after posting this I got to work on my Achievement 5 for Minnow Support Program by @cryptokannon. So see you guys on the next post.😄

Thank you all for reading .
Much love steemians 💙


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Thank you!


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