1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 30 - One Percent For Everyone & Country Representatives Update

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We really like to see engagement with Diary Game posts.

We want to see more comments.

Sadly we are still seeing many Diary Game posts without any comments, and sometimes even without any votes.

We hope people will view the Diary Game as a growing global community where people read, comment on and vote for other people's posts.

One Percent For Everyone - New Comment Reward System

We have been running for the past few weeks the Lucky 10s contest rewarding the best comments with 10% upvotes.

This has worked well but was necessarily limited in how many people it could reward.

So now we are launching the 'One Percent For Everyone' commenting challenge.

As we go through curating the Diary Game posts we will give a 1% upvote to every worthwhile comment of some substance - particularly if the commenter has also voted for the post.

For example "Awesome photos" won't get rewarded - but "Interesting photos of trees in your post. What sort of tree are they? Do they any particular use?" would get an upvote.

As well as making an engaging comment you just need to add the tag #onepercent and also a tag for your country like #india or #russia.

We will upvote as many comments as we can and there will be no limit to how times you can get a vote each day.

So if you made 100 good comments on Diary Game posts each day you could get the equivalent of a 100% upvote from @steemcurator01.

And if a comment is exceptionally good we may still roll out a Lucky 10 vote as well.

The 'One Percent For Everyone' commenting challenge will run until further notice.

Happy Commenting !

More Country Representatives

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in becoming a country representative on the recent post.

We are still working through all the comments.

So far we have selected two new Country Representatives who have already now accepted the roles...

We would like @alexmove and @olesia64 to join @vipnata in running the @steemcurator06 Russian Community Curator account as well.

We would also like to invite two more people to become Country Representatives...

@focusnow & @rashid001 - if you would like to take on these roles please leave a comment confirming acceptance below.

There is now approaching 100,000 SP delegated out to the Country Representatives and the STEEM POD.

We hope to at least double this before the end of the year.

There will be a continual flow of new County Representatives over the coming weeks as the right people come forward.

We hope they will help boost curation and improve recruitment and retention at the country level.

The Country Representatives will have a growing role as we move forward with the 1000 Days of Steem.

Two major new projects are being planned for after The Diary Game. For both of these the Country Representatives will be playing a key role.

We look forward to sharing news on those projects soon.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela.


All New Country Representatives

Thank you!

Thank you very much ❤

Felicitaciones estoy segura realizaras un buen trabajo, abrazos @anasuleidy

¡¡Gracias por tus palabras amiga!!
¡¡Estoy 100% comprometida con ustedes!!

Congratulations to the newly appointed Country Representatives

I would like to invite all of you into steemingcurators discord here https://discord.gg/jU27bHY
then I will add all of you into steem greeters/STEEM POD private channel for discussion. See you soon 😊

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you a lot. Heading to the server instantly.

Thanks you so much @cryptokannon. Already joined

Thank you very much, I already joined =)

I just noticed @vipnata not with us yet in the discord realms. Come join us there when you have a chance 😊 CRs gathering get together thingy

@cryptokannon, thanks for invitation, but i'm vacation for 10 days now.

@vipnata no problem you can join us later when you're back from your vacation. I'm on holiday trip too, tomorrow I'll be back home.

Thanks @cryptokannon. Where do you spend your vacation?

Hi @vipnata we went to the next city around 2 hours drive Tochigi.

Thank you for choosing to appoint me as country representative. @steemitblog. It is indeed an honor. I have accepted this role. I will work harder in this role both in recruitment and supporting authors from my country. Thank you so much once again

Your community has so many beautiful things to show and teach us. Many colors and a lot of elegance. We are very happy for you and your community. Good job.

Thank you so much @italygame. We will work harder to bring more value to Steemit.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

You should now also join with @oppongk, @yohan2on and @beautychicks to help with the @steemcurator04 Africa account.

@oppongk, @yohan2on and @beautychicks please would you make contact with @focusnow to bring him into your @steemcurator04 curation system.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thank so much @steemcurator01, @steemitblog and all the Steemit Team for adding us with a very hard-working curator to our Curating Team- Africa. Thanks so much. He is welcomed to our Curation Team! Thanks, Steemit Team!!!

@steemcurator01. Thank you so much for the delegations and the opportunity to join with the other African representatives. I will work cooperatively with the team to support authors from our continent.

Congratulations @focusnow. You are most welcome to the team. @beautychicks should add you to our WhatsApp group.

@yohan2on. Ok. Thank you so much. I will get in touch with her.

Great to see more 1% upvote implemented. It's great people will be encouraged to make some valuable upvotes and comments in their spare time. I'm also planning a contest. Stay tuned!

By the way I'm eagerly waiting for the update on STEEMIT T-SHIRTS

Dear the Steemit Team, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 I would like to ask you to make your official statement in regards to the issue that is raised from many Italian users in their Diary posts.

We all can see the read the posts and you can see the feedback from many, there are the silent majority who does not want to tell express themselves aloud and are waiting for your reaction, but unfortunately there is still nothing.

I do not think you should ignore it and behave yourself that nothing is happening, I am ashamed that you who those users are calling as a REFEREE are still giving no feedback.

I am attaching two links, in my opinion this is a cry of their soul and it will be ignorant not to respond to these appeal:


I am attaching this because some people may be too lazy to follow the link and read:



Those users are written diaries but that is funny that such critic posts even though to be Diaries are simply ignored.

No matter what is your final outcome, but the people deserved an answer

I would like to thank anyone who is reading that

Thank you very much @stef1 for pointing out the situation to the Steemit team once again.

I think we can surely have conflicting opinions on the management of a community on Steemit, we can also be harshly criticized...but when someone comes to personal insults, to vulgar discrimination, is crossed a limit that cannot be absolutely exceeded.
Let’s remember how many people every day fight against acts of racism and let’s throw out those who engage in these shameful behaviors.


Thank you for your comment @stef1.

We are reaching out to the people involved to hopefully reach an outcome that suits everyone.

The Steemit Team

Felicitaciones a los Representantes de País recién nombrados:


Va creciendo el apoyo, de verdad que estan abarcando muchisimas participaciones diaria, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01.

Thank you very much 🌝

Muy acertada tus actualizaciones para seguir emprendiendo y aprendiendo en nuestras publicaciones gracias @steemitblog

Felicitaciones a ese nuevo grupo de apoyo para quienes fueron asignados,porque una sola persona es fuerte el trabajo, entre dos puede ser mas suave.


Sigan adelante y apoyando a todos espero sus visitas y consejos para seguir mejorando.



¡¡Tienes razón amiga!!

Gracias por el apoyo y tus palabras.

Thank you very much 🌝

having just invested in steem again for the first time in 2 years, is there something going on ? Like why is everything Chinese? Did I just get worked by senior sun again ?

I will not sing odes of praise. Many are unhappy with the preparation. I haven't seen @ steemcurator01 on my page for 11 days and @ steemcurator06 for four days. It's outrageous. I only see enthusiasm from @olesia. You come up with new contests, but forgot about the old ones.

Может все дело в батарее, поскольку я вчера прошлась по украинцам и у меня заряд батареи быстро сел. И это я ещё не всех украинских авторов навестила!

Не знаю. Я знаю одно, я пригласил людей. Люди пишут, стараются, спрашивают где кураторы. Я испытывают "испанский стыд". Не знаю что им ответить. И ответ "в первом сезоне такого не было" уже никого не устраивает.
Это получается не реклама проекта, а антиреклама. Многих людей я уже отговариваю от участия, пока не проясниться картина.

@batishta, русских участников, кто участвует в игре дневников на платформе более 60 человек. Мы можем использовать полноценно только 20% батареи в день. И не имеем права опускаться ниже 80%, иначе все участники останутся без вознаграждения.
И как много людей пригласили вы, потому что я не вижу, чтобы вас указывали в качестве приглашенного во втором сезоне. @steemcurator06 дает только дополнительный апвоут русским участникам, а основной апвоут за @steemcurator01. И да, русским повезло больше, чем всем остальным участникам игры дневников. Это надо уметь ценить, поэтому считаю, что ваша претензия абсолютно не обоснованна.

Я указываю @steemcurator06 только ради приличия и из уважения к работе. Прошу не учитывать меня в этом списке. Меня приглашал @alexmove и @vict0r

Также я нахожу этот пост немного неуважительным к участнику. Он работает, вкладывается чтобы развивать стимит, а к нему такое отношение.

Извините конечно, но Ваш комментарий со стороны выглядит как "заткнись и пиши бесплатно, а мы сами решим, что для тебя хорошо, а что плохо и вообще радуйся, что вообще что-то
платим за твое время".
Я же ошибся и это не так? Стимит же уважительно ко всем блогерам относится?

Чем русским больше повезло? У Сергея три поста выплаты у которых закончились, не было поддержки. У другой участницы моей команды 4 поста где выплаты уже прошли а поддержки нет. Комменты в Стимблог мы писали. У нас на данный момент у всей команды не пропущенно ни одного дня без поста. Ещё у одного участника обещание от куратора за прошлую игру за не апнутые посты, возместить в этом сезоне.

Как кураторы собираются наверстать нам упущенное я не понимаю. Желание писать пропадает, приглашать кого-то тем более. Я и так чувствую ответственность за тех кого пригласил и у человека 11 дней без апвоутов, 4 из которых уже выплаты прошли. Сильно повезло? Я так не считаю

Да, к сожалению, @steemcurator01 начал поздно курировать дневниковые посты, поэтому у многих посты за 1-4 августа выпали из апвоута. И русским это возместил @steemcurator06, в этом им повезло больше. И да, без куратора 06 все бы получали апвоуты только от куратора01. Жаль, что не понимаете

Я все понимаю, я про вот это - " ваша претензия абсолютно не обоснованна"

В чем она необоснованна не понятно. Человек написал то что имеет место быть.

вот неодного апвоута за 11 дней.


Я могу указать участников которых пригласил. Я не прошу их указывать меня как пригласителя, я не гонюсь за наградой в этом плане. Зато я могу показать километровую переписку с новым участником , как я ему объясняю как проходит конкурс, за что идут начисления, что не нужно писать и т.п.
Я тратил свое время зря, а теперь за это еще выслушиваю
На счет @steemcurator06. В первом сезоне я видел его работу каждый день, по нем часы можно было сверять. Он голосовал практически за каждый комментарий - и это давало большой стимул работать. Хотя там и сила голоса не велика. А сейчас даже этого не видно. Когда ты пишешь в пустоту, это не прибавляет оптимизма. Я ценю свой труд, и имею уважение к другим.

i have the same problem(

Now all curated.

Hola @steemcurator01 mis publicaciones del diario ninguna ha sido visitada tampoco! Tengo 11 entradas de las cuales solo me han votado 2 y por @steemcurator02 me gustaria saber cual es la razón??

i have the same problem(

I hope they will help you to solve this issue too.

All your posts have now been visited.

Hello @steemcurator01 my diarys publications have not been visited either! I have 11 entries of which only 2 have voted for me and for @steemcurator02 I would like to know what the reason is?

I am surprised and so glad to read my name in this post .. Thanks @steemitblog for the invitating me for country representative ..i Accept the invitation becouse its great owner for me to be a country representative from pakistan
Once again 🌹 Thanks @steemitblog

Congratulations @rashid001, best wishes for you.

Thanks @abdt . 🌹We are steem Pakistan.....

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

I have question ? Is there any curation account which i use for pakistani team and users, Who are participating in the diary game, for their appreciation ..
For example steemcurator 02 to 08.

Yes - you should join with the @steemcurator07 account now that will cover the whole Indian sub-continent - India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and now Pakistan.

@toufiq777 / @tarpan / @rishabh99946 / @randulakoralage - please would you connect with @rashid001 and bring in to your curation system for @steemcurator07.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hi @rashid001 please give me your discord details or whatsapp number I'll add you.

Ps - @steemcurator01 please see if you can increase delegations in @steemcurator07 account. Thank you. Any amount would be much appreciated!

Thanks @rishabh99946 , this is my whatsapp number +923122800081

Thank you so much

sure. He is with us now☺️

Thank you so much . 🌹

1% upvote is a great initiative. I am sure it will increase engagement and people will read and upvote the diary posts with good content. It is also rewarding for all who are already adding good comments and upvoting but so far wasn't recognized.

Thank you @steemitblog.

Congratulations to steemit team and newly appointed country representatives as well as to all those who accompanied with steemit i am newbei here so i need some information about, how to engage with diary posts and how to be a country representative thank you and congratulations to everyone again

Welcome to the team @focusnow. Glad to have you beside me. It's gonna be fun 😀.

The 1% vote would cause more engagement. That's a cool idea. Thanks for this.

Thank you so much @beautychicks. It's a privilege to have you as my senior rep. Will be cool to learn from you.

Nothing like senior rep. We are equal. Smiles

Most Respected The steemit Team and @steemitblog

My efforts for build steem in Pakistan is being ignored alot from last month, even we are growing now and my members are also making their best efforts for steemit promotion in pakistan.
it doesn't look like i am a country representative or a community curator.it will make us demotivated. i didn't expect responce like this. May i ask the reason of ignoring me .
if there is my any fault or mistake you can tell me freely.

Best regards @rashid001
Country Representative

Congratulations @focusnow. It's great to have you.

@gamsam. Thank you so much.

Really an great initiative to will encourage everyone to participate more actively and know more to each other.

One more opportunity which I am looking at high curation reward for everyone when we curate great diary posts and there comments.

Be ready @steemcurator01 there is 1000 of comments are waiting for you to curate

I am very pleased with your decision and I like this decision very much. Your decision to vote this one percent will play an important role for new users and I hope they will be encouraged and will comment more and more. I'm sure the comments now will be much more than before.

Thanks for this decision

Hello...tim steemit
Dengan adanya kurasi dari setiap komentar yang menarik ini akan menjadi daya tarik tersendiri buat teman-teman steem untuk berinteraksi,berpengaruh besar untuk para steemian kembalinmeramaikan #thediarygameseason2

jujur saja,walau 4 post diary game saya sudah kadaluarsa,tidak mendapatkan kurasi. Saya masih semngat di sini
Karena, bagi saya steemit telah membawa kita semua untuk saling berbagi sejarah ,budaya,tradisi dan lingkungan yang berbeda. steemit telah mendunia di benak kita untuk saling berbagi. Kita masing-masing memiliki teman dan keluarga yang berbeda untuk mengetahui dan saling berbagi pengalaman.berbeda dengan tradisi yang berbeda. selalu melihat dari mata ke mata. Tentang apa yang tidak kita lihat untuk sebuah kesempatan. Saya juga bersyukur atas apa yang telah dibangun di Steemit untuk kita semua. Kesempatan untuk berbagi apa yang kita cintai serta belajar hal baru dan menemukan orang yang menarik.

The 1% upvote going out on every quality engaging comments on the diary game will surely increase engagement on steemit. On that note let me revise and increase my engagement habit.

Thanks so much steemit team for the updates.

This is so great, the 1% reward for quality comments is a very nice scheme. It's gonna bring out the engagement that is a send from these diary games.

I am happy for @focusnow and I am extending warm congratulations to you,we soo happy to have you as our country representative. 👻👻👻

1% upvote is the best which i think cause in lucky 10 upvote there so few person get vote but now lot of steemiains can got suport.Thanks for the best choice.

Btw... @steemcurator01 sir no one post you visit of my diary post 1-8-2020 to 10-8-2020

Over all thanks.... have a good day

Glad you like the 1% idea.

Your Diary Game posts have now all been curated.

@steemitblog, @steemcurator01, Hello, please correct my nickname @olesia. Thank you in advance! @ olesia64 is not the correct nickname;)

Congratulations @Olesia .. Best wishes from my side

Thank you!

Congratulations @olesia We are very happy for you and your community. Good job.

Thank you very much!😂

Sorry, typo - now fixed.

Thank you very much)

Thanks for the valuable update. The Diary game program is really effective to grow steemit fast. Bad i think Steemit team should be more careful about newcomers who create good content. And it would be great if you share your voting power equally to the good content creator then more users will get support. In past lot of good content creators were inactive for no support. Anyway it's my personal opinion. Recently i found a newcomers from #China who created good content and participated in Diary game but didn't get any support. Please check out her profile @yeris

So now we are launching the 'One Percent For Everyone' commenting challenge.

Thank you! This will encourage active commenting. Great action!

As well as making an engaging comment you just need to add the tag #onepercent and also a tag for your country like #india or #russia.

Just add a tag to the body of the comment?
Like as in this comment?

#onepercent #ukraine

We would like @alexmove and @olesia64 to join @vipnata in running the @steemcurator06 Russian Community Curator account as well.

Wow, that's great. I will communicate with @vipnata and @olesia

Thank You

Congratulations to the new Country Representatives

We wish you a best of luck and love for the new journey .


I almost started practising it. 1% vote, I think it's a great initiative.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much ❤

Congratulations to the new country representatives. Will follow you and check your posts as well.

This is such a great initiative to be acknowledged from our comments as I would love to be engaging to everyone as much as possible. Thank you for this update.

I'm really happy with your decision because a lot of Steem users are not interested in commenting. I hope this 1 percent vote decision will help Steem users a lot and they hope to comment a lot from now on. Thanks for making such a nice decision.


I think #onepercent #country is a great initiative. This will definitely bring out more comments since people know they will get rewarded for it. This will also ginger diarists to keep actively participate in the diary game. Solid move steemit team!!

Me siento feliz y honrada de ser representante de Venezuela junto a @mariita52.
Excelentes noticias para todos, ustedes siempre buscando la manera de impulsar e incentivar a los jugadores... Asi que es momento de leer, comentar bueno sin parar!!
Felicidades para ti @olesia64

I feel happy and honored to be the representative of Venezuela together with @ mariita52.
Excellent news for all of you, you are always looking for a way to promote and encourage players ... So it's time to read, comment good non-stop !!
Congratulations to you @olesia64!!

@anasuleidy, Gracias querida, solo en la entrada de @steemitblog escribí mi apodo con un error. Espero que lo arregle). @Olesia estaría en lo correcto

¡¡Muchas Gracias amigo y compañero de equipo!!
¡¡Vamos por mas!!

1% vote I think it's a very good concern. This will allow Steem users to read and comment on everyone's daily diary and increase its popularity.

Me parece excelente idea, trataré de apoyarlos en todo lo que pueda y esté a mi alcance. Aunque estoy recién llegado, y no tengo muchos conocimientos en esta área. Pero trataré de aprender. Para poder colaborar con la comunidad.

It seems like an excellent idea, I will try to support them as much as I can and within my power. Although I am a newcomer, and I don't have much knowledge in this area. But I will try to learn. To collaborate with the community.

I was really feeling sad that I participated in more than 5 events and I didn't get single support that demotivated me and stopped to participate further. Can you please give me the reason?

I am very happy to know the assignment of @anasuleidy, she is a hard worker, rewarding comments is an attractive offer for more dynamism, but it will be even slower to catch up with everyone's diaries. There are many defeated newspapers that were not supported.

I am confident that things will improve for the sake of the #TheDiaryGame initiative which has been very productive.

Gracias por tus bonitas palabras, tratare de cubrir al maximo los diarios de los jugadores venezolanos y poder apoyarlos pues se que desanima no recibir votos y comentarios.
Sigue tu excelente trabajo, se que el Equipo Steemit sabe de lo genial que eres, y recuerda que pronto nombraran a mas representantes, todo depende de la cantidad de jugadores activos, mientras mas jugadores mas representantes.
Asi que sigue con tu trabajo genial.

Saludos querida amiga, se que lo harás , estoy seguro de ello. Hay mucha intensidad entre los participantes, me hubiese gustado ser representante en vez de ser un jugador pero hay ejercer cualquier papel que nos permita la plataforma. Seguro que seguiré trabajando fuerte, vienen más concursos y más reclutados de mi parte.

Te deseo el mejor de los éxitos.

"We would like @alexmove and @olesia64 to join @vipnata in running the @steemcurator06 Russian Community Curator account as well."

@steemitblog, I do not quite understand, can I explain in more detail? Thank you in advance!

Hey @steemcurator01,

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 30 - One Percent For Everyone & Country Representatives Update

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

@steemitblog how new users start 100 comment in a day if they didn't get #thediarygame blog upvote...! we have too much user who didnt get upvote in there #thediarygame post.. they are geting hopeless.. you should take care of this . please @steemcurator01 check out meximum post are not upvoted in Steem Bangladesh community .

I think @steemcurator01 just don't bother at all
I have 11 days not upvoted and nobody cares sadly
thought it is a good place to post interesing content, but my optimism spreads away

yeah. i am just waiting ...

Very good strategy.

We need to advance the goal of creating greater participation in Steemit. interconnection among participants and mutual support, generate a curatorial mentality that is good for the community and therefore for the platform.
Reporte Semana 01

Reporte Semana 02

II like the attitude of this 1000 days of steem where it will be upvote of commitment with one percent every day and finally 100 days mean 100 percentage of upvote, just feel amazing. Let's see what's up next excitement in here.

Wow, it's a juicy initiative, too bad I don't have much time to stay connected right now, I'd like to comment as much as I can on a daily basis, but I'm limited to an internet service from my mobile phone.

From my team, only I miss to be visited, but it does not matter, that is when my turn comes. I trust in the good work and commitment of this team.



As a country repsentatives you should do your job properly for your own community as well as the new-comers.

take love from #bangladesh

@steemitblog i actually lost my belief.. you speak about #onepercent but none of my 11 posts has been visited by @steemcurator01. i gave links yesterday, more than 24 hours passed but still no upvotes from @steemcurator01. i am only for a month here at Steemit but such a beginning makes me doubt very much about this platform(((((

Congratulations to the new Country Representatives
take love from Bangladeshi Steemian Team

대한민국 대표가 되고 싶습니다. 왜 답장을 안 주나요?

felicidades a @anasuleidy por aceptar este nuevo roll en el juego de diario,para venezuela..

¡¡Gracias por tus palabras amigo!!
Estoy comprometida de corazón con ustedes.
¡¡Arriba Venezuela!!

Waow waow this is great news. Thank you @steemitblog for continually bringing forth initiatives decentralized enough to encourage more engagement and growth of steemit. @percent upvote per comment only makes engagement and growth better.from #cameroon i shall show more commitment and i want to continually grow my knowledge, skills and talent on steemit as i have already started. My appreciation once small @steemitblog.

To my mentor from Nigeria @focusnow congratulations, you are a great steemian waiting to see you endorse this opportunity and congratulations too to all the other new country representatives.

Thank you so much @njiatanga. You have been one of our most supportive member. Thank you for the support.

Greetings dear @steemitblog, you are doing a great job to have the community really active and engaged.

I have a question, I have a financial education project called @erarium, we are establishing many guidelines, however, our main mission is to bring many investors and traders to Steemit, in what way could I get your support for our project, in order to capture the attention of many traders to use Steemit as a means to gather and talk about trading and trading education?

I hope you can see my comment, thank you again for your hard work

Hi @steemcurator01

This is a great idea!

Engagement is the lifeblood of realationships, and it is the relationships which make social media grow, as people need human contact as much as they need food and water. So many newbies will wither and die, to lost from Steemit in the absence of comments and upvotes which make them feel someone cares about what they create.

Thank you for this initiative.


#onepercent #hawaii #usa #promo-steem


Thank you very much, we are attentive to your donation, in our publications are the report of the donations that we have given to the children of the indigenous community. Thank you for supporting our work. @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

a breakthrough that is very helpful so that everyone will want to read other people's articles,good job..

Felicidades a la amiga @anasuleidy por ese maravilloso logro.

Thanks @steemitblog. I'm glad to welcome @focusnow to the team. Already added to the group. Congrats to @rashid001, @alexmove, olesia64. Best of luck.

Like it very much!!!

@rashid001 is best, but this is funny, he did voted for me and you are asking to him... HAHA. I am with @rashid001 brother. He is better than us. @steemitblog @steemcurator01.

Is there a rep for Ghana?

Como siempre muy atento a sus post, me encanto la inciativa, gracias por crear estos espacios de apoyo mutuo, y fomentar el apoyo mutuo, a veces solo publicamos y nos vamos y no compartimos con otros, nos olvidamos de que esta es una red social, y una comunidad, gracias tambien amigos de @steemitblog por el apoyo dado a la fundación @littledisciples


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