1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 14 - The Diary Game Season 2 - FINAL Rules & Guidelines

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The rules of The Diary Game are quite simple.

However we did find in Season 1 that many people did not follow the rules and guidelines for the game.

We estimate that we lost about 20% of our curation time through people not following the rules - particularly not having the correct tags or titles, not including the date in the title, or submitting posts that were too short or had the wrong type of content.

For Season 2 we are going to expand the rules a little and we are going to be a lot more strict about following the rules.

The [DRAFT] Rules and Guidelines for Season 2 of The Diary Game

We are posting these DRAFT Rules and Guidelines today for comment from the Community.

Following the feedback a final version will then be posted just before the start of Season 2.

The First Rule of The Diary Game is READ THE RULES OF THE DIARY GAME!


We accept that the @steemitblog posts are mainly in English but we use a translator to read diary posts in all languages, and also many community members kindly produce translations of the posts.

Here is the draft list of Rules for Season 2...

  • Diary Game posts must be about your daily life activities. They should not just be your favorite recipes, stories of your vacation last year, film reviews, retelling of your dreams, political rants...

  • The title of Diary Game posts must be in the format - THE DIARY GAME : DATE (including day, month & year) : ANY OTHER WORDS YOU WANT TO INCLUDE

  • Diary Game posts must include #thediarygame tag as one of the first five tags - ideally the first one.

  • Diary Game posts must also include a # tag to identify your country.

  • Diary Game posts can be written in any language. We use Google Translate and DeepL Translator to translate so if you include important information in graphics you should include a transcription in text.

  • Diary Game posts must be a minimum of 300 words - excluding any introduction or conclusion (for example thanks to Steemit etc) that is not directly part of the diary post.

  • Diary Game posts should not include referral links especially to any crypto or financial sites or products.

  • Diary Game posts should include no more than 8 photographs. Photographs should be presented individually not as compilation photos as they are too small to be useful. Screencaptures of games or films count as part of the 8 photos.

  • You can only make one Diary Game post for each day of your life. If you are not able to post on one day, you can put two posts up on the next day as long as they cover the events of different days, and are dated to show that.

  • Any images used in a Diary Game post must be your own or from a stated copyright free source.

These Rules above are obligatory. If you fail to follow these rules you risk missing out on votes and points for your post.

Here is the draft list of Guidelines for Season 2...

While the Rules above must be followed, we also issue non-obligatory Guidelines to help you make better diary posts.

If you follow all these Guidelines you will likely get higher votes and points.

  • Be selective with your use of photographs. Use only the best photos, try to avoid using dark or blurred photos.

  • Include a caption with each photo saying what it is and where it was taken.

  • If you include photos make sure they are big enough to clearly see what they are.

  • Take care of the layout of your post. Use white space to make it easier to read. Break up text into short paragraphs.

  • Include as much detail as you can - particularly locations, prices etc.

  • If you include prices include a conversion in STEEM or US dollars as well.

  • Keep the footer of your diary posts 'clean' - don't fill them with excessive gifs, graphics and links for assorted other communities etc.

  • Diary Game posts should ideally include at the bottom a link to your most recent 'This Is Me' or introduction post.

We will shortly be posting a Diary Game Masterclass with more tips and guidance on how to make the best possible diary posts.

Points Scoring of Posts for Season 2 of The Diary Game

Every post will be given a number of points out of 10. The score will be dependent on the content, presentation and interest value of a post.

There will be no separate points for sharing on social media. You are welcome, and encouraged, still to share your posts on social media and if you include the links in a comment on the post we will take that into consideration when deciding the points for the post.

As a new feature for Season 2 we are going to be awarding extra points for posts that are set to 100% SP Power Up rather than the default 50% SBD / 50% SP.

This may not suit everyone but we do want to encourage people to gain Steem Power to be able to give better votes to other Diary Game players. Remember you can earn more curation rewards if you have more Steem Power.

Posting as 100% Power Up is not obligatory and can be done on as many or as few posts as you want.

As well as points all valid Diary Game posts that have followed the rules may get upvotes from one of the @steemcurator accounts. We will announce which @steemcurator accounts this will include before the start of Season 2.

Votes will not given be immediately but some time in the first 7 days. If for any reason we miss the 7 day voting window we will give extra votes to the next diary post.

We do not vote on posts that have used bidbots.

You are welcome to cross-post your diary posts on other similar blockchains but posts that are unique to Steem are likely to be scored higher. We are keen to build unique content on the Steem blockchain.

There are a few new rules and guidelines introduced for Season 2. We welcome your comments and feedback on these especially.

A final version of these Rules will then published just before the start of Season 2.

We particularly hope the Teams will take time to study all the rules and guidelines carefully to ensure their members follow them closely.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

STEEM POD / Country Representatives / Delegations

We will be making an announcement about the STEEM POD and Country Representatives in the next few days.

The whole system is still under review to find the best way to use the resources available.

We are still on the lookout for more potential candidates for Country Representatives.

A strong commitment to Steem as demonstrated through participation in events like The Diary Game, The Shopping Game and the Lucky 10s is one of the main qualities we are looking for. As well as a good knowledge of how Steem works, not currently powering down and a good voting record.

If you think you can demonstrate these qualities please do make a post and put a link in the comments.

Please do consider carefully whether you match the requirements.



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.


Great to seem another team from India.

We are not supposed to post link here right?

Links for Diary Game team announcements are okay to post here.

Links for Shopping Game posts are not okay to post here.

The rules are so simple and easily adhered to. I look forward to participating.

I also adopt the idea of powering up our SP directly. It builds it up faster than the usual 50% slash.

I guess I'll have to reset my award to be permeant 100% power up. I also look forward to voting other diary post as the game commences.

Minimum of 300 words is achievable as it enables one discuss more about his or her day instead of flooding his or her blog with pictures.

Thank you @steemitblog for this draft of rules for the diary game although I still see a chance of it being edited or reconstructed before the commencement of the diary game, season two on August 1st.


Glad you like the rules.

Thanks for your update.

Yes, a lot of people made a lot of mistakes in the first session. But if you make the same mistake all the time, you can never expect anything good. So you need to be a little strict. Every community admin, mod should be told to control the members of their community. Because if you can control so many people together, you will waste a lot of time.

And your new rules have been much better. I have resteem this post And I have shared it among all the steemit members of my facebook group. As if they are aware of all the rules in advance And you can prepare as you like.

@steemitblog please is there any rules and guidelines for team posts in the second season of the diary game?

I look forward to your favourable response.

This post gives more information about Teams...

Team members still post individually. Their scores are added up to make the Team score.

The Steemit Team

Dengan adanya rules dapat memudahkan setiap para steemians dalam membuat sebuah post dalam setiap postingan. Terutama bagi yang suka dengan tantangan yang anda berikan, terimakasih @steemitblog atas petunjuk dalam membuat postingan untuk diary game season dua.

Will there be any team for Season 2 from Indonesia?

cc @anroja @ernaerningsih

Okey, we will invite some people to join our team. Thanks before

That will be great.

@anroja and @ernaerningsih, both of them are very suitable to be used as candidates, in addition to having very good knowledge, experience and personalities, and of course consistency in the world of steem is very high.

Hi dear @steemitblog

It's great that the rules are clear from the start.

I have a doubt. There are 8 photos maximum, what is the minimum number?

The minimum would be one photo for the thumbnail perhaps?

Haha It's o'k
One more question.
I'm from Venezuela, but I'm living in Spain.
I don't have a team
May I participate alone? And if later I know users who want to join the Diary game, form a team?

Yes you are welcome to compete as an individual - just as in Season 1.

The Teams are optional. Everyone is welcome to join in without being in a team.

The main 5000 STEEM prize pool is for people competing as individuals.

Unfortunately there are not enough people in Spain to form a team yet.

Thank you for the explanation!!
Have a nice new week!!!

The rules are very simple and clear. I am going to update all my countrymates about them. I like the new feature introduced in "setting 100% power up of some of our diary game posts." I am going to accumulate some good amount of steem power during season 2 so that I increase my earnings on curation. This is a wise investment opportunity.

Thanks alot for the update. I'll try to play by the rules.
I was not aware of season one tho.

Hello, @preshos Greetings from Team Steem Greeters, welcome back to the Steemit platform, we are happy that it is activated with season 2. "The Diary Game". Success.

Season 1 finished on July 11th. Season 2 starts on August 1st and runs for 50 days.

Okay.. Thank you

Thank you @steemitblog for this draft of rules for diary game. At least this will really help out, we are indeed preparing for this. Thank you ones again


I see amazing result already, really anticipating 1st August already. Though i got to hear about the #thediarygame just recently, we are 80% ready my team and i. My acknowledgement goes out to @steemitblog for this amazing initiative, already i have been able to connect with 4 users #nigeria i wouldnt have met but steem brought us together. Goes a long way to prove what steemit stands for first, its a social media.

Below is my membership post:

I missed out on the first season of the dairy game as I didn't even know about steemit. I joined this month and I am definitely recruiting more people to join and participate in season 2 of the dairy game.

The rules are quite clear and I think it will help improve the quality of our posts. I also think the dairy game masterclass will help me as I would like to fully understand how to participate fully. Thank you for your continuous support as well.

Seguimos atentas a todas las pautas y reglas para llegar a buen termino de esta iniciativa que nos mantiene pegados al monitor, para que todo vaya al pie de la letra @steemitblog.

We continue to pay attention to all the guidelines and rules to reach a good end of this initiative that keeps us glued to the monitor, so that everything goes to the letter @steemitblog.

Thanks so much for this updates of rules of the upcoming Diary Game. I think most of us might have forgotten some of these rules.

Hopefully everyone will be happy with the rules.

Clear guidelines specially on the necessary length and what not for the diary game is a plus to some of us who might have slipped of the key requirements on season1.

Looking forward to more of us here (Kenyans), I decided to first reach out to the ones who came and are a bit inactive and then afterwards make use of the recruitment strategy.

I can't wait for the new season to start! I missed the first one because I had several problems with my internet connection. The rules are looking pretty cool and easy to follow, so I hope that the participation will be massive. Greetings, friends!

Estoy atenta a todas las actualizaciones para comenzar esta nueva temporada con todos los hierros!

Gracias por mantenernos al tanto con las reglas.

If rule are Strictly implementing then it’s great to stop the spam and overall it will increase the quality of game. Will give legitimacy to the game.

Apart from that hey @steemcurator01
I have written my introduction first time after joining the steem hope it will get some rewards from you This is me......everyone your steemian sumit


Saludos @steemitblog este es mi post anunciando mi membresía en el equipo ACDES para el The Diary Game 2:


Gracias por recordar para muchos las reglas, en mi caso es mi primera experiencia en therdiarygame y me ayuda para avlarar las reglas y a su vez, tenerlas presente para cumplirlas. Gracias pir pensar siempre en nosotros

las reglas me parecen fácil y simple de cumplir lo tomare en cuenta ya que en mi primer diario no sabia mucho.

Thank you @steemitblog for the update. The rules are quite simplistic and easy to adhere. We'll try as much to keep to them.

Great seeing your update on these rules. I just shared with the few teams I know in Nigeria. As we speak, the teams in Nigeria are approaching 10 in number.

Thank you for the update.

Impressive number of teams!

Seguimos atentas a las recomendaciones y reglas evaluadas. @steemitblog.

We remain attentive to the recommendations and rules evaluated. @steemitblog.

#Steem 💙💙💙 On ! ♨♨♨ FOREVER !

우리 스티미 가즈앙~! ♨♨♨

These rules are great and I feel it's going to really help newbies more and also old-timers who have not been getting it right before now. By the way I created a post to show a change in the #9jafive team entering the competition. I sincerely hope it's been looked into.

Here is the post link below; https://steempeak.com/wherein/@lebey1/wherein-1595457958729-s

I sincerely need feedback so as to know if the change as been acknowledged

It is fine to change team members anytime up to the start of Season 2 on August 1st.

Not sure why you are using Steempeak to post to Wherein though.

We prefer people using steemit.com !

The Steemit Team

PS Will you have a separate account for making 9jafive Team announcements?

I feel I should create a separate account for the 9jafive team..thanks for the idea.

But if I don't have the luck of creating an account then, I will be using my personal account to make teams announcement.

Also, I was just checking out the wherein app, I sincerely had no idea what I was doing but it was still nice to try something new.

Also I will be using Steemit.com henceforth

Thank you so much for the new rules. Knowing these rules makes it easier to participate in contest. And Thanks again Dear ♥♥

This is a very straightforward contest. You are here 1 good quality daily. Post activity. Then you will get good votes from @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog.

I think the publication of the rules is very good, it is a guide for all participants and curators. I consider very well that each user uses the label of their country, these geographical labels serve as a search index within the social network worldwide.

Hey, I was just wondering, how do I apply for the diary game by myself?

You just start posting as soon as the diary game start! You can follow the diary posts of other users and check from which country they are based on the tags they use. You can always ask to team up with them during the diary game!

From where are you? Maybe an idea to make the "This is Me" post so you got a head start, and do the mini challenges too!

Thank you so much!❤️

This new rules are very good and thanks to you for informing about season 2 rules.
I like the new rule in season 2 that in daily dairy game post it will fill with the intrest and valueable content of your life.
I m always confused that in how many word i post my diary game , then i read in new rule that it is minimum 300 word and above and not more than 8 pictures of own not copyright and the photos are too clearly with big size.i wanna do my best in season 2.

@steemitblog do I have to post an introductory post again not minding the one I did years ago?

Thanks for the update of the rules, its flexible and cool, but the 8 photos, well its cool too, also the number of words, i hope every member adhere to it, and make season 2 fun. Watch out for team2-nigeria. I will have to share this rules again on our groups so even member can go through from time to time and stick to the rules. Thanks @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for your frequent updates.

Por acá estudiando el ABC para no fallara al momento de publicar, gracias por el contenido específico.

Please I need more clarification on where to post my diary game contents to..is it in my blog or community. Am sorry am asking this question, am quite new to steemit and I want to be guided properly. Then it's going to last for how many days? Pls I will appreciate detailed explanation
@community members

Awww sad we cant use our post signatures when joining the game... Oh well.

@steemitblog, the rules to diary game is easy to adhere to. @steemalive is 100% ready for the game, we are just counting down on the days. Thank you so much for hosting this game @steemitblog.

I am just happy for this announcement and the rules are quite simple. Hoping to score more points with my team. I will reset my payout to 100%sp

Am glad I read @sampraise post which led me to @steemitblog post, I read and understood the rules but I don't understand the team part of it

I'm glad it has been helpful @ogejoy, the teams are simple, with 4 more people from your same country who are going to participate in #thediarygame you can form a team, they just have to give that team a name, create an account with the team name to post ahy updates, achievements and other things relevant to the team. In this way they will be participating in the team competition that will run in parallel with the individual, and the points that each of the team achieve in their individual posts will be the ones that will add up for the team.

OK, thanks

The powering up thing is super amazing and one of the goals of @team237 for Season 2 of #thediarygame

@korda.sha, please take 3 minutes of your precious time to read. Consume the post, then you find out Steemit asked (multiple times) to NOT post shopping links in here.. Thanks

Some commenters use comment resources to praise some meaningless articles.

The examiner disclosed his identity and was used by some people.

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