Dealing and Handling With Sadists And Sadism At Some Various Important Sectors Of Life

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Truth is at one point in time, we've had the opportunity of meeting or knowing a sadist. In truth I've known many in the process or cause of my life and sometimes theses people aren't sadists because they just naturally want to inflict pain on others. In truth I feel there are different type of sadists with different kind of ideosyncracies. Some sadists believe that life's a due process and it's not suppose to be easy for anyone and therefore they find themselves responsible for restoring the natural order through which things should be done.
While we work in organisations, sometimes we have sadists as bosses, sometimes we have them as supervisors and leaders and if we don't take time to understand the methods of a sadist, we might be dealing with them wrongly. While many think they don't have a heart I think they're people craving to be understood and their ideologies respected and even when we find this queer, we can't live life without encountering sadists or sadism.

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Very very interesting topic... I find it to be inspiring.