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Hello Newcomers of Steemit ! This is the space where all the links of the previous pinned important posts (Tutorials & Useful Tools/Guides) will be displayed.

Newcomers Achievement Program

English version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Spanish version

Recursos para los Ingresantes: Logros, Materiales y Recursos

Bahasa Indonesia version

Kumpulan Panduan Tugas Achivement dan Materi Tugas Pencapaian Bagi Pendatang Baru



Tutorial : How to Create a Community on Steemit

How to put TAGs on your Steemit Post

Russian translation : Гайд 🔧: Как (и для чего) размещать теги в публикациях на Steemit

How do I claim rewards in Steemit-- (Manually and Auto-Claim)?

Spanish version
¿Cómo recojo mis recompensas en Steemit? (Manual y automático)

Italian version
Come riscattare le ricompense su Steemit (Manualmente e Automaticamente)?

Ukraine version
Як подати запит на виплату за пости на Steemit (вручну та автоматично) [UKR]

Russian version
Как можно получить вознаграждение в Steemit - (вручную и автоматически)?

How to Exchange your SBD to Steem?

How to Delegate your steem power?

How to Not Lose Your TRX Reward on Steemit

Tronlink wallet and Tronscan on Tron Blockchain: Useful tools

Tutorial: How to revoke Steem Account Authorities using Steemworld - Come revocare Steem Account Authorities usando Steemworld [ENG-ITA]

Your Steem Account gets Hacked? What to do next?

Useful Info & Guides

Understanding- PoB, Curation & Voting in Steem Blockchain

The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0) -Homage
Traducción al español - Guía completa de etiqueta Steemit (revisión 2.0) -Homage

Herramientas y recursos para Steemit (TIENES QUE CHEQUEAR) | Tools and resources for Steemit (MUST CHECK) | By @Psicoparedes🧠

How to use Discord?


List of Steemit Communities Categorized by Their Subjects v3

Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch February 2021

Steem Greeters Discord server:

The Steem Greeters Team.


Thank you so much for your post @kryptokannon. I am new here and I have so much to learn, new terms, new words.
I truly appreciate and I am grateful for your team for creating such a wonderful community for newbies like me who don't know a thing yet. My heart is filled with joy and excitement because I will learn a lot from all your posts. I have yet to read and digest everything. You are my guide.
More power to your community and God bless your kind hearts.

Hi @aideleijoie welcome to Steemit! I'm glad you found my post useful. I think this post is another great tips for you [ENG - ESP] How to be successful on Steemit? / Cómo ser exitoso/a en Steemit?

Thank you for this great tip mam. I would definitely check this out!
Awesome day to you.

 last year 

Muy buena publicacion con muchísima informacion importante para quienes aun estamos conociendo el funcionamiento de este mágico mundo.

 last year 

Nice post dear.

 last year 

we are most grateful

 last year

No me han verificado el logro, me gustaría saber porque? Dejo el link de mi logro 2 muchas gracias..

 last year (edited)

Thank you very much madam, madam my 2nd achievement has been 7 days. Please take a look, madam.

 last year 

Gracias está muy buena tu información

Thanks for this! Have taken a bit of a steem break and this is an awesome refresher. Appreciate it!

 last year 

Thanks for this materials

It is very important to learn this resources, it has helped me alot. I will encourage everyone in newcomers community to partake in these Achievement tasks course.

 last year 

Good day maam. Thank you for this resources. Hope you can visit my introduction it’s my 6th day tomorrow.

 last year (edited)

Thanks for the update @cyrptokannon. It will help me to start on my journey here on steemit. Can you please check my post and help me get verified. Thank you so much.

 last year 

Yes of the truth it is necessary every new comer must partake in this Achievement task. It has taught me a lot of things, thanks @cryptokannon.

 last year 

Thanks for bringing this materials to your knowledge

 last year 

Hi, thank you so much for the information, this would be a great help to us. Hope you will visit my post for achievement 1. Thank you.

 last year (edited)

I really dont know how to thank you for all the guide lines so far but, i have really learnt alot.
I ask for more grace in your work with the steemians..
Remain blessed!!@cryptokannon

 last year 

Holaaaaa soy acabo de realizar mi usuario, vengo por recomendación de mis hijas. Espero poder participar y aprender sobre está comunidad

 last year 

I reposted my achievement 2 again please see to it being verified so I can move to my next achievement
Thanks in anticipation as I look forward for your response

 last year 

Thanks for your share. Also thanks for the update

 last year 

so nice

 last year 

Gracias por la información, aquí mi logro 3 en español, he aprendido mucho, gracias @cryptokannon

 last year 

Hola Saludos

 last year 

This Notice board has actually helped me get things smooth lined because I am onboarding many new people and you will see their introduction posts in coming day.

Thank you for supporting the newbies. I am trying to give back to steemit community by introducing new people and help them to get A better life.

 last year 

Great day @cryptokannon, Thank you for the information for us, the new comers. I have posted my achievement 1, 4 days ago here is the link:, hope you read it and can verify me so I will be able to continue the next following achievements here in new comers community, thank you so much.

 last year 

Thank you for the info Pls greeter acknowledge my achievment 1. I'm a newbie and will wish to know more. Check it at


Thank you❤️

 last year 

I really appreciate you work, I learn a lot thanks for it!
I want to be a good Steemian, please help me with my verification

These are my Lists of Achievement Tasks :

thank you in advance

 last year 

@cryptokannon thank you so much for these materials, they are indeed of great help.

 last year 

Thanks for the update
Although I posted my achievement 2 7days ago but it's yet to be verified I have posted another one please do verify it so I can move to my next achievement thanks in anticipation

 last year 

Muy buenas noches, todavía ni logro 2 no ha Sido verificado.

Para que por favor me lo verifiquen

Gracias de ante mano.

 last year 

very nice❤❤❤
plz plz Aproved my post

 last year 

Thank you, very useful all this valuable information 🧡
It helped me a lot to make My first Post

 last year 

Hola muy buenas noches @Cryptokannon saludos, aquí la publicación de mi primer post (Logro 1).

 last year 

Very beautiful update @cryptokannon this indeed will help the newcomers as while as old timers on steemit. I appreciate this post. Bringing newcomers to steemit is my goal for the first quarter of this year. And this post will enable do a better job on them to enjoy the steemit universe. I remain @iykewatch with special mention to @dobartim for his vision of promoting steemit via bringing in new users whose vision I have bought.
Steem on

only those who are persistent reach the goal

Says @dobartim

 last year 
 last year 

very nice
so plz vote my post

 last year 

Thank you so much ma'am , it's has big help.

Thank you ma'am for your hard work, I'm very satisfied in your information.

 last year 

Nice posts .

 last year (edited)

Thank you very much for your sharing. It was very educational and instructive. However, despite completing Achievement 1 and Achievement 2 missions, it is still unconfirmed. @cryptokannon I would appreciate it if you could help.
Achievement 2:

 last year 

Good day ma'am @cryptokannon, can I have a little time of yours and hope to verify my friend on his first achievement task

thank you so much!

 last year 

This is informative. Atleast my achievement1 post is not really out track

 last year 

hi! thank you for the information you share.
i’m @imerinnnnn , i’ve posted my achievement 1 verified newborn last 6 days ago, hope you can read it and enjoy my introduction of myself! ✨

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