Final Task for Newcomers Achievement Program : Compilation of Achievements' Task post

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compilation tasks.png

The final task for Newcomers Achievement Programs participant is to compile all of their Achievement posts link into one post that will be title; Compilation of Achievements' Task Post by @yoursteemaccountname
Please use the tag #taskcompilation so your post will be spotted easily by the Greeters team.

After finish with your Achievement 6 and your post have been verified by the Greeter Helper team,
Steem Greeters team will do a final review on your achievements task before giving you the "Pro Newcomer Verified" title in the Newcomers Community.

You may refer to these posts on an example of how previous participants of this program summarize and compile all of their achievements task into one post as follow:
This is the best one
List of Achievement Tasks 1-6: Completed by @ghostfacer99

you may also just put your compilation task as simple as this too, but you might get a lower rate for curation but still passing this achievements program
List of Achievement Tasks 1-6 completed by @dharamps

You will be listed on our Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program if the final review of your Newcomers Achievement tasks was verified and you have received the title "Pro Newcomer Verified".
We will keep an eye on your activities on Steemit and might put you on the delegation list for receiving a delegation of 1000SP for a month or more if you have been active and being useful in the Newcomers Community.

Thank you for completing your Newcomers Achievement Program and we hope that this program have helped you tremendously in getting to know the Steem Ecosystem. Your journey on Steem just begun, have fun!

Best Regards,
Steem Greeters Team project manager.


Hi @cryptokannon, that work you do is rough; Congratulations.
Happy weekend.

 2 years ago 

Hey @cryptokannon

Here is my achievement compilation

Thank you for this tutorial. I've learned a lot of new things thanks to that!

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

Blessed day friend @cryptokannon reading this publication it is up to me to make my other achievements that I have yet to accomplish because that has me like worried I'm already going to have three months on the platform and I have reached the four achievements, that tells me about it.I will know thank you

Hi @quiaratiby there is no timeline for completing the achievements program, but we expect within 2 months from where they have started, if possible. You may continue the next achievements task at your convenience 😊

 last year 

Hello @cryptokannon, here I leave you my compilation of achievement tasks from 1 to 6 for your review and vote, please do not ignore me, I did it with a lot of effort

Please you promised us that if we continue to be active on steemit and used the 1000sp to welcome the newbies and to give them an upvote you will give us additional 5000SP delegation.

@sarkodieeric1 I never promised as such. Could you give me a source where you see my statement on this?

Please I am sorry if I didn't understand what you were trying to say.


That 5000SP is to be shared by 5 users, not for only 1 person. Maybe my statement was not that clear there.

Oh Okay, I thank you very much for making things clear for me this time. I also thank you for understanding what I was trying to say. God bless you.

 2 years ago 
 2 years ago 

I need some guidelines plzz help me sister !!!!!!!!
My friend usama upload achievement 3 yasterday night and hid post approved with in 20 hours.
And he upload 3 post on steem nursery and get 2 vote .
I upload my achievements 3 and 5 post on steem nursery but no approved my achievements 3 and no vot .
No response😔 visit my post i do hard work i spend almost 4 to 5 hours on 1 post.
Its really disappointed 😓😓😓

 2 years ago 

@cryptokannon I have posted four achievements. 03 are verified. can i post all remaining achievements at once.?

Hello @cryptokannon,

My achievement 01 post has not been verified yet. It's been five days now. I urge you to check out it, please. I hope you will help me.

 2 years ago (edited)

Hi @cryptokannon , @rishabh99946

As I have completed all the Achievement Tasks and compiled all in one post about 1 month ago. But I have not yet got the tag of Pro NewComer. Is there any problem in my tasks? If there is let me know, So that I can rectify my mistakes.

List of Achievement Tasks 1-6 completed by @dharamps

Thank You

 2 years ago (edited)
 2 years ago (edited)
 2 years ago 
 2 years ago 

Hello @cryptocannon ,hope you are doing great ,wish to drop my compilation achievement Tasks here ..

 2 years ago 

Greetings from @faitht, to @cryptokannon please I have some difficulties with the achievement program. I posted my achievement 3 in steem nursery and it was verify so I did achievement 4 but @aniqamashkoor Greeter Helperin Steem POD Team, ask me to repost my achievement 3 which was verified in the steem nursery to newcomers community why it was already verified please I want to ask if I should repost the achievement 3 which was verified in the steem nursery to the newcomers community please thank.

 2 years ago 

Hi ma'am @cryptokannon, I am still waitinfg for confirmation on my Achievement 1 verification. Looks like I am not verified yet and I am wondering if I can proceed with Achievement 2 now. Below is my achievement 1 verification.

 2 years ago 

Hola @cryptokannon aqui adjunto el link de mi compilación de logros, aun no ha sido verificada, hay algun problema?

 last year 

This is the link to my Compilation of Achievement Task Post

 last year 

Hola @cryptokannon, aquí te dejo mi enlace de la compilación de tareas para su revision final.

 last year 

Hello @cryptokannon this is my compiliation of achievement task post 👇 . Is not yet verified. Help me out please

 last year 

Hello @cryptokannon, This is my Compilation of the achievements task, Please help me and verify it.

 last year 
 last year 

Hola, espero estés muy bien. Por acá te dejo mi compilación de logros para recién llegados.

 last year 

Hello my friend @cryptokannon. Here I leave the Compilation of Achievements' Task post:

Thanks a lot!

 last year 

Am still waiting for the verification of my Achievement 6 so that I can go on with the compilation of all task. Here is the the link to my Achievement 6

 last year 
 last year 
 10 months ago 

hello Kannon. @cryptokannon can i reach you on discord channel

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