1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Season 2 ends, Season 3...

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Today is the final day of Season 2 of The Diary Game.

We are still voting on as many posts as possible.

If you haven't been voted by @steemcurator01 do not despair (or complain!), we will do our best to visit everyone. And if you have continued posting your diaries you will receive a nice 'catch-up' vote when @steemcurator01 arrives.

It seems most people have enjoyed the game as we are commonly asked when Season 3 will be starting?

Season 3 - The NeverEnding Season

We are happy to announce that Season 3 begins tomorrow!

As so many people enjoy writing their daily Diary Game posts, and as it has proved such a good starting point for newcomers to Steem, we have decided that The Diary Game will become a permanent feature.

There will though be some changes.

The Diary Game will become part of the 'A Better Life With Steem' project that we announced a couple of days ago.

You should now use the tags #betterlife , #thediarygame and #countryname (for example #india). These should all be in the first five tags. #the1000daysofsteem should not be included.

Posts can still be in any language. The rules about the minimum number of words (300) and the maximum number of images (8) will now be optional guidelines rather than obligatory rules.

You can write diary posts daily or occasionally as you want.

As the Diary Game will now be part of the Better Life project, votes from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 will no longer be guaranteed.

We will still be voting on many Diary Game posts but much of the curation will be handed over to Diary Game Curators who will be part of the Better Life Curation team that will be formed over the coming weeks.

There is more information on the Better Life post but if you are interested in becoming a Diary Game Curator you can just start making your sample Diary Game curation digests including any diary posts dated from September 26th.

You can chose to curate Diary Game posts from around the world, or you can specialize in a particular country or language.

We are not sure yet how many Diary Game Curators will be needed as it will depend on how many people keep making Diary Game posts, but as we spot good curators they will be invited to join the Better Life Curation Team.

Members of the Better Life Curation Team will get all their curation digest posts voted on by @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02, and the posts they select in their curation digests will also generally receive votes.

We hope many people will want to continue writing their daily diaries.

The Diary Game posts have allowed us to learn so much, and to connect with so many people's lives around the world.

We hope the connections will continue, and grow stronger.

There is so much more to come.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Steem Power Up Day - October 1st

Organizer @kiwiscanfly has posted a reminder about the forthcoming SPUD event on October 1st.

The prizes on offer this month are even more impressive...

Street Food Contest

Bangladesh Country Rep @rex-sumon has a contest about Street Food on the go.

25 STEEM is up for grabs...

Education Costs Contest

India Country Rep @rishabh99946 is running a contest about education costs.

There is over 50 STEEM to be won...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Good news.. agree thediarygame concept helps newcomers to start right away.

Yes... thediarygame help new end old user... It was a great idea and luckily it will continue to exist.

Is the diary game still running and where can I read its rules?

It's a great update, it's absolutely true diary has proved really great in the progress of steem. Especially for recruitment and with new project better life with steem it'd be more valuable now, and we will be seeing more of unique posts from all over the world!

Thanku rishabh for maintaining the list of ongoing contests it makes it easy for people to not go here and there for participàtions.

Also your work for education contest 🤠 Glad to see you our neighbor country Representative :)

Is the diary game still running and where can I read its rules?

It has been a success to have activated #TheDiaryGame, I believe that an unprecedented interaction has been achieved in our platform, besides promoting the daily participation of the majority of users that are active at the moment.

This does not end here, what comes next will be better, the communities are already organizing themselves in an excellent way.

Here is a sample of it, see the activities we have in World of xpilar for all the members of Steemit.


Magnífico, yo soy uno de los que quiere seguir participando en el juego del diario, inclusive, deseaba poder mostrar mi día a día en mi trabajo como artesano, una fusión entre #thediarygame y #craftyconten, de hecho, ya estaba empleando estas etiquetas juntas, es excelente!!

Gracias por todo, seguimos adelante.

Saludos desde Apure.

The diary game S3 sounds interesting!
I seriously wasn't expecting the song in this post, I laughed really hard
Keep up with the good word, the Steemit team is working incredibly hard and we're really grateful for that :)

Oh, nice news! 🥳 Sometimes the diary is better than a therapy!

If any one has ever considered steemit as a general platform for all, then it is because of #thediarygame and it also makes us different from other similar blockchains, otherwise, the barrier to entry too high before "the 100 days of steem".

Thanks for making Steem Blockchain more general than ever.

Steem on.

Thanks for this, @steemitblog team.
One more reason to be happy and grateful.
A translation into Spanish.

Gracias por esto, @steemitblog equipo.
Una razón más para estar feliz y agradecido.
Una traducción al español.

Graciuas @mariita52 por este aporte, justo pensaba preguntarte si lo tarducirías para darte resteem, jejeje

¡Amigaaa! No había podido acceder por el internet que está fatal y apenas entro vi esta maravillosa noticia, solo espero que traiga un poco de felicidad a los que están conociendo la plataforma y que están pasando tantos problemas, pero aun asi publican. A mi me ha hecho muy feliz. Un abrazo.

Esa es la clave "más felicidad" para esta gran comuniad..!

Thank you for the translation @mariita52

Gracias a ustedes equipo, increíble apoyo al ecosistema Steem.

Super excited for the next season.

This is very good news. People have enjoyed diary games more Because it is a lot easier for newcomers.

I am so excited about this update, thank you @steemitblog for making this game unending. But, if you can guarantee the upvote, it will be more nice

That will good that diary game was not end. Hope this time all of us in the community we can post better than before. Thank you @steemblog.

I am waiting for next season i will do extra hard work on next season

What is the season 3 of the diary games about ?
Is there any discord group for new commers?
Confused and clueless.

@steemitblog, this is cute. I am so ready for the season 3 of #thediarygame. I cannot wait oooooo.
Thanks for this great initiative.

This is so great,I can't wait for the season 3 of this game to kick off. I have got alot to talk about. Thanks you for this program @steemitblog

I am glad to know that Season 3 has already started .. thanks for all the work you are doing, I will continue to participate and make other posts ... STEEMIT will be back to shine even more ..

Great news to All!

Diary game made better life staying with us all the time is good. I like the idea making it option for the Diarists to choose whether to post daily of occasion. This is really awesome news to here.

I would like to be part of the Curation Team for #betterlife project. Thanks to all comrades, let's join and steem on together!!

Ini Betul-betul berita yang sangat menggembirakan bagi semua steemian di seluruh dunia khususnya Indonesia. Terima kasih @steemitblog dan @steemcurator01 untuk inisiatif yang sangat luar biasa ini.

Nice updates.♥
As now the diary game became a part of our life , including the diarygame in "A Better Life with steem" This Project is a great opportunity for all steemians

Thanks ♥ @steemitblog and The steemit team

Steem On !

I am very much fond of creating my diary daily.
I think it's a great opportunity.

The diary game really improved the writings and creativity of steemians as I noticed massive improvements in the diaries of people from the beginning to the end. I'm sure combining it with the better life will also be massive as there is a likelihood of a visit from the curator team.

Great news as always.

Hola, esto si es grandioso son lo máximo una noticia muy buena que continuemos estamos encantados con la noticia

@steemitblog (75) nice, we are moving forward

Hola @steemitblog,
Muchas gracias por la actualización, la verdad estaba pensando en que hacer cuando termine el diario ya estoy acostumbrado y me encanta compartir vivencias junto a mi hijo @daniell1, gracias por todo el apoyo que hemos recibido!

Saludos y bendiciones!!


This is lovely...surely there's gonna be more reasons to make at least one post everyday. Retention is guaranteed
Steem on!

It's really nice to know that diary game will continue. It's very great. This particular one has helped so many people in creating good content. Nice job @steemitblog

That's a great news for me because I had learned so many new things from #thediarygame season 2.

I also shared my diary journey on steemit. That was so beautiful and now even better as it's never ending season. I also organised a competition, where steemians share their experiences.

Thank you steemit team.

Also, I would love to be the part of curation team. I'll post my sample diary game digest from Indian community.

This will be more helpful if @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will support our diary posts. This is really very good news for us.

Ini berita bagus untuk lanjutan the diary game, pendatang baru sangat mudah tentang hal ini dan akan membuat mereka cepat berkembang.

Glad to learn of the immediate commencement of the diary game season 3. The diary game is a very fan contest that has indeed kept most of us active and engaged on the steem ecosystem. I second its continuity and I am looking to participating further in the next season. I want to explore that opportunity by curating as many diary game posts as possible.

Thanks steemit team for the updates.

New users can easily learn to work through diary games. I am very happy that we can rewrite the Diary game.

Hola que super emoción que continuamos con temporada tres esto si que es divertido me gusta estas iniciativas que tienen ustedes @steemitblog

Hi @steemcurator01
If you don't mind.I have been posting here for many days. But I didn't vote for any of my diary game posts. I only voted for one post before the break of the second season. Since then I haven't voted for any post. I have always followed the @steamblog posts.
Please see my posts @rasel72.

Terimakasih tim steemit , khususnya @steemitblog untuk postingan terbaru yang sangat menggembirakan ini. Saya suka mengikuti contest The Diary game, saya suka bersama steemian hebat, yang mendorong orang lain untuk sukses. Steem on.

Thank you @steemitblog for season 3. We can post our diary again. It is a good initiative.

Thank you.

Buenos días, me puede decir hasta que día dura The Diary Game segunda temporada, gracias .

Pd: seguiré participando escribir es una forma de desaguarse !

Excelente notica, yo amo #thediarygame y es genial que no tenga fin. felicidades equipo steem su trabajo es arduo y motivador, mis últimos diarios no han sido visitados aun, pero soy feliz de hacer lo que me gusta... Y ahora se que me esforzare mas para llegar un día a curar a otros...


Yo en mi caso estoy haciendo todo lo posible de seguir la reglas, pero aveces es un poco agotador son horas de trabajo y esfuerzo. tengo varias publicaciones vencidas claro es un juego no un trabajo quiciera ser mas tomada en cuenta @florni bendiciones

Good News .. new wekend.

It's a good news that diary game has now become a permanent feature as it is easy for thr newcommers to make and to adopt the skills required to be here.
It would make it easy for a lot of people to keep working on the steemit platform.
Thanks to the steemit team.

All your plans are very beautiful. I think it will be an advantage for new users to succeed. I haven't been able to get an upvote for about 35 days. But I post regularly following all the rules. I hope my posts will be visited and upvote very soon.

it's wonderful to keep doing our best now during the diary game session

I think the range of options is excellent now, I'm one of those who has enjoyed writing their diaries every day, when it comes to making a publication I find it a nice thing because you don't have to invent anything, just write how your day was and the experience of each one is unique and unrepeatable; it has even served me to thank for the blessings received every day. With the new options incorporated in 'A Better Life With Steem' we will be able to vary according to our mood or what we have to tell at that moment.
Thank you for organizing initiatives that encourage participation.
Have a great day

Bye bye Season 2
welcome season 3 , the best thing is its never ending season. Indeed daily diary helped me to know about arepas a common breakfast of Venezuelan people hehe.

Thank you that we will be able to post diary games again from tomorrow. The new Steemian in the diary game will come in handy for users. Thanks for making such a beautiful decision

Excellent news, thanks once again @steemitblog I was already imagining my days without #thediarygame, now I am happy, and writing my diary day by day is part of my life. Thank you so much 🤗

I really like this is a great opportunity for us newcomers.
I wish everyone success.

¡Gracias por seguir con el diario! Que bueno que hicieron la temporada 3.

Потрясающая песня в посте. Спасибо!

I enjoyed writing a diary, and I will try to continue it. It's good that you can write in your native and wonderful Russian language. Thank you to the contest organizers.

i am sitll waiting .. .. please visite my profile once .. its a long time i didnt get support ... @steemitblog @steemcurator01

i feel that these contest keep active community, and bring more pleasure on face, so i am here in with new passion, i am very much impressed with the support of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 that these two playing,,

THe continuation of the Diary game I certainly a goodnight thing as most of us aren’t use to writing it daily thanks for the opportunity

Excellent news and with very good expectations.

This is the Birthdays and Memorial Community on Steemit

Eventually I want to have a Horoscope Bot in the group, and everyone can earn STEEM on their Birthday.

Anyone who wants to use the communities page, here is the link

Very good initiative asusual! God bless you ! Keep up your good work 👏🏼👏🏼😍😊🇮🇳🙏

Good thing,but not good for us. You won't visit our post,you will visit some special steemit id everytime. Whatever they post you will give them upvote,but not us. There is a limit of everything,there is limit of patience. It has been 48 days of daily diary. I have made 46 diaries in this time. But no result. Just a lot time waste i have done. It has been about 39 diaries, I haven't been visited by @steemcurator01 . I know it will not be anything by mentioning, because this will not seen by their team. At first it was said that ,they will give upvote daily,but now what is result? Not a single upvote. You guys could have change your rules,so that everyone can get upvotes. At least a decent amount of upvotes,so that they can work in steemit. Is there any place, where there is no return from work?

Don't know it will be seen by @steemitblog or @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02

But it has made our limit end. 48 diaries so far but result zero.

What i haven't done? I made my post payout to 100%,i upload diary regularly,i use google location,i use correct format of posting,i use correct tags in my posts,i do engagement with others,i comments on others blog,i participate in manys contests,i am doing my achievement regularly,i am giving upvotes to all to encourage all users,i am helping my fellow Steemians,i am trying to add some more people in steemit etc. But result is zero. Without getting any result , who will be happy in this world?

Participation in The Diary Game is not compulsory.

If you do not like it, please do not write any further posts.

You will then forfeit any catch-up votes.

Dear @steemcurator01, there was a promise that you will visit every diary game posts. sooner or later, and now you are saying that this is not compulsory. Did you mean that you don't give support to our previous diary post that not curated by you? What is your next plan for those who didn't got upvotes from you. Please reply us.

We are still hoping to visit all posts dated up to September 25th.

If people still have current diary posts when we arrive then they will get catch up votes.

Thanks for your reply. We are still hoping you will visit our profile.

Espero su visita amigo. por una segunda vez.

As so many people enjoy writing their daily Diary Game posts

Do you seriously think that people write posts for fun? I want to disappoint you, even though you understand perfectly well. People play the game to earn money and have returned to Steemit to get rewarded for their efforts. But as statistics show, if in the first season you visited all the participants, then in the second you vote for the same ones, you forgot about the others altogether. And of course those who are visited by curators like to write posts without a doubt.

I'm still wondering how the votes will be counted and, accordingly, whether the award will be fair, or whether the favorite team will win again, where the team captains are representatives of countries. After all, their team members are regularly visited by curators. But what about other participants who have put a lot of effort and effort, whose posts are not worse, or even much better.

Before you start new contests and seasons, you should sort out the ones that are already running and put everything on the shelves.

Money is not the first thing to be here, but every job has to be paid. Steemit don't think so.

For nothing, no one will spend their two or three hours writing a post and editing images. This is work and time, and I agree that every job should be paid for. If there are no rewards, no one will participate in games and contests. This is a fact!

This is not a job - it is a game!

A game in which there are rules for players and the responsibility of the organizers to support participants with votes. Otherwise, you should have initially stipulated that you can ignore the posts of participants simply because you want to.

The Diary Game is not a job - it is a game!

You alienate a lot of good authors with your unfair attitude. You have interesting and exciting games that could attract not only ordinary users but also influential investors, but not with this approach. Fish is known to rot from the head and your attitude is wrong. I used to think that @steemitblog and @steemitcurator01 are different people, but if they are the same person, then we can't talk anymore. See the number of active participants significantly decrease in the future and all that you have managed to do will come to naught again.

All your posts up to September 7th have been visited by @steemcurator01 and rewarded.

Participation in the Diary Game is not compulsory.

up to 7 Yes, and then? almost twenty days to write in the void is this your norm?

How is this not mandatory? You created the game by promising all participants to vote for posts according to the rules. All my posts are written according to the rules, and this takes a lot of time, which I could spend usefully for myself. And Yes, unlike others, I am a responsible person and once I joined the team, I have no right to let people down. Why was it necessary to create a game invent rules and then not perform their duties but at the same time require participants to comply with the rules.

আফা একদম হাছা কইছেন

আপুরে,, আপনি ১৭ টা পোস্টের আক্ষেপ এ আছেন 😢। আমি গতমাসের 04.08.2020 তারিখ থেকে পোস্ট করতেছি,, কিন্তু @steemcurator01 এর দেখা পাইলাম না। 😞😞😰

Hello sir please visit my diary post

Sure friend, it will happen.......... just keep give your 100% on each post. Sorry, I don't have voting power yet or else I will surely give earning vote on your at least 2 to 3 posts, right now I have just given you a friendly vote.

Thank you its means alot
Always welcome sir....🙂

Are dost sir kyu, I am not at 75 age :) main bhi new hu yaha pe. Just enjoy Bhai.

Ok brother🙂

Many of my diary game posts did not get @steemcurator01 votes.Moreover, due to not getting votes in many of my posts, @steemcurator01 told me to vote extra later.I have completed 50 posts of diary games with that hope.
I hope to get the highest number of @steemcurator01 votes in my posts.


You appear to have missed the part of the story where you were banned for lying and deceit with your second account @curatorlover...

The Steemit Team

I'm so sorry for that.And I am posting on this account now (@solaiman12).I have confessed my mistake to you.I hope you will support me again.Please don't exclude me from the steemit.I want to work for you all the time.Please forgive me.I will be grateful to you.

@steemcurator01 sir Please forgive me.And allow me to re-post from @solaiman12 .I will never post from @curatorlover again.

@steemcurator01 sir Will my account never get your support again ???I urge you never to post from @curatorlover again.Allow you to post only from @solaiman12.

I've been posting since the beginning. My first post was a little bad. I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my post. I don't know how successful. I have been I have posted diary games every day from the beginning till now But @steemcurator01 never voted for my post. Support me a little. @steemcurator01

Dear @mdmomin12 .. you commented without reading this post properly ... Please read this👇

If you haven't been voted by @steemcurator01 do not despair (or complain!), we will do our best to visit everyone. And if you have continued posting your diaries you will receive a nice 'catch-up' vote when @steemcurator01 arrives.

So please keep patience if you regularly posting your diaries . Then dont worry you will be definetly suppprted.😊

@steemcurator01 supports your every post. Why is it different in our case?

Who are you referring to? @rashid001 ?

@rashid001 is one of our Country Representatives who does a lot of good work helping to build Steem.

We reward the Country Representatives with extra votes.

The Steemit Team

Becouse of patience 😊 , and it does'nt mean that i am special one .. @steemcurator01 appreciates all country Representatives for their work .. as we all CRs are working for our teams and we try our best to support all steemians . Not for a single person.

You can be selected if you do all activities to support everyone . Engage yourself on all your friends on their diaries, invite new friends to the steemit , aknowledge them about how steemit works and provide them information all about new projects ..
And Think Positive 😊


Regards : @rashid001

But brother, They are not giving any curation catchup post. How they will visit everyone. and how they are trying? He who gets the vote gets it every day. But he who does not get is not getting. Even all are following all the rules.

Getting voted on is a privilege and not a right! They have massive amounts of posts to curate and here you are moaning..again

Sounds like you are more interested in $$ as opposed to being part of a community first

Flagged for being a whining moan arse

You forgave me and allowed me to post on @ solaiman12.But @steemcurator01 did not forgive me.His support is very valuable to me.I am very ashamed of steemcurator01.
@Kiwi-crypto Please do something for me.
@steemcurator01 Please give me another chance.I will never make a mistake again.You can give me any condition.I will abide by your terms perfectly.

You tried to double dip from the rewards pool by using 2 accounts, they are rightfully disappointed in you.

For the 2nd time,

i have no control over who @steemcurator01 votes on!

And stop self voting i see you are still doing that



I will never do that again.I want to be with @steemcurator01 all the time.@steamcurator01 You forgive me.And please give it a chance.I will be grateful to you.

Why do you say we are not giving catch-up votes?

We are doing that everyday, and will continue to do so as long as people have current Diary Game posts to vote on.

Please stop spreading false information.

The Steemit Team

I have not said that you are not giving catch upvotes. Please read my comment again. I have said there are no clear instructions for us. and @steemitblog is not giving any curation catchup post. It would have been better if the curation catchup post is given by steemitblog.

The steemit team working as there best to curate all diaries .. and read carefully @steemitblog's all posts about the diary game season 2, they provided us every latest update

I think He who did not get the catch up vote . May be he will not be regular posting diary,
And i would like to tell you that catch up vote also given by the checking the quality of content

Cc : @tarpan , @toufiq777

@mdmomin12 posted every day. However, he did not get the vote. The only problem with his post. He misspelled many and wrote posts in the regional language. Do not comment regularly in other diary post. We curated his posts every week with @steemcurator07. He is appealing for votes every day without understanding the post of @steemitblog

@steemcurator01 'a better life of steem' posts are voting every day. But people are not doing it, they are appealing for votes every day.

I know brother that they are working hard to reach all the diary game posts. Try to understand my comment. Thanks for your kind reply.

We have visited many of your posts already.

You have never visited my post. I am posting from 04.08.2020 on diary game @steemcurator01

We all are here for a strong community and humanity. If you think you are quality content creator, then you had to read this post fully, there are already written do not post a diary link. And seriously you are just here for upvoted only? No community or unity you want? Some times we have to be patient and we have to keep doing our work on same tune. Without caring of votes or catch up votes.!! Always I read the @steemitblog posts and then see the line for not posting any diary. But in every post I see some comments like yours, why? If you were being a nice steemians you had to follow that said by post.

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