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Hi friends I'm Sharif. I live in Bangladesh. I am a computer engineer. I finished Computer Science subject in 2019 I BSc. I am currently a freelancer. I am really happy to get a platform where I can share my experiences and write details about my life, share my likes and dislikes and learn more about others.


I've loved people since I was little, I wanted to mingle with people and I was a lot more naughty. My parents used to say that I did a lot of mischief as a child and was very sociable. I think that's why I still mix with people very easily and believe people very easily. All the friends I have now love me very much. I help them with any problem and I am a human being. I can never be silent in any such danger.


My family is a family of four with my parents, brothers and sisters. Every member of our family we all love and respect so much. My father is in our family. My father is an employee he is currently retired. My mother is a housewife, my two older brothers are in business and my two sisters are housewives. I'm the youngest in our family so everyone loves me so much.

I like to hang out with my friends in my spare time and love to hang out. My hobbies are more when I have the opportunity to draw pictures, listen to music and all I do is learn something new. It is much better to learn and I can easily learn anything.

I've basically looked a lot like my mom. I got most of my things in my mother's hands. My body color is like my mother's. Everyone says that I have become like my mother and got into the habit of my mother.
I love to write so much I love to write anything in the middle of everything whenever I have time I love to write poetry I love to write different types of articles I hope I can share some very good articles with you on this platform and share different pictures I took with you I can and I can share with you the kind of programming I do. You will help me a lot in this regard.

I can swim fairly well. I went for a walk a few days ago and swam as I wished. I learned so much from my older brother that you taught me to swim with love. I enjoy swimming a lot whenever I get the chance.

Finally, I would like to say that for the sake of human life, if we all reach out to the helpless and poor people around us and help them, I think we can all be happy and at peace. We will all help everyone How to improve How to go one step further We will not pull anyone from behind Everyone will try to move forward by pulling from the top.

Have a day everyone. Thanks for reading.

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Hi, @msharif.
Welcome to steemit.

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Have a nice day

Thank you so much Mr. Representative

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Hi @msharif, You are most welcome to the Steemit platform and online community.

Thank you for introducing yourself.

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Thank you @stream4u

Welcome @msharif!
Hope you have a really good time here, it's a great place to know how other people live in other places of the world, it's really interesting :)

Thank you so much @fendit

Hi @msharif !
Welcome to steemit. Thanks for introducing yourself here. Hope you will have a extraordinary journey in this platform.

We are happy to know that you are a freelancer. You have creative hobby like drawing. Keep it up. It's good to know that you got a beautiful look which comes from your mother.

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Hi @msharif. Welcome to steemit . Thanks for introducing yourself in Newcomers' Community .

Steemit is a platform where you can share your knowledge and learn about people and customs from different countries.

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Thank you so much @sandysparkle

You are most welcome .

Hi @msharif welcome to steemit world my friend! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community! Have a good time here sharing your stories with us!

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Thank you very much to introduce yourself .hope you enjoy the steem platfrom.

Thank you @shaon25

Welcome to steemit

Thank you @jahid1971

Saludos @msharif aunque hablamos idiomas diferentes, lo importante es que podamos conocernos a través de esta exclente plataforma.

Thank you @health-money

Hi @msharif , How are you bro ! welcome to steemit. I'm really happy to see that you have got a lovely family. you have mentioned that you love to write.. so you are in the right place..

Thank you @besticofinder

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Welcome to steem @msharif hope you will have fun here.

I assure you a quality and most of all a rewarding time here and please also endeavor to help others come enjoy what you are enjoying here as well.

Stay positive and you will definitely be glad you came here..

Welcome to bro. I can see that you are a computer engineer and we want more and more people like you. so if you want to join #thedairygame, you can join as soon as possible . you can also join in Steem Bangladesh community that we are giving you more support as you want.

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Thank you

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Welcome to steemit

msharif (46) welcome brother on this platform.

I also love to hear songs using earphones whenever I am free

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Hi,@msharif welcome to steemit

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Hi @msharif
I hope you and your family members are well and
Welcome to steemit.

Thank you @saany

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