1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 1 - The Diary Game Update and the Lucky 10s

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We said we wouldn't be away too long!

This is just a quick update to clarify a few points about The Diary Game.

And to remind people about the Lucky 10s game.

The Diary Game - End of Season 1

Season 1 of the Diary Game ended yesterday, July 11th.

As people often have delays in getting their diary posts up, we are extending the deadline for the posting of the final diary for July 11th until the end of tomorrow.

Make sure you don't miss the chance to get a final few points.

With the top 35 places winning STEEM prizes it is well worth the effort to earn the final points.

We will posting two or three 'checking posts' in the next few days to make sure we have not missed anyone that has entered The Diary Game.

It all got a bit hectic with the number of new entries over the last couple of weeks so a few people might have gone astray.

Because of the volume of the posts there will unfortunately be some posts where we have missed the 7 day voting period.

But do not worry, we still read every post and award points for every post. If we missed the voting for a post we add it on to the next valid diary post.

The Diary Game - Season 2 - Teams

Just to clarify, for Season 2 people can enter individually as in Season 1, and compete for the prize pot of 5000 STEEM

They can also, if they want to, form Teams of 5 people from their country to compete for the extra 2000 STEEM Team prizes.

Being in a team is totally optional. It is just to add some extra competitive fun and the chance to win more STEEM.

We are very much looking forward to seeing what teams are formed.

Teams can have up to 5 members but they must all live in the same country.

There can be more than one team from the same country.

Team membership can be changed at any time up to the start of season 2 on August 1st.

We will be giving upvotes to any Team Announcement posts we see before the start of Season 2.

The mechanism for the team competition is simple. People post their diaries as normal and score points individually as normal.

As well as recording the individual diary points we will also be adding them together for the members of each team to get the team score.

We will be posting more on the Season 2 Teams soon.

The Lucky 10s

Under the Lucky 10s for the past couple of weeks we have been giving out ten 10% votes each day to people making good comments on Diary Game posts.

This has been to encourage engagement and interaction between people playing the Diary Game around the world.

We definitely think it has been successful. We are seeing many more comments on posts and so far 62 different people have received 120 votes between them for their comments on Dairy Game posts.

Therefore we are continuing the Lucky 10s and it will now also be covering comments on Shopping Game posts and any other challenges we put out.

With @steemcurator01 now having 4 million Steem Power the upvotes are worth about $10 so the comment author will get $5.

That's a good return for a few lines of a comment - so do get commenting...

Remember - you have to comment on a post before @steemcurator01 votes on the post to have a chance of winning a Lucky 10 vote.

The 1000 Days of Steem are up and running!

This coming week will be a lot of catching up and making arrangements for Season 2 of The Diary Game, and for the new Country Representatives.

Keep checking in here every day to see what is coming up next.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

A Call to the Community...

Looking for Guitar Strings in Venezuela

Rodolfo @rodolfmandolina is a talented young musician in Venezuela who regularly enters the weekly @musicforsteem contests.

A few months back he took his mother to the capital Caracas for an urgent operation. Because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions he then got stranded there far from home without his beloved guitar.

He has borrowed a guitar to enter the contests but it only has 4 strings. To help Rodolfo make even better music we would like to buy him the missing strings. However because his mother has recently had the surgery he doesn't want to put her health at risk by catching Covid-19 if he goes travelling around the city looking for the strings.

Is there anyone in Venezuela, particularly in Caracas, who can help get the strings to Rodolfo? If you can please contact him to find out details and we are happy to give you an upvote to cover the costs.

Thank you...

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.


New sponsor announced today for #SPUD4STEEM pushing prize pool higher...


I just have a doubt, the Lucky 10's earlier was for #thediarygame and after 100 upvotes it was supposed to be announced who the winner is. So as it is also covering #theshoppinggame, it has gone beyond 120 votes, I guess, the winner of the lucky 10's in #thediarygame will be announced?? As #thediarygame is over?

There is no individual winner for the Lucky 10s. We just give 10 x 10% votes every day to good comments we see on posts as we are voting.

The more you comment, the more chances you have of getting a Lucky 10 vote on your comment.

You are doing great with your comments - you have actually had the most Lucky 10 votes with 7 so far.

Keep on commenting!

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thank you so much for this reply and delighted to know that I have 7 so far. But if I recollect the announcement of Lucky 10's I think you have also said that "at the end of the 100days campaign the one with the highest lucky 10's will get 100% upvote from @steemcurator01 account."


So as the 100days campaign is over, and if we go by that official announcement of Lucky 10's then the one with highest lucky 10's upvote should get 100% upvote from @steemcurator01 account.

I am not complaining sir, I love this journey, just a bit confused, so asking.

Thank you.

Steem on.


Please stop hijacking other people's comments for self-promotion.

My apologies. Comment deleted.

Hello @steemcurator01 @steemitblog i made my post about my diary game team for season 2 4 days and still pending. Please check it out


Waooo @steemitblog no se que decir, si no muchas gracias y que buen gesto de verdad de su parte, estoy agradecido de me hayan tomado en cuenta y aun siendo un nuevo usuario dentro de la plataforma, espero seguir aqui por mucho tiempo tratando de aportar a la comunidad, y realizar muchos de los concursos que ustedes traen para nosotros. Gracias

I referred this person to He joined the Daily diary game 2 weeks ago. He did not get a single vote in the last 7 days. please check @steemcurator01

Sorry for the delay, now all voted.

Sorry for the delay - all posts now voted.

thanks for your work .. it is useful to keep the whole platform running.

please @steemcurator1 check this guys post. I referred him. He joined the daily diary game 8 days ago. But so far he has not received any votes.

1.000 días en steemit, guao que locura, son casi tres años. Realmente es una muy buena idea e iniciativa para crecer en la plataforma, se la botaron con esa idea. Todo lo que ofrecen es realmente maravilloso, me gusta bastante eso de los equipos, es una manera de apoyarse e ir sumando gente, que es lo que se quiere, atraer el mayor número de personas a esta plataforma, que regresen los que se fueron y entre todos ayudarnos a llegar lejos.

Me apunto para estos 1.000 días, e iré desde ya buscando conformar un equipo, para luchar por esos steem, gracias por todo el apoyo que nos brindan a todos nosotros los lectores y consumidores de esta plataforma.

Please check the posts above :)

All posts now upvoted. And congratulations you won in The Shopping Game.

sangat senang dengan adanya kontes ini semoga orang banyak yang mengikutinya. Semoga steemit maju terus .. Salam saya dari indonesia.

please answer. How can I contact your team outside of steemit. Since my proposal is confidential.

One doubt I having for season 2 team making. For team members we can choose or you make team from each country.

Hope I get clarification soon.

But your support is very useful for me to handle my financial crisis in this pandemic situation. Thank you very much for your amazing contest.

You can chose your known persons for your team and then a make mention all the names of the user you have in your team and you can make changes again before 1st August not after this.

Now I understand, thanks for clarification.

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I can't wait until August 1st to start #thediarygame 2nd season.
Currently the following posts haven't been visited and curated yet, I appreciate if you could take a look at them:




Also, 3 of my posts expired a time ago and didn't get upvoted. Please check them.
Greetings from Venezuela 🇻🇪

I am from Venezuela, but far from Caracas, so unfortunately I cannot collaborate with @rodolfmandolina. I hope you find a charitable soul soon. As for the contest, I'm sure there are many people, like me, waiting for that second season to be able to participate in this game that everyone is talking about. I'm looking forward to it. Greetings

Hola @steemiblog y @steemcurator01.

Por acá les dejó mi última entrada del #TheDairyGame: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@arlettemsalase/the-100-days-of-steem-the-dairy-game-resumen-de-mis-dias-hasta-hoy-y-final-de-la-primera-temporada

Muchísimas gracias por su apoyo durante todo el juego.
Espero con ansias el primero de Agosto para la segunda temporada.



the100daysofsteem has succeeded in capturing many people from various parts of the country, the positive of the diary game contest besides getting a lot of prizes from @steemcurator01 , this contest also keeps faithful seconds of memories passed by each writer, hopefully in the future this contest will further ignite the spirit of the steemians, write better , take photos with better resolution, and of course with more pleasant days.

Hi @steemitblog . This post was skipped and is the first entry of a friend. A little encouragment will go a long way. Thanks


Unfortunately they have only made one diary post so we can't give them any more votes.

They still have until the end of today to make a final one for July 11th if they want to.

please i want to know how to contest and get a reward , i dont really understand how you guyz are making it, can some one help me and give me a clue so that i can earn and contest, what and what do i need to do in order to get a reward, plz?

i really need want to get contest everyday when there is a new contest

Thank you so much for the updates on the final diary game for season 1 and the Lucky $10 upvotes of comment by @steemcurator01. You Guys are doing so well with your quick feedbacks and thoughts of how the community should move. Let's Steemon together!

Congratulations @theguruasia, you successfuly trended the post shared by @steemitblog!
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please do i need to pay some charge before i can enter a dairy game? but i am so sorry the question its seem like i want to understand the rule of the game and new steeemer

where ever the steemcurators go i will follow them, even if the dairy game has ended, steem up

Hello @steemcurator01, this is a gentle reminder, my diary game post not upvoted, it is 6 days now. Here is the link:

Thanks for your all time support!

@steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

My two diary post alrady cross the 7 day.

Dejo mi último diario, pero contenta, porque ya estoy lista para el próximo.


Will just be dropping this entry here.. I actually merged my 11th of July and 12th of July post together so as to be able to capture the full picture of those days due to the end of the 100 days of diary

The entry is below


Thank you @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for all these promotions to increase Recruitment, Retention and Rewards!


Thank you for keeping us updated. Extending the deadline of #thediarygame is fair enough for those that might not meet up with posting on the 11th. We are highly eager to see the winners and also can't wait for the 1000 day to start. The country representative is also something unique. The lucky 10s has also been superb with different comments on posts. Engagements all through.

I really appreciate the effort you put forth to help @rodolfmandolina. It touches my heart. I wish his mum a quick recovery.

As promised in the past, I've brought the Charity organization to steem and they've made their first post. You can check it out here @steemcurator01. Thank you for your support.

Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01
I think these are great promotions. Please check my diary entry here and please upvote.
Thank you very much.


Hi @steemitblog team, I have this pending post, it was published 6 days ago


Thanks for the support ✌️

Great job ... It seems to me a good way that everyone can compete and you can reward yourself
everyone's work. It is not easy but it is a very inclusive good strategy. Thank you . I send the post on twitter!

@steemitblog All of its rules help me post. I always want to work with eesteemitblog. My friends shared all the information on steemitblog.

다른 큐레이션은 없을까요~?

Any oTher CurATions ! ?

Dear @steemitblog, my diary will end at 18 hours, but it has not yet received a vote. Thank you~
July 7 2020: https://steemit.com/wherein/@hykwf678233/wherein-1594088402491-s

congratulations to Steemit Team, the 100 Days Challenge was very successful, look forward you summarize the final rank of the diary game season 1

I Am Proud of Supporting:
@steemitblog, and @steemcurator01 for #the100daysofsteem.
I have read many stories andha money stories from incredible steemian friends
For me, Steemit has brought us to share different histories, cultures, traditions and environments. steemit has worldwide in our minds to share with each other. We each have different friends and family to know and share experiences. Different from different traditions. always see eye to eye. About what we don't see for an opportunity. I am also grateful for what has been built at Steemit for all of us. The opportunity to share what we love and learn new things and find interesting people.
Greetings all steemian ..
I am really looking forward
round 2 proudly
I love❤steem

@steemcurator01 @steemitblog my one of the diary game post will expire in 6 hr but I still not received upvote.
Plz look into it.
Thank you

Nice that you going to keep the Lucky 10s vote running. It did encourage engagements actually.
Also, all the games and challenge then rewards sounds so exciting, people should be on steemit now for all of these fun games on a blogging platform.
Auww you all so sweet highlighting the need of @rodolfmandolina our #musicforsteem artist needs for his guitar strings. Adorable act of kindness 🥰
Keep steeming everyone you all know it by now that Steemit is sure the place you want to be part of as this place is full of fun, excitement, and kindness 😍🤩

This diary game post is not upvoted for 7 days.
SOS! Please! 40 minutes left!

Thanks for your support!

Dunia steem makin hari makin menantang bagi siapapun yang telah bergabung, tantangan demi tantangan diadakan untuk terus menyemangati para steemian. Sukses selalu dan terimakasih kepada @steemitblog serta @steemcurator01

Que bonito que estén colaborandole a @rodolfmandolina, me parece un chico tan juicioso, vivo en Colombia, por lo que no puedo colaborarle. También quiero contarles que ya tengo mi equipo, así que vendré mas recargada para la segunda temporada. Gracias por este maravilloso juego que nos ha divertido y nos ha permitido conocernos más.

Congratulations on all the hard work, specially bringing light when it was really dark. Now it feels a new Steem and Steemit.
I'm grateful for the support received which helped to also support and make a contribution for the growth of others, the experience is unvaluble. Thanks for all the learnings.

Best wishes for the second season to the Steemit Team, to the assistants and all participants on this awesome platform.

Best Regards!

Hola @steemitblog y @steemcurator01 me han abandonado por favor tengo más de 4 publicaciones vencidas y no me han votado, necesito su ayuda por favor. Las recompensas obtenidas en esas publicaciones son para ayudar a mi esposo que esta muy delicado de salud, presentando problemas de corazón, estoy reuniendo el dinero para ayudarlo a costear los gastos de médicos, medicinas y exámenes ya que los tratamientos aplicados no le han funcionado, estoy trabajando fuerte en la pagina para poder ayudarlo. Estas son las publicaciones que no me han votado:












Sorry for the delay, now all upvoted.

Congratulations to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 and to all of us on 1 day in 1000days of Steem.
A new marathon, almost three years long, begins.
Maybe we should think about a holiday at the end of 1000 days?

My post - shopping is here:

3 post had 7 days, 8days, 10days have not upvoted ??? why

@steemitblog @steemcurator01

The latest diary entry has now been upvoted. But your posts really need to be longer to qualify as valid Diary Game entries.

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01,

My last diary post expired without being voted on and my next one will expire in 10 hours: https://steemit.com/thediarygame/@jmor/the-diary-game-7-6-20-a-day-of-bonding-with-others

I hope you have a chance to look at the rest of my entries as well, but I understand if you cannot at the moment due to time and voting power constraints. Thanks!

Hope I win this game

No offense, but is this just going to be 1000 days of the diary game? Can we do something else?

Saludos @steemitblog, me resulta gratamente encontrar este tipo de actividades en Steemit, sinceramente no pude participar en la temporada 1 de los 100 Días, por diversos motivos, pero Dios mediante espero formar parte de esta segunda temporada, se ve el apoyo y las ganas de hacer cosas muy buenas con y para la comunidad de todos los steemians, me encanta eso ya que nos motiva a ser y hacer mejores cosas en conjunto ya que todos movemos este grandioso mundo de Steemit, sin más que agregar muchísimas gracias y buena suerte a todos, Dios les bendiga.

Where SMT?

Buen Día.

Tengo dos dudas:

1- Cuando inicia oficialmente los 1.000 Días de Steem?
2- Uno puede iniciar cuando desee y comenzar su propio conteo de 1.000 días?

Gracias y disculpe la molestía.

Wow! 1000 days of steemit, I will here !
Congratulations to the success of #the100daysofsteem

Thank You!!
This is Great

Sorry, but my post was skipped


And other. (Over 7 days)

1000 DAYS OF STEEM: Day 1: This looks good !! A thousand blessings in this new stage, I see 1000 days as far but I know it will pass quickly.
Please ask for your visit:

whoaa interesting!!!

Hola me encanto lo de los 1000 días de steem son ideas maravillosas a la espera de nuevos proyectos del diario

WoW!!! 1000 days I expect to read more about itLots of information put together.
Very good plans.
Steemit is taking excellent roads.
I am happy to accompany you
Upvote and resteem

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:-1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 1 - The Diary Game Update and the Lucky 10s

As this is beginning of journey so there is only 3 beneficiaries which is charities only.

Promoters are not at beneficiary as I am finding new way to reward them

Hi. My last post havent been voted yet. Ando this is about to expire. Thank you


1000 days of steem is just awesome. I will try to form a team if possible and if not then for sure will play individual. Thanks for making the team setup optional as I don't think its easy for everyone. Playing single will make more people join the game and I am sure this season 2 will have many hundreds of participants. Thanks @steemitblog

Hello! Could you look at my blog to put an upgrade on this post?
The previous two also missed, unfortunately.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I actually had not known what else to do. Am grateful

Congratulations @steemitblog, your post successfully recieved 6.739752 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@theguruasia earned : 4.493168 TRDO curation

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Esperando pronto esos 1000 días a ver si podemos mantener el ritmo.
Me encanta el apoyo a los amigos de @fundacorazon y @rodolfmandolina son proyecto bonitos y que le ponen mucho corazón.

Waiting soon for those 1000 days to see if we can keep up.
I love supporting the friends of @fundacorazon and @rodolfmandolina they are beautiful projects and I will put a lot of heart into them.

@steemitblog, @steemcurator01

WoW!!! 1000 days I expect to read more about it
upvote and resteem

I have no idea how to join this. I guess there is so much information xD. Can someone explain me? When is it going to start the new diary or if already started? What dairy day is today?

The first time I posted on this when I saw it on a friend's blog, I got no votes not even noticed. It was discouraging so I gave up.

what you said and proposed to do about @rodolfmandolina, that's really heart touching.
I don't know who writes these posts with @steemitblog but I think you have a very big heart.
Although I was little inactive in steem, but now I'm a fan of the writer of this post.

Wow happy to be here, have learn alot. Steemit.com for life

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