1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 21 - The Diary Game Season 2 has started !

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The Diary Game Season 2 has got off to a great start.

The diary posts are flying in every few minutes, with many new names.

It really looks like the numbers could be big in Season 2.

As The Diary Game begins so The Shopping Game ends.

Thank you to every one who took part - we hope you all enjoyed The Shopping Game.

And don't forget you may still have a few hours to power up for this month's SPUD event organized by @kiwiscanfly.

The Diary Game

The diary posts are coming in thick and fast.

A few points to remember...

  • make sure you include a tag for your country

  • if you include photographs say where they are

  • don't include more than 8 photos

  • there is no minimum number of photos.

And don't forget that if you set your post rewards to 100% Powerup you can earn extra points and votes.

We are picking up the teams as their members post - so make sure you mention your team in every post.

The Shopping Game

The Shopping Game has now finished.

No more entries will now be accepted for voting.

We will continue curating the remaining posts over the next few days.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

The Lucky 10s

We are continuing this throughout Season 2 of The Diary Game.

Make sure you make plenty of good, relevant comments on other people's diary posts and you could win a 10% upvote from the 4M SP @steemcurator01 account.

Country Representatives

Today we would like to invite @beautychicks to join the STEEM POD as the first Country Representative for Nigeria.

@beautychicks - if you would like to take on the role of Country Representative for Nigeria, and to assist @oppongk and @yohan2on with the @steemcurator04 Community Curator account please confirm in a comment below and we will send over the 5000SP delegation.

We are still looking to appoint more Country Representatives.

Currently we have delegated out over 70,000 SP to members of the STEEM POD. Our target is to have put out 100,000 SP into direct delegations to Country Representatives by the end of Season 2 of The Diary Game.

So if are interested in becoming a Country Representative be active - post regularly, comment everywhere, organize things, recruit people, be visible.

We are looking for you...

(And just for gentle guidance - if you are powering down, actively promoting other similar blockchains, or already have some other ambassadorial type role on the Steem platform, you most likely won't be selected as a Country Representative.)

Thank you to everyone who has made their first post to Season 2 of The Diary Game.

You are part of something quite historic on Steem.

We look forward to reading all your diary posts.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Thank you so much for this opportunity. Yes! I'm ready to represent Nigeria, and work with my other African colleagues. I'm very grateful.


You are welcome.

Thank you for the confirmation. The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

Please connect with @oppongk and @yohan2on to help with the @steemcurator04 Community Curator account.

The Steemit Team

Thank you so much. The delegation is acknowledged. I've linked up with them. I'm grateful.

Firstly Hi and thank you for the opportunity. I discovered steem last month and would love to learn and grow as a steamean. Consequently, I don't know how the platform works. I discovered steem after I subscribed to "Palm Beach" to invest in the stock market; which told me to buy Steem on Bittrex and store on Steemit. I am still having difficulties transferring the steems I bought to my steemit account.
Anyways, the African community is one that I follow and that's where I read from @beautychicks about the #thediarygame, I want to join in because I enjoy writing. One of the game rules is to mention your team. My question is, how do I join a team? if a community followed is not considered a team.
Thank you for your time.

That will be great if you join The Diary Game. It will be an ideal way to build your presence on Steem.

We will look forward to reading about your neighbourhood bear!

Being in a team is totally optional. You are most welcome to play the game as an individual as most people will do.

There is a prize pot of 5000 STEEM for the individual entries.

The Steemit Team

Thank you very much @steemitblog and all the Steemit Team members for the single honour done us, trusting us and handling the @steemcurator04 key for us to be able to curate the work of our good content creators here. It's our fervent hope to use this account judiciously to promote Steemit community in Africa, as that is the ultimate aim for given the account out for us. In this case, I and my well to do Curator s- @yohan2on and @beautychicks who maybe will soon join us will work together in team to bring success in the face of Steemit community. Ideally, we want to encourage all New members within our territory to work harder, especially in this amazing Season to contest. Also, not forgetting our recruitment & retention strategies to promote Steem. Thank you very much, let's Steem on together!

Gracias por el recordatorio amigo, me gusta las ganas que tiene de ayudar a todos los participantes de este nuevo juego. Y como también ayudar a todos los nuevos usuarios ingresados a la plataforma.. excelente trabajo hermanos...desde Venezuela un saludos cordial.

Aturan yang sangat jelas, untuk membuat sebuah postingan di #thediarygame dan theshoppinggame. Dengan aturan seperti itu sangat memungkinkan seseorang membuat post dengan baik. Terimakasih @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 dan tentunya kepada tim diary game season dua yang berasal dari indonesia bang @anroja dan bu @ernaerningsih

It is very extraordinary idea that you do to be able to give them experience and knowledge between one user and another user, between one country and another country and also it is very useful so I will try to give the best thing to be able to share with everyone..

Thank you.

Buenas noches! Para participar en The Diary Game y The Shopping Game, hay que hacerlo desde el primer día (es decir, desde hoy) o puedo comenzar cuando pueda? Soy de Venezuela y aquí no hay muy buen Internet y no cuento con teléfono para las fotos siempre.

Hola amiga @blackstar12 feliz noche, para ingresar a este juego debes hacer tu publicación presentándote , no necesariamente debes iniciar hoy puedes hacerlo cuando guste l idea es que seas constante con la publicación,te guíen por las reglas del juego es sumamente importante guiarte por las reglas del juego, cualquier duda escríbeme, te puedo ayudar pero te invito a que participes obtendrás buenas recompensas..

Gracias amigo!

The Shopping Game has now finished.

The Diary Game will run from August 1st for 50 days. You can join in whenever you want.

Ooohh vale, muchas gracias!

Special, today really has been a great start, I could have worked as part of the Steem POD but I already saw that you cannot if you are an ambassador here in Steemit. So I will continue to contribute my help to others within my possibilities. Steem On

If you ever stop doing the other role let us know.

👍🏻 Of course! 😄

Thanks for the new update. I saw a lot of posts yesterday who made such a mistake. I have commented on all of them. Don't make the same mistake again next time.

Thank you so much for informing me to go to this post. ☺️

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