The Peculiarity Of Spending Habits And What Are The Determinants To Spending Habits? (Means, Mindset, Mentality Ambition)?

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Spending habits are peculiar to people, some people spend more simply because they now have more while some people's spending remains static Irrespective of how much they earn. Sometimes spending goes with mindset, while there's a belief that your pocket/earning power should automatically skyrocket your needs and demands, sometimes there's a queer or strange notion towards money, have more spend less, spend more have less however it's a spending habit peculiar to people. In 2018 January i had some amount of money and I discovered if I lessened my demand for material wants I could particularly solve a huge need in my life and this made me see my money as an asset rather than a means, like I said earlier, the mindset and the manner through which money is gotten sometimes determines your spending habit. How is this?

In life, there are needs and wants and desires for material things but this is determinant on how much we can give out in terms of financial power, however while some people needs to see an increase in their income level to spend money, some others don't need to see an increase in their income to spend more and when this is so then the means through which money is gotten should be put in perspective this is weird considering that we expect rich people to display their wealth, buy cars and express unfathomable desires for instability. I looked at, analysed and viewed two rich people in two different Societies and once I weight in their spending habits I discovered that mindset, means and mentality and ambition is the reason behind their spending habits. Why this MMMA? How is this a prerequisite for determining factor?


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Mindset and Mentality

Mindset, Means, Mentality And Ambition?

Mindset as seen above is a particular disposition, attitudes or habit towards money (in relativity to money and finance) it's the set beliefs people possess, irrespective of our how much we have. For example someone might believe that having a Lamborghini is the best way to display or showcase how rich they are, and that's why people are more inclined to think someone is wealthy simply because of the appearance which they can afford to showcase so when the mind is set at these particular disposition it can influence a particular spending habit to either spend more or spend less and this brings me to mentality, while mentality is everything that determines our personalities mindset particularly works on our vows, attitudes, inclination and disposition, mentality affects mindset and while Mentality is a work in progress, mindset is a achieved result of mentality. So while some people's Mentality towards money might be frugal, others might be ostentatious and this is a huge determinant on how money is spent.


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Means And Ambition?

Means is way or method through an income can be realised, and this particularly influences spending habit, but to what end? when you're earning more or huge for doing less or nothing it affects your ability towards an ambition, frugality depends on means and ostentacity depends on means and of this isn't so, many people will maintain a constant finance without being exposed frequently to lack and want in essence, means determines your spending habit because face it, money not really earned is money that would not have a determined purpose and in the world now some people hardly do anything for the money they make and this gives them that time to coin a very sophisticated spending habit. Ambitions is another thing while ambitions is often determined by means, sometimes means helps shapes ambitions an ambition is solely an strong aspiration to reach a particular set goal, so an ambition might be to target degrees or to target fancy car (note you spend money on one expectant of a better Future, you spend money on the other,bro keep spending to keep it in order)


In conclusion, there's no shame in whatever your MMMA is, the truth is in some awkward times we're inclined to spend sometimes not out of necessity but out of desires and this isn't something to feel ashamed of, but spending habits can make or mar a person's future, in essence, MMMA determines spending habits and in many other peculiar cases, note it might be different and entirely out of tune, but mostly it's often true. So a complete or an entire change of MMMA might just change a spending habit, but this takes years to achieve and in some situations it's hardly achievable. When we however understand this, it's helps us to tilt because this might determine futuristic financial freedom or not

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