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I am inviting other people to do this. I have a Steemit Group on Facebook I admin with 2,900 users and I was gone for years. So now I want to help all the Members by getting them through stuff like this, then they can all help each other once their vote weight is up.


@punicwax that's great! If all those 2900 make it to achievement 4 and applying for 500SP minnow support then delegate to one community account that will make a total of 1.45M SP!

 last year 

Not everyone is active right now, but once I start getting everything done and show them my account, they will do it and show other, and it will grow in a chain reaction until the whole group is full of people with SP.

 7 months ago 

I wanna join

How can I join the group

Make a post and put it in the Nursery and the Newcomers Community

 4 months ago 

Am a new comer here

 7 months ago 

I want to join ma'am

 6 months ago 

Even me too ma

 3 months ago 

@cryptokannon Mem will help me figure out how to do itMem will help me figure out how to do it And meme will support what you think

Hi @cryptokannon please verify my achievement one thank you

 last month 

Please admin , I have done my introduction for days but have not been verified

 10 months ago 

i want to join sir

i wanna joinyour fb group

 7 months ago 

I would like to join your group

Hi there, I have joined steemit just 3 days back. Can you please teach me the basics of steemit? Can I create my own community here? If so, how? Please reply. Thank you in advance.

 4 months ago 

Nice job @punicwax

That's great i want to join @punicwax

I want to join that group

 last month 

Thanks for that
Please am interested 🙏

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